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Alex Howell is a bestselling thriller writer best known for her “Mason Walker” series of novels. She debuted her professional authorship career with the novel “The Search” that she published in 2020. While she only started recently, she has become a prolific author with more than nine titles in 2020 alone. Howell has said that growing up, she was an avid fan of science fiction and thriller novels. She has always had a creative streak which she has employed to the utmost in the making of her debut series. While she started as a tax accountant, her love for reading and writing soon became too strong and she decided to become a professional author. When she is not writing her novels, she loves having coffee, hiking, and deep conversations.

Howell’s “The Search” introduces the lead character Mason who is doing his last tour as a Navy SEAL. The Story then jumps forward fifteen years into his retirement, where he is now looking to fulfill the deathbed wishes of his wife. She had asked that he takes care of Clara their daughter and ensure she turned out to be an upstanding citizen. His wife had recovered from cancer two times but could not do it a third time and had thus entrusted the upbringing of her daughter to her father. He had decided to quit the SEALS and work for an insurance company so that he can take care of the child. Before he got married to Clara’s mother, he had been in love with Bree who he believed was his soulmate. Now that his daughter is heading off to college, he can finally meet up with the love of his life. On one such day when they intend to meet, he sends her a text to confirm the place and time but when she does not reply he goes back home to find his daughter missing and his home in disarray. He then receives a message on his phone with a video showing that his daughter had been kidnapped. The kidnappers want him to complete a series of complex unrelated tasks but there is a catch.

Alex Howell’s novel “The Warrior” is set a month after the events of the debut novel in the series. Clara got a scholarship to go to study at Stanford. But instead of using a plane, or taking the train, Mason has convinced her to let him take her on his old truck, which would take about a week. As his daughter settles down as a student, Mason realizes that he hates his job in insurance and thinks about taking a job offer from one of his best friends from his Navy SEAL days. Since he has no one to be responsible for, he can go back to practice the old abilities and skills that had grown rusty. He also gets to spend time with his brothers, a team, and like-minded people. He accepts the job and becomes a member of the Onyx team that is made up Case, Kyle, Raina, and Marshal. Marshal leads the team, Case is an expert at following clues, Kyle is a computer expert, Raina is the only female while there is one ex-SEAL named Duke who gives him attitude. Soon after joining the team, they are assigned a case whereby three children of a family friend of the United States president were kidnapped. The abductors demand that the family fulfill certain conditions before he can release them or else, they are all going to be executed. The only people he is ready to talk to are Raina, the President, and the negotiator.

“The Cleansing” by Mason Walker tells the story of Mason and his team who are now dealing with a terrorist threat against Washington DC. The terrorists got their hands on biological weapons and intend to detonate them in the American capital. The latest case will see Mason travel across the continents to Tehran where some group was auctioning of weaponized Ebola vials. But they are too late and Onyx goes back home in low spirits. It is particularly bad especially for Mason who is still new to the team and had yet to experience such a huge failure. It seems the terrorists have disappeared into thin air and the admins are not happy with the failure of the team and there is talk of the entire team getting disbanded. The Colonel and the Generals that had spearheaded the mission are particularly pissed off with their performance. The team’s administrators decide that the team should continue investigating but now in the United States, where they believe the vials have been delivered. It is not long before they find clues that point to a strange religious cult that rebelled from the Vatican and now have extremist views.

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