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Alex and Cassidy Books In Order

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Publication Order of Alex and Cassidy Books

Alex and Cassidy is a series of political thriller novels written by Nancy Ann Healy. The books follow the exploits of an FBI agent who works to foil nefarious plots against the United States.

+The Story
The Alex and Cassidy novels are taut thrillers that have been compared to the likes of 24 (Television) with regards to the action, suspense, drama and insight that Nancy Ann Healy delivers.

The series centers on Alex and Cassidy. The pair meets when Alex is sent to New Rochelle in New York to investigate the threatening letters a congressman has been receiving.

Even though Alex is primarily tasked with determining the identity of the congressman’s dangerous enemy, it eventually becomes necessary for her to protect the man’s ex-wife and their young son.

What begins as a simple mission takes on more unexpected shades when Alex and the congressman’s ex-wife, Cassidy, fall in love. Their romance introduces a new complication to the equation.

But Alex and Cassidy are determined to make it work. This is as Alex uncovers and begins to unravel a convoluted conspiracy that will put all their lives in grave danger.

The Alex and Cassidy series is spent following Alex around as she encounters new challenges, cases, and opponents. She does what she can to protect the people she is charged to watch even as she hunts the bad guys threatening the peace of her country.

But for all the rigors that her work attracts, Alex always finds the time to pursue her love for Cassidy. Their burgeoning family is an unconventional one and not everyone is so open to their relationship.

Alex must fight hard to maintain the love and the trust of Cassidy and her son. This is despite the fact that her connection to them often puts them at risk because of the dangerous nature of her work.

Healy fans are as interested in Alex’s relationship with Cassidy as they are in the FBI agent’s breathtaking entanglements with the villains that occupy each novel. Alex and Cassidy work as protagonists because they come from such different backgrounds.

Before Alex Toles joined the FBI, she was in Iraq serving under the man who would eventually become the president of the United States. Alex only left the army because she was injured by an IED attack.

She spent some time in the intelligence business before securing a position in the FBI. The heroine is quite intelligent, boasting the capacity to speak multiple languages. This is on top of her athletic prowess and movie star good looks.

It is because of how strong she appears on the surface that no one realizes how compassionate Alex Toles is. Over the years, she has learned to temper her emotions. She knows how dangerous personal attachments can get, which is why she is always on the move.

Her keen insight and loyalty make her a great asset for the FBI. However, because she fears the weaknesses that relationships can introduce to her life Alex has never been one for romance. All that changes when she meets Cassidy.

Cassidy, for her part, is an attractive teacher that everyone cannot help but love. Her intelligence draws people in and her wit and affable attitude keep them rooted in place.

Warm and kindhearted, Cassidy’s life revolves around her family which includes her mother and her son.
Though, she is just as devoted to her students. Cassidy was living a relatively stable life until Alex walked into her home, having been charged with protecting her. Everything changed for the both of them.

Alex made Cassidy’s life more exciting while Cassidy worked to ground Alex. A considerable portion of the Alex and Cassidy series is spent exploring the way both heroines have been transformed by their relationship.

That was actually the goal that inspired the author to write these novels. Healy wanted to show the way love could change an individual’s perception of the world. She spends a lot of time not only delving into the way Cassidy and Alex have changed but the manner in which their friends and family have been impacted by their love.

Each Alex and Cassidy novel presents the couple a challenge that will allow them to grow stronger if they can only overcome it. This includes opposition to their relationship from kin and kith and the threats that Alex’s job attracts.

The Alex and Cassidy books are not meant to be read as standalones. Each novel builds upon its predecessor, especially in the romance department. As such, people who read these books out of order are unlikely to enjoy them to the fullest.

+The Author
Nancy Ann Healy has lived a varied life. She has been everything from a bookstore manager to a standup comedian. But books are her passion and she took the first chance she got to pursue a career in publishing.

Nancy is married to Melissa. They have a son.

When Alex Toles is sent to New Rochelle, New York, it is with the intention of helping Congressman Christopher O’Brien find the individual who keeps sending him threatening letters.

She doesn’t expect to encounter Cassidy, his ex-wife, and to fall in love. But that is exactly what happens. Now Alex is more determined than ever to keep the family safe by identifying the entity that is so hellbent on seeing them destroyed.

It doesn’t take her long to realize that her budding romance with Cassidy might become an obstacle to her work. But Alex has never known romance as she does now with Cassidy and she is determined to protect what they have, even if it means dismantling a complex conspiracy.

The president is dead. Alex doesn’t know how to handle the news. The FBI agent and President Merrow were friends. And she only just returned to her work at the NSA after a frightening ordeal.

Yet she is determined to get to the bottom of the tragedy. Even as Alex puts her mind to the task of finding Merrow’s assassin, she must confront suggestions that the man’s death might only be the start of something far worse.

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