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Harm’s Reach (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Killing Ways (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Drowning Child (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Alex Barclay, born in 1974 in Dublin Ireland is an Irish crime writer. She is a journalism graduate and has worked in fashion journalism as a copywriter in the RTE Guide. She quit the fashion industry in 2003 to write Darkhouse, the first two books featuring New York Police Department detective Joe Lucchesi. Alex second novel The Caller was published in 2007 while The Last Call was published in 2008. The author has won the Ireland AM Crime Fiction Award during the Irish Book Awards for her 3rd novel; Blood Runs Cold which was a start of the Agent Ren Bryce book series. Since then the character has been featured in other novels such as Time of Death and Blood Loss.

Blood Runs Cold

When Jean Transom, an FBI agent is found dead, Bryce is tasked with the investigation of the circumstances leading to his death. The FBI agent dead body was found frozen on Quandary Peak prior to being swept away by an avalanche. As she confronts her personal demons, dwindling leads and pressure from Washington, the murder case stalls and her career falters. But as summer makes its way, the Quandary Peak exposes some new secrets.

Bryce is the lead character in this novel. She is a spark plug character, clashing with both her FBI colleagues and the local law enforcement. Reading the story, you will realize that she is a lady with a very complicated past that continues to play havoc with the present life and probably the reason she keeps clashing with almost everyone whom she meets on the way. As the story pushes on, the self-damaging Bryce fights to keep her personal and professional lives separate, but crosses over the lines in both and eventually risks the case and ultimately her career as well. The main character is also an intriguing character as well and her you will love her interaction with other characters and more so with the male law enforcement characters. Furthermore, the plot is quite intriguing and fast-moving; the author does evoke a good sense of setting in Colorado ski-bunny towns.

Time of Death

Time of Death is the second book in Ren Bryce series and picks up about one year after the ending of the first book in the series. It has a slow start but it’s worth sticking to like the character who played a crucial part in Ren’s Life come into play and as the story develops more events builds up and thus making quite an intriguing plot.

In this second installment, we encounter the FBI agent Ren Bryce in pursuit of the country’s dangerous and most wanted killer and this pursuit is on the verge of turning into a nightmare. There are some unfinished between agent Ren and those she is in pursuit and soon she is forced to face both her professional and personal traumas.

Soon, Bryce is sent into a dangerous world of paranoia, fear when someone close to her is killed, something that threatens her past which appears to be revealed.

Then the dark forces are at work & someone is determined into putting an end to Ren’s life. However, time is running out, and Ren must catch the killer before the killer pushes the killer button on her life.

The second installment is quite a good read that will keep you glued from page one to the very last. The FBI agent, Ren Bryce experiences a twisted and a long pathway to solve the crime, she is accused of involvement in the crime, and therefore she has to work her way out through a complex maze of accusations as well as complex personalities while having more than one personality for herself.

She confronts her problems and manages to dissolve conflicts with other people so as to deduce what exactly happened. You will love character development that Alex Barclay has emphasized and their interaction as well. A secondary theme is showcased when the main character, Bryce battles her personal demons.

Blood Loss

In the third installment, Blood Loss the FBI agent Bryce takes on her most heartbreaking case yet when a dad’s workplaces his young daughter in the scariest situation.


After a young girl is found severely beaten and sexually abused in a doomed asylum, agent Bryce is called in to help with the case. However, her attention is soon rerouted to a missing person’s case when an 11-year-old girl and her babysitter disappear without a single trace from their hotel room they were occupying.


Faced with inconsistent witnesses and conflicting, agent Ren works tirelessly and obsessively to uncover the mysterious and dark family secrets at the core of the case before it is too late.


Determined on finding the truth, agent Ren Bryce behavior becomes reckless. Putting her life on the death row, she enters a dark world where innocent lives a ruined forever for profit where rape, kidnap, and murder is the order of the day.

The main character, an FBI agent, is someone fighting mental health issues. After the disappearance of the young girl and her babysitter, she is plunged into a world of dark family secrets, deceits and dodgy goings on at a pharmaceutical company where the young girl father works as the Chief Financial Officers. Even though this new case diverts her attention from the previous one, it is a fast-paced, and it’s also an enjoyable read that will keep you hooked from very first chapter to the last one.

Harm’s Reach

In the fourth installment of Ren Bryce series, FBI agent Bryce finds herself caught in between two unrelated mysteries. But somehow the past has a way of finding its way to the present. When Bryce discovers the body of a young woman in a deserted car, solving this mysterious case becomes personal. But the more she unravels about the young woman’s past, the more questions are raised.

Why was the young woman driving toward a ranch for troubled children in the midst of Colorado when her employers thought that she was thousands of miles away? And what did she know about the case that happened about 50 years ago which her death reopens?

As Ren and her partner Janine Hooks weave the clues together, a picture emerges of an affluent family determined to hide very dark secrets at whatever cost.

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