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Alex Harris Mystery Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Alex Harris Mystery Books

Alex Harris Mystery is a series of mystery books written by an American author of mystery and thriller books Elaine Macko. From childhood, Macko possessed an active imagination in finding mayhem and intrigue in everyday activities. While living abroad away from home, she decided to try crafting mystery books, and after a couple of months, she completed the first book in Alex Harris Mystery series, Armed and later wrote other three sequels in the series.
Since then Elaine Macko has published more than eight books in Alex Harris mystery series.


The first book in Alex Harris Mystery series introduces us to Alex Harris the main character in the series. She is the co-owner of the Always Prepared agency with her sister Samantha Daniels. Alex is an M&M addict and has a fear of dolls and clowns. Since her Always Prepared agency business had been slow, she accepts a temporary job at mannequin factor, but then she receives a call that sends her out of the office.

In her new temporary job, Elvira Scott shows Alex her new office and the work to be done (stuffing envelopes) before leaving. Later Mrs. Scott returns to inform Alex that she’s leaving and hands her petty cash to mail the letters and a key to lock up.

Finally finishing her job, Alex leaves as she carries some three small boxes of mail only to find her car covered in snow. She returns to the factor in search of a shovel to get rid of the snow just to be met with the body of Mrs. Scott. Next to her brutally disfigured body is a bloody mannequin arm. In search of help, Alex runs to the nearest office to phone the cops. When the cops arrive, they inform Alex that Mrs. Scott murder case is going to revolve around her and Mr. Poupee (Alex’s boss).

The next day, the cops come knocking in Alex’s office with a new piece of evidence- the shovel which they suspect to be the murder weapon. With many loose ends and dead ends, Alex comes to discover that Mrs. Scott was never popular among the employees and many would have wanted her dead. She denied employee’s access to their boss and affected the working relationships of the employees in the factory.

In response, Alex decides to dive in and conduct her investigations which make her discover an endless list of new suspects than she first imagined. What did the late Mrs. Scott unravel that forced someone to murder her, was it the drugs? Sabotage? Can Alex unravel the truth that she seeks before she becomes the next victim?

The first in Alex Harris Mystery books is a fast-paced and humorous read. It is a story layered in a mystery that will keep you on the edge of the seat to the very end. Elaine Macko does a fantastic job in character creation. The main character Alex Harris is a delightful person addicted to candies, chips, potato, tea, and books. Her sense of justice, loyalty wars, and love of her family trump all. Other characters blood related to the heroine we get to meet in the book include her sister’s family, her parents and maternal and paternal grandparents all which add to the glamour of the story. Additionally, the Armchair detectives tasked with solving Mrs. Scott’s murder have the best deductive skills.

Armed is a mystery book that will touch the hearts of avid cozy mystery readers as well as those readers who love a well-written story from a strong but also flawed woman perspective. It’s full of understandable quirks, well-drawn relationships.


With Halloween just around the corner, Alex Harris, the co-owner of the Always Prepared agency has hands full keeping an eye on her assistant from turning her agency into a house of horrors. However, that’s nothing compared to the discovery of the body of a member of the Indian Cove high society.

All eyes turn to Robert Brissart, a man in his 70’s. However, Alex Harris doesn’t believe that the old woman was the “right victim” and firmly believes that another attempt will be made to end her life. Therefore, it’s up to Alex to investigate which member of the towns affluent is the murderer before they can strike again.

There is something evil happening in Indian Cove, and it’s not just Halloween mischiefs. The mystery comes to a scary finale in the midst of ghosts and jack-o-lanterns on Halloween night when Alex soon realizes that there is more than just goblins and witches treat-or-trick in her peaceful New England village.


With her wedding just over, Alex now a member of the van der Burg family takes a flight with her hubby John heading to Brussels, United States. Accompanying them is Alex’s sister Samantha and a brother in law Michael.

Having your sister and brother in law on your honeymoon might sound out of this world, but when a body of a young woman is found in John’s old college room, Alex is thankful her sister came along to keep her company.

With John off assisting the Belgian investigators in investigating the crime, and Alex’s brother in law Michael obsessed with a dental practice locally, Alex and Samantha find themselves in a strange country with nothing else to do other than shopping and sightseeing. As usual, Alex cannot leave the case unsolved and immediately begins interrogating suspects. However, when another body shows up, her sister Samantha thinks that she should leave the investigation to the cops.

With Alex’s husband in a panic, because he suspects his good friend is the killer, Sam trying to work a way to fly all her shopping across Atlantic without incurring extra cost, and Michael trying to convert the Belgian citizens into floss users, it is up to Alex Harris to solve the murder crime. Moreover, when she finally discovers the real identity of the killer, she ignores all her common sense and walks directs into the lion’s den. Join Alex and her friends as they tramp across Belgian feasting on chocolates and finding out that there’s more evil that can send shivers down their spines than visiting haunted houses.

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