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Alex Aster is the pen name of Columbian-American author Alexandra Pierson. She is popularly known for her middle-grade fantasy series, Emblem Island, and the young adult fantasy series Lightlark. Alex’s writing career began when she was only 13 years old. She has a degree in English from the University of Pennsylvania.

Prior to landing her first book deal, Aster had already authored six books. Her first published book was Curse of the Night Witch, and a sequel was published a year later. These books were inspired by her Colombian background and the stories her grandmother told her. However, they never became as popular as she hoped.

Before launching her next book, Lightlark, Aster created a TikTok video to promote its story idea. The video became really popular and helped her get a publishing deal for the book. Lightlark did very well, with 200,000 copies printed initially and over 24,000 sold in the first week, making it onto the New York Times bestseller list. Its success even led to a movie deal with Universal Pictures and Temple Hill.

Lightlark is the first book in a series by the same name. This young adult fantasy novel might stir up strong emotions, so readers are advised to brace themselves. The story is set on a magical island divided into six kingdoms. Leaders with different magical powers rule each of these kingdoms. The narrative follows Isla through a third-person perspective, offering a glimpse into her thoughts while keeping the storyline easy to follow.

The plot centers around the Centennial event. Isla Crown, the young ruler of Wildling, a land of individuals cursed to kill their loved ones, faces a crucial challenge. Every hundred years, the Island of Lightlark emerges, giving the six rulers a chance to break their realms’ curses. For Isla, it’s a deadly game of deception and betrayal.

The novel combines a strategic game with a classic love triangle. Isla has been preparing to lift her realm’s curse, aware that one of the six rulers must die for the others to survive. She’s determined it won’t be her. This is a refreshing take on the “chosen one” trope. Isla is strong, intelligent, and a bit of a badass, making her a captivating female lead.

Alex Aster creates a riveting world in Lightlark, filled with danger and wonder. The island’s beauty contrasts with the constant sense of danger, adding to the story’s tension.

The author has created a cast of complex and morally ambiguous characters. Each character has their own goals and secrets, making it hard to predict the story’s outcome. Isla must outsmart more seasoned rulers in a deadly contest. She represents the underdog, making readers root for her despite her occasional frustrating decisions.

Besides Isla, the other rulers are a diverse and exciting mix. They include a dark, mysterious outcast, a paranoid king, an icy mean girl, a popular guy, and another young ruler ally. Each brings unique challenges for Isla as she seeks to break the curse. These characters grow on the reader, adding depth to the story.

Isla Crown is strong, smart, and sometimes naive. Oro, one of the male leads, is a striking figure with complex development, ruling Lightlark and Sunling. Grimshaw, another key character, is a brooding, morally upright ruler of Nightshade. All these characters add another layer to the story’s intrigue.

Lightlark not only offers a thrilling fantasy adventure but also explores themes like responsibility, the burden of leadership, and the complexity of human emotions. It challenges the idea of good and evil, showing that everyone has shades of gray. The relationships between the characters are dynamic and evolve throughout the story, reflecting the complexities of alliances and enmities in a high-stakes environment. With its blend of magic, mystery, and emotional depth, the book promises a captivating journey for its readers.

Curse of the Night Witch is the first book in the Emblem Island series by Alex Aster. Emblem Island is a place filled with magic, bright colors, and exciting adventures. But it can also be dangerous, especially for Tor and his friends, whom the Night Witch has cursed. People on Emblem Island are born with special birthmarks called emblems. These marks give them abilities like fantastic singing, excellent cooking skills, or even breathing underwater. The emblems often decide what they’ll do in life.

Tor, the son of his village’s leader, has a leadership emblem just like his mother. However, Tor doesn’t like his emblem and wants to change his destiny. During the annual Eve celebration, where people make wishes to the gods, Tor wishes for a different emblem.

But his wish goes terribly wrong. Instead of getting the emblem he wanted, Tor wakes up with a curse – a blinking eye on his wrist, a sinister gift from the Night Witch. She’s a scary figure in the Book of Cuentos, a book of folklore that guides life on Emblem Island. After accidentally spreading his curse to his friends Engle and Melda, Tor sets out to find the Night Witch using the Book of Cuentos, hoping she’ll remove the curse before their time runs out.

Their journey takes them from their picturesque village to the island’s darkest corners. Alex Aster cleverly includes stories from the Book of Cuentos in the narrative. This gives the readers a preview of the monsters Tor and his friends will meet. It also builds a lot of tension and makes the story more thrilling.

The book also explores how we understand and interpret stories, encouraging readers to think critically about folklore. Curse of the Night Witch is a spooky and exciting adventure that delves into self-discovery and the stories we share. It teaches that the world is more complex and wonderful than we think and that changing our fate is possible, but the outcome might not always be what we expect.

The novel also touches on themes of friendship, bravery, and the importance of embracing one’s true self. The characters’ journey across Emblem Island is not just a physical one but also an emotional and spiritual quest. They learn valuable lessons about trust, teamwork, and the power of believing in oneself. The vibrant world of Emblem Island is brought to life with vivid descriptions and imaginative settings, making it a captivating read for anyone who loves a blend of fantasy, adventure, and a touch of mystery.

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