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Alex Light is a bestselling author of young adult fiction from Toronto. She has always been writing and got her start in the online communities of Wattpad and Episode Interactive. Since Light loved writing so much, she decided to study English Literature when she went to college. This gave her an excuse to read all manner of novels when she was not so busy writing her short fiction and novels online. Over the years, she has written dozens of stories on several platforms that have accumulated more than 100 million reads. Alex published her debut novel “The Upside of Falling” in 2020. The award-winning author lives in Toronto Canada alongside her two cats and dog.

Alex Light’s popularity in the online forums is clearly earned given the exceptional plot and characterization of her debut novel. She is great at making her readers invested in her characters and slowly but surely creates a snowball effect that makes one care for what will happen. Light writes an endearing story that has been compared to the popular series “To All The Boys” by Jenny Han. “The Upside of Falling” is an entertaining, light and fun novel about a fake turned real romance. Nonetheless, like many of her other stories, it is not all fluff. Alex writes on serious family themes that include cheating, delinquent parenting, and divorce. What makes Alex Light’s work different is that she involves the parents of her lead characters in the novels and fleshes them out fully. Moreover, she makes for light moments by adding in some elements of a cozy such as making the mother of one of the characters a baker. This makes for some good talking points and some amusing scenes. Overall, Alex Light writes a novel that allows her readers to get away from the roughness of the world. The story will make one swoon, smile, and laugh and makes for a nice break from all the dramatic young adult novels that are very forgettable.

Alex Light’s “The Upside of Falling” is the story of Brett Wells, a man who has always lived for football. On the other hand, is Becca Hart a brainy woman whose parents’ divorce had destroyed her faith in love. They do not have much in common apart from being pestered by family and friends about not having a relationship. It has been years since Becca was in love and when she gets tired of the teasing, she pretends that she is in a relationship. Brett seems to have it all as he is a popular guy at school as captain of the football team. Everyone believes that it would be a snap for him to find someone to date. But he has always been more interested in his career rather than having a date to the prom and hence he is single. He was in the vicinity when Becca was telling her two-faced lie and thinks that they could help each other out. He could pretend to be her mystery guy and make her ruse possible, while he can get people off his back by telling them she is his girlfriend. While acting convincingly enough is not easy, they soon find that they have a lot in common. Soon the line between pretend and real is blurred and what was fake starts to look and feel very real.

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