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About Alejandro Varela

Pushing the boundaries of what literary fiction can do, Alejandro Varela is a New York based author with a lot to say. Largely writing contemporary novels surrounding issues of race, sexuality, and gender, he provides a unique perspective of modern life and living. Over time this has helped him gain attention far and wide, with the general public relating to his work, along with the critics. It is through his writing that he seeks to represent a large body of readers from all over the world, something which he has proven successful at.

His work has featured in numerous different outlets, both online and off, becoming a well-regarded writer before he wrote his debut novel. These outlets include Harper’s Review, Georgia Review, The Pont Magazine, and Boston Review, just to name a few of them. Over time he has managed to make a name for himself, providing insight, as well as being highly entertaining with a great deal of intelligence. Much of his work and articles have become a regular fixture for many, as his style has become extremely distinctive in its own right.

Working as an editor as well, Varela is also know for editing the Apogee Journal, once again becoming a familiar face for many. Setting himself apart from other writers within his field, he really makes his writing his own, saying something new and unique in the process. Much of his writing is derived from his own experiences, giving them a real sense of authenticity that wholly brings them to life. Being honest in what he speaks about, he doesn’t hold back, grounding his work in reality, while also communicating with the wider public at large.

Showing a clear sense of imagination through his work as well, Varela really understands what it is that truly drives quality storytelling. His unique narratives move along at an easy to follow pace, while also providing multiple layers of meaning in the process. Holding the reader and keeping them glued to the page, they’re waiting to see what comes next, as his stories really are powerful, as well as being entertaining. He also has something different to say, providing a clear message throughout his work, not shying away from some of the more difficult issues either.

His many characters are also heavily drawn from reality too, as they come alive off of the page in a sense for the reader. Directly speaking to the reader, his protagonists feel real, as he again uses his own life to help inspire who they are and what they experience. Paying close attention to all of his supporting characters too, Varela really populates his fiction with a vibrant and interesting cast. With more books and writing set to follow in the near future, he’s a writer who’s not going away any time soon, as he definitely has a lot more to say.

Early and Personal Life

Born and raised with a strong passion for reading and all things literature, Alejandro Varela would nurture his interest in writing from an early age. This interest would develop over time, as he would prove to be a storyteller with a lot to say and offer, writing about the world around him as he saw it. Getting to the heart of what he wanted to say, he would establish his own style that soon proved to be a huge success with many. Giving his work a clear sense of purpose, he would fast find his feet as a writer, providing his writing with a lot of humor and heart.

Studying at university, he would initially gain a Master’s Degree based in Public Health, continuing to write all the while. Bringing his learning to his writing, he would soon move into writing full-time, as he would continue to find and foster his audience. Moving forwards, he would write for a variety of different publications, allowing him to establish a strong reputation for himself. Currently living in New York, he continues to write and work to this day, with lots more planned for release upon the horizon.

Writing Career

In 2022 Alejandro Varela would make his big literary debut by releasing his contemporary novel ‘The Town of Babylon.’ This coming-of-age book would prove to be a massive hit with readers far and wide, with its contemporary themes of mental-health and identity. Following on from this one year later, he would go on to publish his book of short-stories titled ‘The People Who Report More Stress’ in 2023. This title would also prove to be commercially successful, with its varied collection of interconnected stories making up a complete picture.

Previously Varela has also written numerous essays and articles, many of which have been published in well-known outlets and publications. Many of these, much like his fiction, were surrounding LGBT themes, looking at how society and people have progressed as a whole. Both incisive and witty, he has never been afraid to be sincere and, ultimately, allowing his work to essentially speak for itself. He’s a writer who will carry on growing both onwards and upwards, continuing to make a name for himself as time goes on.

The Town of Babylon

This fictional coming-of-age novel would initially be released in 2022 on the 22nd March, with it being a stand-alone title. It would be released through the ‘Astra House’ publishing imprint, with it introducing many readers to the work of Varela for the first time. Winning award nominations as well, it would be a finalist for the National Book Award, as well as being nominated for an Aspen Words Literary Prixe, both within the year of its publication.

The story itself follows Andrés, a Latinx professor who’s heading back to his suburban home-town following his husband’s infidelity. Attending a twenty-year high-school reunion, he manages to fall back into his own past, reconnecting with many of the people he’d once left behind there. This also includes meeting up with his first love once more, as the two of them find themselves entangled again, rediscovering their past and their future.

The People Who Report More Stress

Published on the 4th of April in 2023 through the ‘Astra House’ publishing outlet once again, this would provide a collection of short-stories. All interconnected with one another, Alejandro Varela would bring to life a number of different characters and stories, as they seek to dissect modern living and life. Looking at themes such as living in New York and featuring LGBT characters, it’s an interesting and diverse collection of stories. Capturing the essence of modern living and society, it’s a must for both fans of the author and newcomers alike, as this engaging collection really delivers on every level.

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