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Everything's Better with a Beard (With: Phil Robertson,Si Robertson,Jase Robertson,Willie Robertson,Jep Robertson) (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Everything's Better with a Beard (With: Phil Robertson,Si Robertson,Jase Robertson,Willie Robertson,Jep Robertson) (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Alan Robertson was born the first son of Miss Kay and Phil Robertson. As a young man he was very active in the founding of the Duck Commander family business, before he quit in the 1980s to try his hand at Christian ministry. He went on to serve as pastor for more than two decades in the West Monroe White’s Ferry Rod Church in Los Angles. In 2012 he returned to Duck Commander and became a regular on the “Duck Dynasty TV show by Robertson’s”. Over the years, he has written several novels and became a prolific speaker who speaks around the United States. He loves to talk about why their show has been so successful and on the foundation of the Robertson family which is family, faith, and love for ducks. Together with his wife, he launched the “Kay Eats and Sweets” in 2016. He has been married to Lisa for more than 30 years, getting two grown daughters and six grandchildren from the marriage. Alan has lived on the same street with his brothers and their extended families in the same district of West Monroe where their parents also live. When the Robertsons are not writing their novels, they love to travel around the country speaking about their marriage and life, and offering advice to couples who may be experiencing similar issues. For the most part, they tell a story of getting broken restored and healing in a marriage through their different books.

Alan Robertson and his wife are part of the Duck Dynasty Robertson clan, a reality TV family. While they are among some of most moral and devout families on TV, they are not below admitting to their mistakes as detailed in their novels. The most popular of these novels is “New Season: A Robertson Family Story of Brokenness and Redemption” that was first published in 2015 that chronicles the mistakes Lisa and Alan made in their relationship. The Robertsons recount their tumultuous relationship right from their teenage years, right up to a steamy affair that nearly led to the collapse of their marriage. It is clear that Alan embraced his wild side a bit too much during his teenage years and early twenties given that he was into drugs very early in his teens. Lisa also has a lot to tell particularly her story of being molested by a relative for more than seven years as a child. She has also had an abortion when she was seventeen an event that had left an indelible mark in her life. Alan’s wild behavior cost them their relationship while they were in high school though they would be back together within a year after each of them did a little bit of growing up. They got married a few years later and it was not long before they were in trouble again after Lisa had an affair with an ex-boyfriend.

While there are probably hundreds of “make your relationship better” books out there, the Alan Robertson novels are a different kind of book. While the author is a moral Christian with strong convictions the stories do not preach the gospel to the reader but rather share the stories of the characters. Instead of coming up with fictional stories, they tell heartfelt true stories of what has happened to them. The core message is that of not giving up or walking away from a relationship but rather working on it. They share how one can struggle through not having the support of others in their walk, but still muddle through to have a stronger relationship. Taking a different theme in each chapter, the novels will offer at least one gold nugget for anyone struggling with relationship issues. For instance, the novels push the idea that forgiveness should not lead to the sin being forgotten but rather neutralized, which is quite a powerful idea. In his other novels such as “Joe Harriot: Fire in his Soul”, Robertson delves into the experiences of other people. He chronicles these experiences and tells of the tragedies and triumphs of different people, thus helping people that may be going through similar experiences to have hope.

“A New Season” is one of Alan Robertson’s best novels. The novel features Lisa and Alan Robertson, two members of the Duck Commander Clan family. They take the reader back to the back woods and tell of their relationship secrets that made it possible for their marriage to survive so long. Shame, distrust, deceit, and infidelity are some of the major themes in the novel just like they are in many marriages in the United States. Beginning their romance in junior high school, the two had a relationship full of challenges but put all of that behind them to get married and have two beautiful girls together. Alan would later become a pastor at the church where the Robertsons had attended for years. This served as a double edged sword, as even as it blunted his wild edge, the tension, embarrassment, and heartache of Lisa’s affair was a very public affair. But the novel is not all about the problems of marriage but rather a story of renewed commitment and rescued love. After Lisa and Alan nearly got divorced, they acknowledged the flaws in their marriage and set out to try to correct them. After a marriage of more than three decades they now offer counseling for couples in trouble with their marriages across the US – offering as an example their thriving marriage, and the hardships faced in putting their marriage back on the right track.

“Joe Harriott” is another great novel about a man named Joe Harriot, a Jamaican alto saxophonist. Harriot is confident about his abilities and talents as he has been in the forefront of the development of jazz and is also an excellent visionary and instrumentalist. Harriot made his name playing for legions of adoring fans in the UK and Europe before he became a music visionary. He had developed a conception of how Jazz should be from his interaction with American and European contemporary jazz, which he intended to make into his own sound. He thought of himself like the John Mayer of Jazz that would fuse Indian music and jazz to make a new kind of music. Seemed as too radical and out of touch by the music establishment, he had worked alone to produce an immense body of work that over time became widely acclaimed and influential. The novel is a story derived from the collection of interviews that Alan Robertson conducted with the remarkable Harriot about his tragedies and triumphs.

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