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Publication Order of Alan Saxon Books

Author Keith Miles began writing about Alan Saxon, who is a professional golfer, in the year 1986 when “Bullet Hole” was released. He is the hero in this series of mysteries. In the books, he winds up playing detective in certain circumstances that were out of his control.

The books originally ended after the fourth book, called “Flagstick” (released in the year 1991), but would write two more books after that. The first of these came eleven years after “Flagstick” was released. The final book in the series, called “Honolulu Play-Off”, was released in the year 2004. These two additional books brought the total number in the series to six.

“Bullet Hole” is the first novel in the “Alan Saxon” series and was released in the year 1986. Championship golf is a world with high stakes and equally high passions. The British Open is probably the highest stakes there are, especially when it is held at Saint Andrews, which is where the sport was created.

This is a crucial place for Alan Saxon, who won a championship much too long ago, and finds himself back at the top of his game. He has to carefully prepare for this tournament. This ritual of his is interrupted rather rudely by a golf groupie that is both pretty and young; she demands a ride and ends up both naked and deceased in his own bed.

She is not the only person who is killed, and it becomes pretty obvious that there is someone that wants Saxon not to compete in the open at all. The championship rolls on to the final hole and Saxon thinks he might just know the identity of the killer. He has to figure out exactly which hole is the bullet hole?

Some were hooked by both the plot and the style right from the start of the story. Fans of the novel were kept on the edge of their seat during this and loved every page of it. Some were able to finish the entire thing over the course of an entire weekend. Here is an author that has a knack for building characters into something resembling humans. Some even found this to be a great blend of mystery and golf.

“Double Eagle” is the second novel in the “Alan Saxon” series and was released in the year 1987. Alan Saxon finds himself at rock bottom. He is about to lose the woman he is seeing at the moment. His ex- wife is harassing him, and his bank is hounding him. This all comes after a horrible season playing golf. So he jumps at the chance that Zuke Everett (who is a fellow golfer and friend of Alan’s) presents him with; instead of spending another winter in dreary old England, go to the brand new Golden Haze Golf Club, located in California for a tournament.

Quickly though, Saxon finds that he is thrust into quite a bit of violence, all while he tries to remove suspicion from himself over the death of his friend. Of course, he also wants to find out who exactly killed his friend.

Fans of the novel found that they enjoyed this one so much, that they wanted to break into the next book of the series right away. This novel featured a strong combination of passion, golf, and loneliness; not to mention some interesting characters that truly came to life in the story. There were even some killer action scenes found here. Some enjoy the sport of golf, and enjoyed learning more about the sport through reading this book.

“Green Murder” is the third novel in the “Alan Saxon” series and was released in the year 1990. Alan currently finds that he is lacking money, and is grateful when he gets offered a chance to go off to Australia to play in a highly respected Skins Game. Sydney is little escape for him though, because it is the city that he spent his honeymoon in. Rosemary (Alan’s ex-wife) is about to remarry and deny him the chance to see their wonderful daughter.

Diane, who is the pretty wife of Warren Oxley (Australian sponsor of the Skins), idolizes Alan and she insists that she must caddy for him during this contest. While playing a practice round with Diane at Greenblades, Alan is overpowered and Diane gets kidnapped.

This was an original as well as entertaining read that was highly enjoyable. Some wish that there were more books from the series, because these are great reads that fans cannot get enough of, no matter how many times they have read them. Fans of the novel found this to be another incredible novel that made them want to see what would happen next. These are always great ways to spend reading time, for some.

“Flagstick” is the fourth novel in the “Alan Saxon” series and was released in the year 1991. Someone in Alan’s family has died, and he goes to the funeral. This means that he is going home after many years that force him to see the dad that he hates. Old wounds get ripped right open, escape proves to be an illusion for him as he tries to get away. He jets off to the Far East, but outrunning his problems is not really an option.

His first stop is in Bangkok where he plays some golf with Sam Limsong (who is an old buddy). Pleasure gets out shined by some startling things that happen, and goes off to his next stop, in Tokyo with some deep qualms. He is contracted to put together an instructional video, during which he falls foul of his tyrannical host, Shoei Ogino. This man is the head of a huge corporation, not to mention someone that is obsessed with golfing.

The relationships that Ogino has with his three sons, Saxon notices there are some similarities with the way his father treats him. These similarities are made much clearer when Ogino is killed in a brutal way during a party thrown at his home. The heirs look to get what is theirs and it is obvious that Japan truly is the place of the Rising Son. Alan barely made it out of the party with his own life, and gets caught up in all of the family’s chaos. He winds up in a relationship with Mitsu (who is the grieving daughter of Ogino).

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