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Alex Lake is a reputed British writer of thriller, mystery, and suspense novels. He has written several mind-blowing single books in his career, including Killing Kate, The Last Lie, After Anna, Copycat, The Choice, and Seven Days. All his books have fared very well and have become widely successful. Author Lake was born in England’s North West. He made his debut in the field of writing with the 2015 book called After Anna. It was a number one bestseller and was penned by Lake under his pen name. The Sunday Times had included this novel in its top-ten bestsellers. Currently, author Lake resides in America’s North East. He says that he was attracted to the world of crime novels because of his interest in reading good stories.

Lake believes that such a crime world exists next to us, but people just hope that they do not have to experience it. So, he believes that crime fiction is one way of exploring the crime world without having to experience it. Another reason why author Lake likes crime stories is that he loves to read about good villains and create them. He says that there are a lot many people in this world who can inspire the creation of a good villain. The authors who have inspired Lake and influenced his writing include Jonathan Coe, Stephen King, Joyce Carol Oates, Kate Atkinson, Margaret Atwood, and a few others. Lake’s favorite books include the Borribles Trilogy. They have had a great impression on him and he used to adore them when he was small.

Lake was specifically attracted to a character depicted in the Borribles novels, Napoleon Boot, who is initially described as a villain and goes on to become a hero as the series progresses. Whenever author Lake sits down to write a book, he likes to carry out a lot of research work. He does this to establish the characters and plots. Lake gives great importance to story and character. The research is just to make sure that the details or settings or timeline mentioned by him are correct. Usually, Lake works on more than one book at a time. This is why he always has one or the other book under development. Some of his works are meant for his kids only, which he does not like to publish for others.

The definition of a perfect murder for author Lake is one in which there is no motive. All other murders take place some motives like revenge, money, jealousy, etc. Lake’s advice to the aspiring writers is to read as much as they can and remain updated with the current affairs. He also advises them to enjoy their work or else others will also not enjoy them. In his spare time, Lake loves to drink tea and coffee. He also likes to eat chips and let his taste buds try something new every now and then. Lake does not follow a fixed schedule for his writing projects. He just begins writing whenever he finds time and continues from where he had left in the previous sitting. Sometimes, he gets up early in the morning and writes a few pages before heading for work. Lake also uses his holidays, weekends, and evening time to contribute to his writing. Besides writing and reading, Lake’s favorite pastime include playing guitar, swimming, hiking, and spending time with his family.

A mind-blowing psychological thriller written by author Alex Lake is entitled ‘After Anna’. It was released by the Killer Reads publication in 2015. The central characters mentioned in this novel include Julia, Brian, and Anna. This novel opens by showing that five-year-old Anna gets has gone missing. She got abducted from her school and vanished mysteriously without any trace. The police look for her everywhere, but all their efforts in finding her go in vain. Anna’s parents, Brian and Julia, are in grief after losing their beloved daughter and do not know what to do. The neighbors begin to speculate that Anna has gone forever. She might either be dead or enslaved. However, the biggest mystery comes in the life of Anna’s family one week after her abduction. She comes home all of a sudden and surprises everyone. But, Anna does not have any memory of the last seven days.

Anna doesn’t know where she was taken or who had abducted her. And this is when the real nightmare in the lives of Anna’s parents begins. Through this story, author Lake has tried to depict the love that a mother has for her daughter and how her life changes when her daughter goes missing and she is not able to do anything. The strong love for Julia’s daughter is portrayed in her actions and thoughts. Every character depicted by Lake in this novel appears to be intriguing and believable. Lake has described the tale at a fast pace and has kept the suspense until the very end.

Another excellent novel penned by author Lake is known as ‘Seven Days’. It was published in 2019 by the HarperCollins publication. The important characters created by Lake in the book include Max, Maggie, and several others. This spine-chilling story describes the desperate attempt of a mother and her race against the clock to save her son. Initially, it is mentioned that Maggie is looking forward to celebrating the third birthday of her son Max in seven days. However, she has no plans of throwing a party or giving gifts or updating Max’s baby book. Maggie wants the day to pass as a normal day and doesn’t wish to do anything fancy. She believes that third birthdays are cursed and the unthinkable happens. Maggie has lost her children on their 3rd birthdays and doesn’t want to lose Max. She has been locked in the basement of a house for the past 12 years. Her abductor had kidnapped her when she was 15 years old. Since then, Maggie has given birth to 3 sons, including Max, and the abductor took away her first two sons on their 3rd birthdays. This time, Maggie is determined not to let the abductor take away Max from her. But, she doesn’t know what to do to prevent the unthinkable from happening.

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