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About Albert Samaha

An American writer with a background as a criminal justice reporter, the novelist Albert Samaha has a clear gift for writing in an articulate and accessible manner. With work appearing in a variety of different outlets, he has built a strong brand around his name, creating a style and voice that is recognized throughout the industry. Turning to fiction, he writes in a manner that is at once both captivating and enthralling in equal measure, keeping the reader hooked throughout. This has been the case for a number of years now, as he has been reporting on various real-life cases, reporting in an honest and straightforward tone. Getting to the heart of his subject matter, he really knows how to pinpoint what it really is that he’s writing about, knowing exactly what he wants to say with precision.

Understand his readers as well, he has written for a mass-market reaching a worldwide audience, uncovering the truth and ensuring justice. This can be seen when, in 2015, he wrote an article for Buzzfeed lead to the resignation of a police officer, all following his story on a narcotics unit in Mississippi. Later he would also write on a murder in the Bronx, which would lead to an overturning of a wrongful conviction in 2017. Not only that, but he’s also won various awards for his work, thus ensuring his ever growing status as one of the most respected voices working within the industry to date. With a lot more to come yet, he has much more planned, as it seems that he’s not stopping in the near future.

Early and Personal Life

Born in 1989 on the 25th of May, Albert Samaha would grow up with a keen passion for words, expressing himself through his writing. This would develop throughout the years, seeing him become more erudite and articulate on the page as time went on. Prior to becoming a writer of fiction, he would also work in journalism, reporting on various high-profile cases, bringing many serious issues to light. Making his name as a criminal justice reporter, he would gain a large amount of insight into some heavier social ills afflicting modern society. Using this, he would also bring about justice through his journalism, affecting the world around him positively, creating a long lasting impact.

It was this sense of justice that would lead him into a career in journalism, as he initially studied at the Graduate School of Journalism in Columbia. Here he would gain graduate, gaining a background in reporting that would serve to be useful in the following years to come. Currently living in New York City, he continues to write to this very day, making his name as both a journalist and a writer of socially conscious fiction.

Writing Career

Bringing out his first book in 2018, Albert Samaha would make his debut onto the literary scene with ‘Never Ran, Never Will’. This would introduce readers to him as a storyteller for the first time as, prior to this, he was largely a reporter and journalist. Working for various different publications both online and off, he would adopt this journalistic style, giving his work a high level of realism.

Winning a large number of awards for his work too, Samaha would go on to receive prizes such as some from the ‘National Association of Black Journalists’. With this his profile would grow even more, becoming a figure who was respected throughout the critical community. This is all set to continue for a long while, with more to follow, marking him as a definite writer to watch for a long time yet.

Never Ran, Never Will: Boyhood and Football in a Changing American Inner City

Published through the ‘PublicAffairs’ publishing outlet, this marked the debut title from Albert Samaha as an author. Setting up his career in fiction for the first time, it really establishes what he has to offer as an author of modern contemporary fiction with a message. Coming out on the 4th of September in 2018, it really would help set the stage, showing what he has to offer as a clearly gifted writer. Not only that, but it also has a well defined message and idea at the heart of it, in what it is obviously an extremely well researched novel, giving it all a high degree of authenticity and realism.

Looking at the effects of gentrification in a working-class, largely black neighborhood, this story focuses on Brownsville in Brooklyn. Setting itself around a youth football team called the ‘Mo Better Jaguars’, it sees a group of young boys coming together and building a sense of community. With violence and poverty threatening their way of life in the wider community, they must come together in order to help one another pull through. Giving a unique insight into another way of life not normally witnessed on the page, this is an interesting and highly incisive title.

Other Articles

As mentioned before, Samaha has written extensively on law and order, focusing on criminal justice, something which has dominate the majority of his working life and career. This can be seen reflected in his work with publications such as Buzzfeed News, where he has been breaking many stories as their criminal justice reporter. Over the course of his writing career there he has managed also managed to bring forth a number of stories that have lead to high-profile consequences. With an eye on seeking justice, he has seen the police strengthening their sexual misconduct laws following his reporting of a teenager who accused two NYPD detectives of rape in 2018.

Prior to this he worked at the San Francisco Weekly and the Village Voice, along with the Riverfront Times whilst in St. Louis. With work also featuring in the New York Times as well, he has managed to gain prominence through a number of different magazines and outlets both online and off. These have all seen him gain both national and international recognition worldwide, gaining numerous awards, as well as the appreciation of the general public too. Along with his growing body of fictional work, this is something that will continue to develop and evolve in the years to come as well.

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