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Alex Gilvarry is a popular author from the United States, who likes to write humorous and literature & fiction books. He has written only 2 books so far in his writing career, one of which was published successfully all over the world and the second one is expected to be published very soon. Author Gilvarry was born in the year 1981, in Staten Island, New York. He wrote his first book with the title of From the Memoirs of A Non Enemy Combatant. This book went on to win the Hornblower Award in the category of the Best First Fiction in 2012. This award was presented to author Gilvarry by Bookspan. The book was also chosen as the Editor’s Choice by the New York Times. Author Gilvarry has also been nominated by the National Book Foundation. He has been awarded fellowships by Normal Mailer Center and Harry Ransom Center. The criticism and essays penned by author Gilvarry have appeared a number of publications such as the Boston Globe, The Nation, All Things Considered by NPR, and a few others as well. The second novel written by author Gilvarry, Eastman Was Here, is forthcoming in the month of August in 2017 by the Viking publishers. In addition to writing novels, author Gilvarry is involved in teaching creative writing as a professor at the Monmouth University. At the Wesleyan University, he also teaches fiction. The Monmouth University, he is awarded the status of Artist-in-Residence. As of today, author Gilvarry resides in his hometown in New York. Apart from this, he also has homes in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Brooklyn. Author Gilvarry is regarded as the founding editor of the collaborative book review website known as Tottenville Review. Over the course of his writing career, author Gilvarry has traveled a lot. Among the places that he has frequently visited includes the Philippines. Actually, the family of Gilvarry hails from Philippines.

The first book of Alex Gilvarry’s career is entitled ‘From the Memoirs of Non-Enemy Combatant’. This book was released in the year 2012 by the Viking publication. The story of this novel revolves around the life of the central character named Boyet Hernandez. The other important characters of the story include Marc Jacobs, Diane von Furstenberg, and Dostoevsky. Author Gilvarry has set the book’s plot in New York. At the start of the book’s story, it is depicted that even though Boyet Hernandez is a little man, he has a huge American dream like everyone else. And with this dream, he travels to New York in the year 2002. Boyet has freshly come out of the fashion school in Philippines. However, his hopes of earning a fortune and fame get completely shattered when he hears a knock at his door during midnight. Opening the door becomes the biggest of Boyet Hernandez’s life because he gets captured and imprisoned with the charges of having links with deadly terrorists. The former Catholic is handed a Quran and locked away for an indefinite period.

As the police tries to find out the so-called links, he remains swept in the most notorious cells of America. Now, staying in the six by eight prison cell, Boyet Hernandez prepares for his life’s tribunal with an intimate confession. He believes that some people in America are immersed in the soirees wonderland, hipster romance, and runaways in the 21st century Gotham. This is easily evident from the borrowed mattress, converted toothpick from an aloft factory, commissions of custom suits, and high end retails. The situation of Boyet is comically described as being at home by the author. He invokes Dostoevsky & Diane Furstenberg, Marc Jacobs, and Marcos tyranny, which are the memory vicissitudes and walking switchboard’s indignity. However, behind the chutzpah and wit scrim of Boyet Hernandez, there is his current nightmare of the detainment in the sun baked regions he chooses to call as No Man’s Land. And as the faith of Boyet in the judicial system of America gets usurped by his interrogator’s Kafkaesque demands, he begins to cling ardently to the humanity of the adopted country and to chimerical hope. Overall, the story appears to be a wise, beguiling, and funny tale that appears very evocative. The story and its main character are poised to form an integral part of the imagination of the reader as well as this strange times’ literature.

Another exciting book penned by author Gilvarry is called ‘Eastman Was Here’. This book has not been released yet, but the Viking book publishers are planning to release it in the coming month of August. This ambitious story takes place during the time of the 1970s in New York. It follows the life story of a washed up writer in his quest to bring his life’s broken pieces together. Author Gilvarry has indicated the primary character of this book’s story as Alan Eastman. The setting of the book begins in the year 1973 and moves forward from there. At the beginning of the book, Alan Eastman is introduced as a cultural critic, war journalist, public intellectual, philanderer, and husband. He faces an existential crisis in life and finds himself lying alone on his study room’s floor. Alan’s wife has left him and has gone to stay with her parents in New Jersey. She has also taken the kids with her. In the middle of all this, Alan Eastman feels that it has been years since he has done any good in any of the multiple fields of his expertise. Now, in such a miserable situation, Aland receives an unwelcome and unexpected phone call. The person on the other end of the line is Alan’s old rival from the time when he was studying in Harvard. The rival offers Alan Eastman a chance to visit Vietnam and write an account of the how the long war of America came to an end. Alan is asked to give a definitive description of whatever information he gathers in Vietnam. Alan Eastman sees this offer as an opportunity of regaining the admiration and love of his wife and also reclaiming his lost literary glory. Therefore, he sets out to reach Vietnam without thinking twice. However, instead of returning back and seeing himself as a pioneering correspondent of war, as hoped by him, Alan Eastman gets stuck in the foreign country with the same life problems that he was suffering from in his own city. Once again, author Gilvarry has employed a dark and thoughtful humor sense. He seems to have done a great job in capturing a man’s search of his life’s meaning in the times of fading love, advancing age, and rapidly changing world.

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