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Publication Order of Kindred of Arkadia Books

Fate Knows Best (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fated to Be Family (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fated for Forever (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fated Forgiveness (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fated Healing (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fated Surrender (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Gifts of Fate (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fated Redemption (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Bewitched and Bewildered Books

Alanea Alder is an author and individual who writes passionately about love, romance, connection, the paranormal, erotica, and sensuality. She is imaginative, funny, down to earth, and creative in her storytelling in a way that captivates her audience. Her imagination is extensive and she tells her stories with ease. Her early childhood and growing up experiences have had a large impact on her current day writing style. Alanea Alder’s father was in the military when she grew up, and she spent a lot of her childhood years interacting in a military town with her brother. Alanea’s father and mother are happily married and her brother is also happily married with one little girl. Her childhood experiences as well as her family connections with their romantic stories tend to influence her imagination and storytelling in her novels. Alanea’s career began with a circumstantial impetus to create a career for herself in full time writing from home. Alanea’s most influential authors include Lynn Hagen and Heather Ranier who encouraged and inspired her towards writing her first novel. Since launching her first book “My Commander”, Alanea Alder has written and launched a new book approximately every three months, showing her dedication and passion to her art of writing and reading.

This author loves to read, loves to daydream in her own little world, and loves to tell the stories that she imagines during her daydreaming. She is friendly and engaging both in her storytelling and in her interactive website, her blog posts, and in her introduction video. Alanea Alder would describe herself as being eccentric, loveable, nerdy, smart, funny, and creative.

Currently Alanea works and lives in North Carolina. Her books are published by Siren Publishing and Sacred Forest Publishing. On her spare time, Alanea enjoys nature, quiet time, and looking at the midnight sky in North Carolina.
Books Written:

Alanea Alder’s very first book is called “My Commander”. This paranormal and suspenseful storyline starts with a matriarchal circle of women who seek out an elder witch wise elder to to see if any of their sons have mates. Their discoveries lead them to understand that their sons have had mates but that they are human mates. Their fears of having a next generation of born half humans cause the matriarchs to call a gathering of warriors in a newly but fake created award ceremony as an excuse to bring warrior mates into the circle for them, whether they are interested or not.

The main character in this book is named Aiden McKenzie. This man, who likes to run his world with exacting military precision, and with little or no time for romance, finds himself paired with his fated mate named Meryn Evans, who presents as chaotic from the start. Aiden’s need for structure and consistency and Meryn’s typical chaotic routine and personality create a more than explosive but shockingly perfect romance that is only overshadowed by the mere fact that Meryn has somehow become the target of a demented murderer in their town of Lycaonia. Readers are left to wonder in suspense whether or not this unexpected romance will last the test of time and possible destruction.

Alanea Alder’s second book, “My Protector” is a paranormal romance about the character Gavriel Amborsios who has been enamoured with his lover for weeks but has not had a chance to see her as she is residing in a different area. This very complx and brooding character, who is undergoing a tough but fated vampiric transition (without having enough time and experience to control his vampiric tendencies), is nearing the peak of this transition. This is also the time of his transition when he is the most threatening to those closest to him or to those he loves.

While this is all happening, his mate, Elizabeth Munroe, has been journeying long and far for her fated meeting with Gavriel, but as she finally makes it through her long journey to Lycaonia, he has just peaked at his vampiric and he appears in a very unstable, state. Gavriel’s lover Elizabeth Munroe had no initial intention of staying in Lycaonia for long, nor did she ever imagine that she would fall in love on this intended short trip. Not only that, but the more she learns about her destined mate, the more she learns of the darker sides of love and romance that has her so captivated in Lycaonia. Elizabeth, who then becomes more permanent in Lycaonia than she ever imagined, becomes ever more concerned for her own safety within Gavriel’s transition as his lover, but also ever more concerned for the safety of her mate who she has deemed as the person she has dreamed of all her life.

Gavriel’s desire to protect his love from even himself is mixed with his need to protect her from the darker forces of their common enemies who have wished to attack him when he is the most vulnerable. Readers are left in suspense to wonder whether or not this pair can overcome their own darkness within the relationship, as well as the darkness surrounding them, for the sake of their romance.

For the imaginative and romantic dreamer or traveller to strange lands, Alanea Alder’s books are for you. For the classic fairytale reader of prince and princess, with a darker twist, these books are for you. For those who love magical forces and mystic ways, Alanea’s books weave and twist into deeper themes of love, connection, wisdom, family life, community life, attraction, intensity, and purity all at the same time. This classic collection will leave you yearning for the next story in line and readers can clearly see that Alanea’s fated lovers passionately believe, for better or worse, that love in the end, conquers all. Alanea Alder’s work can be found at or on She has a collection of short stories, book orders, newsletters, as well as blogs and interactive media on her website. Alanea’s scheduled appearances for book signings are also found on her website.

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  1. Lucy: 2 years ago

    I would like to know if the bewitched and bewildered series is going to be finished, the gifts at Christmas was disapointing,it felt more like a filler,

    • Graeme: 2 years ago

      Yes more are planned she has had some health issues of late according to her social media.

      • Donna Keith: 2 years ago

        Oh good! Bad about the health issues but good about more books. Keelan needs a story.

  2. Richard Patton: 3 years ago

    I would like to purchase all 14 of the Bewitched and Bewildered book series by Alanea Alder.

    • Graeme: 3 years ago

      Unfortunately, we do not sell books. We just list them in order by author.

  3. Kim: 3 years ago

    Are you writing the rest of the bewitched series? I want to know who’s behind everything


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