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Publication Order of Alex Benedict Books

The Alex Benedict series is a series of mystery and science fiction books written one of the bestselling authors named Jack McDevitt. It comprises of a total of 7 books, which were released between the years 1989 and 2014. All the novels of this series feature the main character in the form of Alex Benedict. Author McDevitt has introduced Alex Benedict in the series as a dealer of antiquities. Over the course of the series, he goes on to solve various mysteries in addition to carrying out his business of dealing in antique items. The other important character described by author McDevitt in this science fiction series is known as Chase Kolpath. She has been described as a starship pilot. Alex and Chase run a company together which is called Rainbow Enterprises. This company deals with the finding and selling of numerous ancient artifacts of historical origin. The novels written in the series by author McDevitt follow the various adventures of these two characters as they solve the various historical mysteries along the way. Chase and Alex mainly involve themselves in finding the long lost artifacts. They also face opposition while doing so in the form of a number of conspiracies. The initial novel published in the Alex Benedict series is titled as ‘A Talent for War’. This book was released in the year 2004 by the Ace publishers, after it was initially published in the year 1989. The story depicted in this book by McDevitt described he search of Alex Benedict to discover the nature of one of the mysterious projects that his uncle was working on just before his death.

Alex’s investigation related to the project takes him into the deep history of the war between an alien civilization and the humans. The story appears to challenge the foundation myths of the present human government. Author McDevitt has set the story in a universe located around 9,600 years ahead in the future. The plot runs in two time zones throughout, first in the present as per the viewpoint of Alex Benedict and the second one before approximately 200 years before him, which is shown in the form of flashbacks. At the beginning of the story, Alex is shown receiving a word from one of his cousins that his uncle was one of the passengers on the interstellar that went missing in the Armstrong space a few years back. Later, when his uncle is declared dead, Alex is handed over a package by his uncle’s lawyers who also tell him that he is the only heir to all the things of left behind by his uncle. Alex finds a sealed message inside the package. With the help of that message he comes to know that he was working on a special project and that since he is not able to continue with it anymore, Alex should pursue it. The first thing that Alex is asked to do in the message is to return back to the home of his uncle. He is to locate a Leisha Tanner file that contains some notes and research information. However, Alex does not find much information in the message except the name of an old acquaintance of his uncle named Hugh Scott. When he reaches his uncle’s home, he finds that it has been burgled and the Tanner file has disappeared. Also, all the records were destroyed from his uncle’s computer.

The story then begins to run in intertwined threads, one shows a present time mystery and the other narrates a history. As for the mystery related to the project work of his uncle is concerned, Alex tries to unravel it. While doing so, he gets deeply immersed in the Resistance’s history and the story of its leader and hero named Christopher Sim. When Alex is approached by a local police officer about the burglary at his uncle’s house, he comes to know that the burglars only wanted to obtain the Tanner file. The police officer, who is an old friend of Alex’s uncle, also tells him that his uncle appeared distracted for 3 months prior to his death. Alex also learns that his uncle had become mad on the subject of the Resistane and Christopher Sim. Later, Chase Kolpath meets Alex, who informs herthat his uncle had hired her to investigate about Tenandrome’s last flight, which was the Planetary Ship of Hugh Scott. Alex goes on to research about Tenandrome and later become aware of the whole project and the reason behind his uncle’s disappearance. He is helped by Chase Kolpath at each and every step of his research work. She also helps him to crack down the mystery behind the archaeological project work of his uncle.

The next book published in the mystery series is titled as ‘Polaris’. The Ace Hardcover released this book in the year 2004. Once again author McDevitt has described Alex Benedict at the center stage of an intriguing and mysterious plot, which is set around a scientific background. The opening scene of the story described as a luxury spacecraft called Polaris. Around a few years back, this luxury space yacht had carried several people from the elite group of the curious and wealthy to a specific location in space located many light years from the Earth. All of them had gone there to witness a unique stellar phenomenon. But, the space yacht had never returned and after searching for it for a few years, it was declared as lost and all the passengers on it were declared dead. When one more search team was formed after a few years to make a final attempt to search the Polaris, their investigation leads them to a certain amount of success. They were able to find the Polaris drifting into the space, but it was empty. There was no passenger on it. Even the pilot was missing from the space yacht. The mystery related to the missing passengers and the pilot of Polaris could not be solved by the search team. After a period of 60 years, well known antiquities dealer Alex Benedict learns about the story of Polaris and decides to try and find the truth about the missing Polaris passengers. He seems very much determined to unravel the mystery and does not even worry about how far he might have to travel in the space to do so. In spite of the greatest risks to carry out the research about Polaris, Alex takes up the challenge of yet another adventurous journey. He lives up to it and enjoys the entire adventure with the support of Chase Kolpath.

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