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Publication Order of Alex King Books

Alex King series by A. P. Bateman
Amazon bestselling author A.P. Bateman writes the “Alex King” series. The series is from the thriller genre, and began publication in the year 2015 when “The Contract Man” was released. The third novel, “Shadows of Good Friday” is set seventeen years before “The Contract Man”.

“The Contract Man” novel was a number one bestseller on Amazon for three weeks.

Alex King stars in the series, and has spent time as an agent for both MI5 and MI6.

A.P. Bateman draws on his experiences, training and working in close protection with special forces, ex-military, and police. Training on US SWAT ranges with cops gives Bateman a unique insight into certain tactics and weapons that adds a sense of realism to his work.

“The Contract Man” is the first novel in the “Alex King” series, which was released in the year 2015. An MI6 agent is discovered keeping records of the missions he goes on to keep himself safe from betrayal and makes himself a priority target. How can you silence the most dangerous guy you could ever imagine? You send him right into hell on earth.

Alex King is dispatched to Northern Iraq to tidy up some loose ends from a botched mission. At the same time, the archipelago of Indonesia is facing communist threat from its own military. A group of worried businessmen are calling for some desperate measures and seek out an assassin’s services.

What if MI6 could be tricked into taking care of these problems for them? With some secret links to China this communist group presents a threat to Britain’s trade initiatives with the country that is the biggest mineral producer of the entire planet. Within the dark world of intelligence it would appear that everyone has got their price.

This novel was written perfectly, and the author makes it clear he was invested in the book, as it is clear he researched all of the details present. Alex King is a great character that readers hope to read much more about in future installments.

“Lies and Retribution” is the second novel in the “Alex King” series, which was released in the year 2016. MI5 agents are being executed and other agents are being abducted without terms being given from the kidnappers. One MI5 analyst has gone missing after accessing and downloading prohibited security data.

Mullah Al-Shaqqaf’s (a notorious and radical cleric) trial falls apart, and his extradition collapses. A guy that was known to have bankrolled ISIS, force teens to martyr themselves, and recruit fighters for Syria. Once again, he walks free. The search for a nuclear warhead that was stolen ten years ago leads Russian intelligence to the city of London. Just one guy connects all of them.

When Alex King, a retired MI6 operative, is contacted by MI5’s deputy director and has a proposition. Alex feels compelled to act. His actions are unprecedented and his brief is not legal. The courts and the law have both failed. Time and events are running against all of the nation’s intelligence services. It is no longer possible to fight this battle by the rules.

Enemies of Britain are going to find out the hard way that the game has been changed. While MI5 agent Caroline Darby investigates, with a veteran detective from Scotland Yard helping her. She quickly begins to see through all of the intricate misdirection and finds out the horrifying truth.

Bateman writes well constructed and gritty stories that you look forward to reading and cannot put down until you have finished it. The characters feel entirely real, and the dialogue has quite a lot of punch to it and is totally believable.

“Shadows of Good Friday” is the third novel in the “Alex King” series, which was released in the year 2017. In the final days before a peace agreement is signed, an IRA splinter cell mounts an operation on Britain’s mainland and uses English criminals to carry it out. An unprecedented move that has MI6 intrigued, and they take over the command of the surveillance operation that was ran by MI5.

A career criminal gets his release from prison, aiming to win back the wife and kid that he lost because of his sentence. Before he is able, he is forced to step back into his former life. The stakes have been changed, and his family is now the leverage for the people who are the most ruthless people imaginable.

A woman stuck in an abusive relationship, and desperate to rekindle her past and make her escape with her son, becomes a pawn in an awful world made up of violence, deception, and payback.

A secret wing of the secret intelligence service puts its newest recruit to the test. Alex King has trained and operated in the world of intelligence. Now, he will have to kill for his country, but before he does so, he has to find out more about the guys he must kill.

“The Five” is the fourth novel in the “Alex King” series, which was released in the year 2018. A brand new terrorist group has started a war on the wealthiest people in the world. They are given a simple choice. The rich are allowed to give their wealth away, or they will be assassinated. The five wealthiest have been killed, and a new death list is going to be publicly declared.

A British billionaire is killed, and Alex King is called in to investigate. The murders are done by a tremendously talented sniper, and King’s dark past makes him the best guy for the job.

King quickly finds people are taking steps to corrupt the investigation and investment ties to a prominent member of the cabinet. It is only when an attempt on King’s life happens, does he think there might be more to the terrorist group’s declaration than it first seemed.

King has an impossible task before him. Multi-billionaires are giving a lot of their wealth to different charities, and the terrorist group are considered to be heroes of this new world order. King closes in, and the fight is made personal.

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