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Alex Davidson
Author Alex Davidson was born in Lowell, Massachusetts, and he is a multi-award winning screenwriter, playwright, and a #1 Amazon Bestselling author. He earned his MFA in Dramatic Writing from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts in the year 2009.

“May the Devil Be Kinder”, his stage play, won a prestigious Rita and Burton Goldberg Award from NYU in 2009. His dramatic writing won an Alfred P. Sloan Grant in 2008 and 2009 as well as the Kennedy Center’s 2009 Paula Vogel Award.

He’s placed as a semifinalist or even higher in more than ten different national and international grant competitions and contests, including the American Zoetrope Screenplay Competition, the PAGE International Screenwriting Awards, The Academy’s Nicholl Fellowship, and the Scriptapalooza International Screenplay Competition.

Alex has worked steadily as a professional screenwriter in Hollywood with A-list directors and producers like John Glenn (CBS’s SEAL Team and Eagle Eye), George Tillman Jr. (The Hate U Give), and Bob Teitel (Barbershop Franchise).

Alex got the idea for “Black Rifle” when he read a news article in the year 2017 reporting that more than a hundred people got shot in Chicago during the Fourth of July weekend. It blew his mind. He became interested in how guns move around in America, why they are so connected to our cultural identity as Americans, and lastly, the psychologies of those people that are drawn to them so much.

Alex’s debut novel, called “Black Rifle”, was released in the year 2021 and is also the first of his “Caleb Caine” series. His work is from the mystery and thriller genres.

“Black Rifle” is the first novel in the “Caleb Caine” series and was released in the year 2021. With over three hundred million guns in the United States of America, imagine having to find just one. An exploration of American gun culture in a thriller which moves quicker than a bullet and it hits just as hard.

There’s been yet another mass shooting in America, which left thirteen people dead. One of the victims is the daughter of a powerful US senator named Marco Barros. The killer remains at large still. Their motive and identity is still a mystery. The sole lead that rookie ATF Agent Miranda Lopez has is the murder weapon: an AR-15, also called the “black rifle”.

Forced to work with Cal, a mysterious private sector mercenary that Senator Barros hired, her search to find the rifle is going to take her across the country: from the crumbling city blocks in South Central, California to the freezing streets of South Side Chicago, then on to a sun-baked Arizona militia compound, and lastly to the polished halls of power in Washington DC.

While they work to unravel a stunning larger conspiracy behind this shooting, there is a dark secret that the powerful are going to do anything to keep hidden, both Miranda and Cal risk losing it all.

This is a gripping, edge of your seat thriller novel which takes aim at our national obsession with firearms, and looks at gun culture in America from both sides of the political fence. Alex’s brisk and tight plotting or the cleverly implemented conspiracy which slowly unravels during the second and third act. The novel’s greatest strength might be the way that Davidson holds up a mirror to the reader’s own personal preconceived notions. It is infused with a thought provoking examination of what is one of the most divisive issues in our country.

With haunting and larger than life characters and memorable action, this is sure to keep you glued to the page while Lopez and Cal get closer to cracking the case, with their drive leaping right off of the page right to the end. With some rapid fire dialogue and a sinister yet still believable conspiracy, this one hits the mark as a high powered thriller with some commentary on some of America’s darker impulses. This novel takes steady aim at the national obsession over firearms, and the battle fought over gun rights in a novel that could’ve only been set in America.

“The Padre” is the second novel in the “Caleb Caine” series and was released in the year 2021. Cal’s an assassin currently on the run from his powerful former boss. He’s found a bit of sanctuary among the invisible poor in the barrio right outside of Mexico City.

He lives in and fixes up the old and run down Catholic church, which is how he earned his nickname among the locals by the name of “El Padre”. The Priest. The Father.

After one young Mexican woman that befriends is trafficked to a crime organization in LA that is headed up by his former boss, Cal has to come out of hiding to rescue her and, at the same time, confront his dark past.

This novel starts with a stunner of an introduction which leads to an action packed story which is made up of captivating scenes and vivid imagery. It’s easy to become absorbed from the opening page of the book while the suspense and sinister adventures play out through the entire novel. Alex pulls you right into a world of vibrant and deep mystery, character, unapologetic reality, and heart racing action.

Some found when they did set the book aside to do other things, they were replaying certain events to see if they could figure more out and wondering what was going to happen next. The ideas of corruption and conspiracy are depicted in a masterful way here while never taking away from this riveting novel.

“Bastard” is the third novel in the “Caleb Caine” series and was released in the year 2021. Caleb Caine, a retired mercenary, comes back home to Boston to solve his father’s murder, whom he’s not seen in almost twenty-five years. However what appears to be an open-and-shut case quickly spirals into a bigger conspiracy involving crooked cops, contract killers, dirty politicians, and one dangerous political cult.

In Cal’s most personal mission to date, he comes back home to face his past. And nothing’s ever going to ever be the same.

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