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About Alex Gilly
Working as a translator and author, the American writer Alex Gilly is well known for his entertaining and engaging mystery novels. Setting up a level of suspense quite unlike any other, he really manages to evoke a dark and foreboding feeling throughout his stories. Blurring the lines between heroes and villains, Gilly really knows how to play with the sympathies of the reader, constantly keeping them on edge. Setting this to a backdrop filled with shadows and intrigue, he keeps his audience continually guessing right until the very end.

Creating exciting and enthralling pot-boilers, he definitely understands how to craft compelling fiction that’s difficult to put down. Establishing a rich and immersive world in his stories too, he brings the reader in, soaking them in the atmosphere and ambiance. There’s plenty of twists and turns throughout as well, as he always manages to keep himself one step ahead of the reader. Building the tension too, he’s also a master of suspense, as he keeps the reader glued to the edge of their seat every step of the way.

It’s also the characters that Gilly craft that have proven so successful, as they leave a lasting impression long after the book’s been finished. Each with their own distinct characters and personalities, he draws inspiration from other stories, taking it in a fresh new direction. Fast becoming a mainstay of many readers bookshelves, he’s a writer with a lot to offer in the mystery thriller genre. This all looks set to continue for a long time yet, as there’s a lot more titles planned for release in the near future.

Early and Personal Life:
Born in New York City, the author Alex Gilly has lived in numerous places around the world for much of his life. These include Australia, along with the UK, France, Canada, and California, as he’s constantly taken inspiration from the world around him. Developing his voice as a writer from an early age, he would evolve his style and tone as an author, building upon it throughout the years.

Gaining a BA in Linguistics and Spanish and Latin, he’s also received an MA in Translation and Interpreting Studies. These would both be from the University of New South Wales, as he would continue to hone his craft during this time, before going on to become a translator and writer. Still writing to this very day, he works from his home in Sydney, living with his wife and children, and he’s got a lot more to follow yet.

Writing Career:
It was in 2015 that Alex Gilly would write his first fiction novel, coming out with the stand-alone title ‘Devil’s Harbor’. This would be a thriller novel with plenty of elements of mystery to it, allowing Gilly to make a name for himself as a fully fledged novelist. He would later follow this up in 2020 with the novel ‘Death Rattle,’ which was also a mystery thriller novel, as well as being a stand-alone.

Prior to this he was well known for his work as a translator, bringing a number of different novels to an English speaking audience. Notably among these was the book ‘The Master of Confessions,’ which he would receive a PEN Translation Prize in 2015 for. This has led to him becoming a highly sought after figure throughout the publishing industry, with plenty more to come still.

Devil’s Harbor
First published back in 2015, this would be the debut release from Alex Gilly as an author, working as a mystery thriller novel. Published through the ‘Forge’ publishing outlet, this would come out on the 23rd of June, establishing a brand new talent on the literary scene. With its fast paced action, it’s filled with suspense, as it marked Gilly as a definite writer to watch in the following years to come.

A straightforward taut thriller, this is a self-contained mystery that hits all the right beats along the way. Knowing exactly what the audience is looking for here, Gilly makes the most of both the premise and the location, really pushing it to the limit. It’s a tense novel filled with action and excitement, as well as featuring strong characters that really capture the attention of the reader.

Hunting human traffickers, drug smuggler’s, and all manner of evil wrongdoer, Marine Interdiction Agents Nick Finn and Diego Jimenez, his brother-in-law are always on the case. Working in Southern California for the Customs and Border Protection, they operate in the waters of the coastline there, and now they must track a phantom boat seen off the coast of Los Angeles. That’s when a body is found in its wake, and then Diego is killed, leaving Finn in a race against the clock to solve the case and bring the killers to justice. Can he track them down in time? Will he be able to save his marriage? What’s really going on in Devil’s Harbor?

Death Rattle
Once again published through the ‘Forge’ publishing label, this would be the second book to come from Alex Gilly, and another stand-alone title. Released on the 14th of July in 2020, it would also feature a mystery thriller story, with a similar pace and tone to his first. It would bring his style forwards though, developing it for his many fans, offering something different in the process.

Featuring the character of Nick Finn once again, it’s a sequel of the first, with many of the characters brought over. The story itself is self-contained though, with it not being a series as such, as the cases themselves are loosely connected. With many ideas being brought forwards too, it manages to capture the momentum of the first as well, taking it in a new direction.

Both Officer Nick Flinn and his wife, Mona Jimenez the human-rights lawyer, find themselves dealing with a death in migrant detention center. Looking at a billion-dollar deal with Homeland Security, the company that own the center wants to keep it quiet, brushing it under the rug. Not only that, but there are those that would do anything to see the deal go through, with corruption and lies spreading throughout. Can they find the killer in time? What is going on behind the conspiracy? Who was really behind the death rattle?

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