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Aleksandr Jarid is a new to the world of literature and has embarked on a journey of writing a number of novels that tries to weave his love of emotion and words to paint pictures in the mind of the reader. This year he will be releasing his debut novels kicking off with the Hope series of which Fateful Hope is the first.

His love of writing has been spun out of using words to communicate how emotions tell a personal story for every individual. His own personal stories are delivered through a web of colours on the page that really helped him deal with emotions that he struggled to express in the past. Now, he really becomes one with his stories as they are paramount to his emphatic side of wanting to share and to help create that spark in peoples mind of dealing with their own personal narrative.

His background is varied and being a very private individual, he strives to maintain that aspect and mutual respect for the world around him. Throughout his time, he has been lucky enough to be involved with wonderful people in a number of backgrounds. From the creative industries of film and music to the stressful world of healthcare and charity, along his journey, Aleksandr has learnt from his surroundings and developed an endless narrative of challenges, both good and not so good, they he uses as reflection which is the essence of his writing.

Aleksandr immerses himself in history of all aspects. History of art, or culture, of language, of religion, of science, of civilisation. He is fascinated with knowledge on all aspects and the more he finds he learns, the more he is excited with what we do not know. This is another driver for his writing. Throughout his novels, you will quickly see a common thread how he brings that learning of subjects into the narrative of his stories. He explained that this ticks a number of aspects that are important for him. Learning is fundamental for him and also as important as learning is his need to share his learning with others. This is done through is stories and it is exciting to see how he interweaves fiction and non fiction in his genre.

Although he does not have a literature background, it is evident that he really has embraced his passion of writing and wants to share this with the world. Admittedly, with credit given to him, he explains that he has a long way to go to grow into the writer that he inspires to be. But this further excites him due to the self development and learning.

His debut novels kick off with the Hope Series with the first one called ‘Fateful Hope’. In typical Aleksandr style, he creates the twists and turns and mystery from the outset. What seems to be a perfect relationship between the main protagonists of Cameron and Emilie, very quickly spills out to reveal all is not what it seems. Emilie goes missing and Cameron is forced to try to come to terms with her disappearance. As time moves on, the story takes us into a dark work of deception and we quickly learn that life at times is never what we seem to think it is. Aleksandr brings to this 1st novel his love of history, art and culture and this shines through the story in creating the backdrop of locations set around the world with magical historical sites and artefacts. Cameron is forced to return to a life that he thought he had put behind him, in order to now save Emilie who may be harmed if he does not undertake what the evil organisations who claim to have her, want him to do. Cameron guards secrets that underpin key facts about humanity and its origins and it is this what the organisations want from him. In return for Emilie’s safety. There is a fusion of history and current day advances to highlight how every aspect of societies actions have a backbone to history, regardless of our conscious knowledge of it or not. Fateful Hope plants the seed of this series that keeps the adrenaline pumping for the reader from the very first word. The second in the series, called ‘New Hope’, picks up on how the knowledge of Cameron and Emilie is not confined to just them, there needs to be a way of having that knowledge handed down and for it to remain secure. New Hope follows the story that Cameron and Emilie initiated. Aleksandr explains that ‘New Hope’ really brings more characters to the narrative in a fun and exciting way. We look forward to the series developing.

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