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Alan L. Lee is an American journalist and author of thriller books best known for his 2013 novel Sandstorm. As a journalist, he’s created a broad-based experience in broadcasting from the cosmopolitan streets of Washington DC to the exotic tropics of Virgin Islands. He has interviewed prominent people in the government, including the former US president Jimmy Carter as well as senators and cabinet members. His journalism career has enabled him to develop insider knowledge of how the intelligence community works, something that has helped him spark and fuel his deep desires for writing thriller books. He is a resident of suburban Detroit where he lives with his family, wife, two sons, and their dogs Daisy and Bosco.


Alan L. Lee’s debut novel took the world by “storm” and thanks to its popularity the novel has been optioned for adaptation into a film. The film would star Kellan Lutz popularly known for his role as Emmett Cullen in the Twilight movies playing the main role as Alex Koves in the thriller novel.

Sandstorm is a fantastic first book by Alan Lee. What more would anyone want in a spy thriller novel than action suspense, Israeli spy, billionaires immersed in Iranian nuclear operations and a Mossad agent elected as the United States Senator? The story introduces the reader to a man named Alex Koves. He is a former football player and a retired CIA agent. His former girlfriend, Nora Mossa, now works for the CIA tracks Alex down to St. Thomas Island where he’s spending his vacation time to beg him to save her life. Alex doesn’t hesitate and agrees to save his former love from a group of industrialists who strongly believe that Nora is an agent sent to investigate their devious schemes.

The two former love buds will have to overcome their present as well as their past lives if there is to be any future for them. Add into the mix an Israeli spy who’s the head of Mossad’s dangerous assassin and the epic adventure takes a whole new turn. While the characters in this novel are fictional, the main theme of this story itself isn’t fictional. The story is set in the backdrop of the real-life Israel and United States dealings to cripple Iran’s ability to establish its nuclear facilities. Sandstorm promises to hook the reader right from the first page to the last one with a thrilling wild ride. The story itself is full of twists and turns that will keep you guessing what would happen next until the very climax towards the end and will have you coming back for more. The novel pages are filled with likable lead characters and villains that you will love to hate them. The plot lines and the believable characters are what make the book shine in a sea of spy thrillers.

Alan Lee did a fantastic job in creating his hero and heroine of the story. The CIA agent Nora Mossa is a woman trained to kill without a second thought when the situation calls for it. She is capable of vanishing into thin air. However being lethal, beautiful, and efficient isn’t enough to protect her after Erica Janway is murdered in her Maryland home. With everyone in the agency a suspect, she turns to the only person she knows can keep her alive as she investigates the truth behind Erica’s assassination.

On the other hand, Alex Koves is a man who knows every bit of working operations of the CIA. He is a man who can kill without a second thought, especially when the life of the woman he once loved is threatened. Once Nora interrupts his vacation begging him to protect her, his natural protective instincts kicks in, and he’s ready to act. With danger lurking at every corner, the two former love buds must stay alive long enough if they need to decipher the deadly scheme that could leave thousands of people in the Middle East dead.

The story transports the reader to different locations across the world, something common in most thriller novels. The last few pages, thirty to be precise takes a whole new twist, giving the story a whole new twist, something you will rarely find in thrillers. Overall, Sandstorm by Alan Lee is a quick read, involving Iranian nuclear ambitions, arms dealers, sexual tension, CIA traitors, professional assassins, and Mossad agents. If you enjoy spy thriller books, be sure to grab a copy of this novel.

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  1. Sally V.: 2 years ago

    I don’t think that this Alan Lee is the same author who writes the Mackenzie August series.

    • Graeme: 2 years ago

      That is correct – different Alan Lee. I don’t believe we have a listing yet for the Alan Lee who wrote the Mackenzie August series – I think I’ll change this page to Alan L. Lee, then get a listing for Mackenzie Alan up 🙂

  2. Jim Gailey: 2 years ago

    i have read 7 Mackenzie August books so far and enjoyed each one. please send me Ghost in Paradise via email before I start on Good Girl.
    Great Reads, thank you Alan Lee


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