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Alastair Brown is an English bestselling author of crime, thriller and fiction books best known for his Joe Beck series. He was born in Bellshill, Scotland and studied in the University of Glasgow where he graduated with a master’s degree in business and management and later worked as a marketer for a number of large UK blue chip companies. He is born to a welder who had no interest in books but always had a creative mind. He is an individual who believes in taking the ordinary and using it to craft books.

Alastair Brown is an author who has taught himself to write from the work of other renowned authors. He is a natural storyteller and writes for both business and entertainment. His Joe Beck Series draws many contributions from his life experiences and professional career. Alastair Brown follows closely news, stories and other sources that have the information that can be turned creatively to produce an interesting story. His action-packed books have sold heavily and recommended by many readers.

Army of One
Army of One is the first book in Joe Beck Series. It is a story like no other as it brings to play an investigative and action-packed tale to the reader. Joe Beck is an ex-cop who has taken over the role of serving justice to those that have escaped the long arm of the law. He is not a typical private detective but has a gun which is also not filled. He operates in such a way that he never shies off from something and also never takes prisoners.

Joe moves into Texas for the funeral of his friend who committed suicide. However, in the middle of all this, Joe ends up being taken hostage together with a prostitute that he had only met for a short while. He had plans of spending the night with Sapphire, but this seems to be cut short. The captors, three men, seem to know substantial information about his dead friend more than he does which puts him at thought on what’s going on.

The events that turn up are action packed that one almost feels live in them as Joe goes through the difficulties something that he seems conversant with from his experience. He is already acustomed to dealing with gangsters, but this case is different from the rest that he has handled since it is actually the person entangled in problem. Beck’s life had been a mess as he had been dishonourably charged for snooping into things that he wasn’t supposed to and beyond that also got a huge fine and also spent time at a prison. Things changed from there on, and that is when he took the role of an uncensored private eye bringing justice where it went missing. His current situation forces to take action to bring these culprits to justice for the functions as the jury and the executioner for the matters that he handles daily.

Alastair Brown has woven a masterpiece here that will make you feel part of everything that’s going on in the story. The descriptions are well done, settings vivid as well, and he also uses characters well crafted to fit the role that he gives them in the story. It is a pure work of creativity and also tends to expose the evil that does happen in the society and goes unpunished. Its creativity at its best and one can feel and visualize what happens in the criminal world which he is out to expose.

Pay Back

Pay Back is the second book in the Joe Beck Series. Joe beck is moving around doing what he does best, stopping injustice through his methods. He happens to meet a beautiful, awesomely-figured and confident girl. However, she is not what she seems as she has a black eye and that is a sign of injustice to Beck.
Joe as usual gains interest into the matter and persuade the lady to open up on what the problem is, and she finally opens up. Joe discovers that her boyfriend has been the one mistreating her to that extent and he offers his help. Joe moves out on the journey to find the boyfriend and take the revenge for Brandi. He has mastered the working of criminals from his work and also from the fact that he’s spent time prison helps him in such a way that he only requests for a name of the perpetrator of this crime and nothing more and sets out to get him. Things do not go as planned as he discovers more treacherous things that seem to derail him from his task completely. He discovers that there is a local group of bikers who are distributing drugs in the state and he takes over the job to stop them.

He is at the crossroad-he has to find the guy that has been molesting Brandi at the same time he has got to stop a gang of bikers responsible for distributing drugs. The cartel seems very organized, and it is up to Joe to work single handily to bring it down and stop the menace that these individuals are creating in the state. At the same time, he has to deal with domestic abuse for the sake of Brandi, and this gives him one of the hardest times during his career.
Brown has his way engrossing the readers from the start to the end with action, turns and twist and suspense not forgetting scenes that will shock you. As the reader turns the pages, events turn up adding more to the action and mystery that make one feel as if they already are in the centre of what Beck is dealing with in the story. The author has done an excellent job when it comes to describing characters, places and events in that one can almost visualize everything happening. This is a must-read for the thriller lovers. If you enjoy reading crime thriller books, you’ll love Alastair Brown books especially Joe Beck book series.

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    Just finished 2 of your books and starting ‘Easy Money’. More soon?

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    I am probably much older than your usual reader, but came upon your books by chance and just love them. Have now read them all – so more please very soon.


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