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Publication Order of Detective London McKenna Books

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Alex Gates
Alex Gates is a mystery author best known for his Detective London McKenna series. The California-born author went to California State University to study literature. He later obtained a Master’s in Education from the University of California. Gates is a skilled educator, loving husband, and a cowboys fan. He enjoys getting lost in the fantasy world where he is a great wizard, defender, and dragon slayer.

Girls in White Dresses
Girls in White Dresses comes first in the Detective London McKenna series. Detective London McKenna works for the Missing person department. Her work mainly involves finding lost children, and she takes her job very seriously. At fifteen, London was kidnapped by a madman who had kept her in a basement for three weeks. She waited for someone to rescue her, but nobody showed up. While she was lucky to escape, London still remembered how terrified she was when the man with cannibalistic tendencies started eating parts of her body. Now, she dedicates her time to finding children who are reported missing and leaving no stone unturned until they are found.

This book opens with a romantic evening that turns tragic. What starts as a night of wine and roses turns into what seems like a murder-suicide. While this seems like a straightforward case, London is not convinced that this is a crime of passion case. When she links the killings to a kidnapping that occurred fifteen years ago, she is convinced she is on to something until the horrifying truth comes to the surface. Someone is kidnapping runaway girls and turning them into child brides. Those linked to the kidnapping case do not also want to be found. London moves quickly to save the girls, only to find herself trapped in a world of bloody revenge, perverted religion, and enough nightmares.

With little time to save the girls, London is forced to risk her life to stop a heinous wedding that could turn into a mass funeral. She will be battling against captors who are desperate to get the next bride while fighting demons from her past. The explosive plot will keep you glued, while the unexpected twists are sure to leave you breathless. There is a shocking revelation in the last few chapters that will leave you scampering for the next installment in this series. When London is called to what looks like a murder-suicide, never would she have imagined the case would lead her on such a wild ride. Will this seasoned detective get out of this in one piece?

Girls in White Dresses is a gripping crime thriller starring a feisty female detective with a soft spot for children. The plot touches on religious cults, child brides, and dominating men. Several twists will creep on you when you least expect and send you on a different path just when you think you have this story figured out. London is a lovable character. It is incredible how determined she is to protect children even when the demons from the past threaten to overpower her. The twists, turns, and red herrings will keep you on your toes, and the ending will leave you yearning for more of this London and her fantastic team.

Hush Little Baby
Hush Little Baby comes second in the Detective London McKenna series. This story starts with an abandoned newborn found in a public bathroom, cold and alone. Besides the baby is a note written in blood stating that the mother could not let them take the baby. Who are these people that this mother is scared of enough to leave her newborn child? This note sets the motion for this story, and within no time, detective London is busy searching for the mother. However, what the detective discovers is even more frightening than she anticipated. Underage girls are being tracked, and because they had criminal records, it was hard for them to approach the proper authorities. Some of those girls went undiscovered, but others were unfortunate enough to get caught.

The conspiracy that follows threatens to end not only London’s career but also her life. A rehab center for troubled kids is involved, and top-ranking officials are among those who are abusing these young girls. London has to find the mastermind and stop the evil operation before it is too late. However, stopping these criminals is not going to be an easy task, given the people involved. London is outnumbered, and the people she is going against are influential. What steps will she take to save those young girls and ensure that the beautiful abandoned baby is reunited with her mother? Will she catch the mastermind before more damage is done?

London remains a lovable character. Her determination and conviction is admirable, and her pain from the past will tag at your heartstrings. It is fantastic how James shows up for her and sticks to London’s side even in the face of danger. The author lets more details on London’s personal life, and you will easily understand her choices when you discover how much she had been through. Her relationship with James also gives the story a personal touch. This bond also helps lighten the story, and you cannot help but wish them well. All characters in this story are believable, and the likes of London are lovable despite their shortcomings.

Hush Little Baby is a perfect read if you like riveting and exciting stories with great characters. The story is suspenseful, creepy, thrilling, and emotional. This book is a bit complex, and the bad guys seem to have more power than the good ones. However, London is no quitter, and where children are involved, she is willing to risk her life. She knows how frightening it is to be in the hands of a ruthless abuser. Follow London on an adventure filled with suspense and action. She will witness corruption in very places and uncover the rot in what looks like a secure facility. However, even when filled with fear, she will not stop fighting until the bad guys pay for their sins.

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