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About Alex Callister
The British novelist Alex Callister is extremely well regarded for her well paced and intriguing brand of mystery thriller novels. Setting many of them in the contemporary modern world, sometimes projecting them into the future, Callister casts her eye on a number of different issues. One of these is technology and the various different ways in which society has reacted to it, with all its modern advancements. Raising some profound and interesting points, she really understands how to bring her stories to life, giving them a real sense of vitality and excitement, driving their narrative forwards.

With a confident approach to the thriller genre, Alex Callister has managed to provide a slant that’s unlike many others currently out there. Pushing it in a different direction, she looks at where technology is taking society, whilst also ensuring that the story remains entertaining and compelling. This has proven to be a huge success, winning over readers from all over the world, allowing them to fully invest themselves in her stories and her characters. The ways in which technology have affected industry, and the modern world in general, is something that resonates deeply with readers regardless of where they’re from.
Using strong characters at the heart of her novels, she’s also extremely adept at creating powerful leads that the audience can get behind. Giving her stories a real sense of weight and heft, the characters are also extremely easy to relate to, in that they’re fully three-dimensional. Bringing her novels to life, they leap off the page, instantly grabbing the attention of the reader and holding it for the duration of the entire book. This is definitely a writer that has far more to say, and Alex Callister is someone that any fans of the thriller genre should watch out for in the years to come.

Early and Personal Life:
Coming from the United Kingdom, little is known about Alex Callister herself, although she does remain in the public eye. Originally investing herself in academia after attending Oxford where she studied history, along with the British School based in Rome, she would soon turn her attention to the internet. Becoming a lot more interested in the advancement of technology and what it meant for society as a whole, she would soon begin researching more heavily in this particular field.

Studying technology for over twenty years, she would spend a long period of time in the city, analyzing how it has come to affect modern industry. This would lead to her writing career as it currently stands today, looking at technology through the lens of fiction, breaking it down in greater detail. Currently living in London in the UK, Alex Callister continues to write, with a lot more planned for publication in the future.

Writing Career:
In 2019 Alex Callister would write her first novel ‘Winter Dark’, which was also the first time she would introduce the character of Winter. Part of ‘The Winter Series’, it would begin the dramatic arc of the major protagonist, as she works for the Secret Service as a top agent. Later Callister would follow that book up with the second novel ‘Winter Rising’, which would also be released the same year not long after.

Both of these titles would come out through Audible as an audiobook originally, with Ell Potter narrating the both of them. With her debut being crowned as the number one bestselling ‘Audible Thriller of the Year’, Callister was soon well on her way to achieving critical acclaim. Appreciated by both the critics and the general public alike, she would fast become a household name for many, with more and more discovering her work all the time.

Winter Dark
Initially brought out on Audible Audio through Audible Studios in 2019, this would first come out on the 21st of March. Setting up ‘The Winter Series’ of novels, it would introduce the character of agent Winter for the first time as well. This would pave the way for more stories and books to follow, as it also manages to provide a self-contained mystery thriller.

This debut book provides an extremely exciting start of what it promises to be a highly epic series to follow. The character of Winter herself is very well established, giving the reader a feel for who she truly is as a person, being a hero, whilst also remaining real and relatable. From all of this the story itself moves at a tense pace, bringing its world to life, along with the technology that inhabits it.

Ten years prior, Winter was extracted from atop a mountain, with the Secret Services planning to turn her into a top field agent, and now she must take down a criminal empire. This organization is headed by none other than Alek Konstantin, who presents a formidable force for evil, as Winter aims to save an innocent girl from being killed online for a large audience. Using the internet for his own twisted end, Winter must stop him using her alias of ‘Snow White’, as she attempts to infiltrate his ranks, with the clock ticking down. That’s when the body of a man turns up, a man from her own past, bringing the terrifying truth into full focus, as Winter realizes she has her work cut out for her. Will she be able to save the girl in time? Can she bring down the nefarious criminal organization? What will become of the Winter dark?

Winter Rising
First released in 2019 on the Audible Studios platform, this would originally come out on October the 1st. This would also mark the second title in ‘The Winter Series’ of novels, with it following on with another case for agent Winter. It would also be narrated by Ell Potter once again when it came to Audible, making for another tense and exciting thriller.

As the world leaders are convening for a summit in London in just one week’s time, Winter is on the trail of a gunman assassin known as the Guardsman. With everyone meeting there, Winter is up against it as she faces off against the top hitman from Firestorm, fighting to learn what he’s planning. Running a series of suspect experiments too, she wants to find out what’s going before it’s too late, putting all the pieces together in a global hunt for the truth. Will she be able to find out what he has planned? Can she hope to stop them in time? What will happen when the hitman finds themselves facing off against Winter rising?

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