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What Your Dreams Can Teach You (1990)Description / Buy at Amazon
Beyond Blame : Reclaiming the Power You Give to Others (1996)Description / Buy at Amazon
Nightmares: How to Make Sense of Your Darkest Dreams (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dreams from the Other Side: Messages of Love from Beyond the Veil (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sleep Well, Sleep Deep: How Sleeping Well Can Change Your Life (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon

Alex Lukeman is one of the most reputed authors of America who has written numerous successful novels is his writing career based on the action, adventure, and thriller genres. He is also particularly famous for writing several non-fiction books. The most popular novel series written by author Lukeman is titled as ‘The Project’ series. Before deciding to take up writing as a career, he used to serve in the Marines as a gunner on a 106, and then as a professional musician. Due to both of his former careers, author Lukeman had a number of opportunities of traveling to various places of the world. His vast experience has become an important asset for him to work on his stories. Other than writing books and traveling, author Lukeman likes to ride on motorcycles, play his guitar, and enjoy drinking rum. As of today, he lives near the foothills of the Sierras, located in Northern California. Author Lukeman started his writing career in the year 1990 with the publication of his debut book titled ‘What Dreams Can Teach You’. The first novel that he wrote as a published author is titled as ‘White Jade’, which was also the first book in the action thriller series called The Project series. It was released in the year 2011.

Author Lukeman was born in Philadelphia, The United States. As a young boy, he used to like reading books related to the mystery, mind & body, sword & sorcery, thriller, fantasy, and health genres. He was greatly influenced by the successful works of the popular authors such as Carl G. Jung, Woody Guthrie, and W. Brugh Joy. Before trying his hand writing his first novel, author Lukeman went through all the books written by authors like Robert Crais, Lee Child, and Michael Connelly. This gave him the idea about how to start and build the plot of an action thriller or adventure novels. Apart from the action thriller books, author Lukeman is also very much fascinated by the fast motorcycles, guitars, as well as the Barbados rum. The Project series written by author Lukeman is based on a small and elite team of counterterrorism unit. All the books in this series feature the primary characters in the form of Selena Connor and Nick Carter. Many books in the series have gone on to become international bestsellers, which has helped author Lukeman to remain motivated for working on the future novels of his writing career. Whenever he gets any spare time from writing books, he likes to interact with the readers. Author Lukeman likes to hear from them about his recently published books and also to inform them about his upcoming activities.

The Project series consists of 12 books altogether, which were published between the years 2011 and 2016. The first book in the series was published under the title ‘White Jade’. It was released by the CreateSpace publishers in the year 2011. The overall plot of the book is believed to be a fast paced thriller which revolves around a web of murder and deceit across the globe. The central that feature in the plot of this novel include Nick Carter and Selena Conner. They are shown as getting caught in a deadly game of international power quite often. As the plot of the book starts, Nick Carter is introduced as a former Recon Marine, currently working for the Project. This unit is described by the author as a covert unit of black ops who take orders directly from the President and report to him alone. Nick appears to be quite tough and taciturn, and is believed to have a dark history of physical and emotional scars. On the other hand, Selena Connor is described as a strong, beautiful, and skilled linguist.

On one occasion, Selena’s uncle gets murdered by a man who was in search of an old book related to immortality. From then on, she gets thrown into the dark and dangerous world of Nick Carter. The commanding officers of Nick assign him to the task of protecting Selena and also help her in recovering some missing text. The search for the important text leads Nick and Selena into an adventure of life and death, and takes them from California’s gold country to Tibet’s high country, and from Washington to Beijing. During the course of their journey, they develop a relationship forged by combat, betrayal, and danger. Soon, they come to know that there is someone who is trying to attack America and take over China, and Selena and Nick find themselves right in the center of the deadly fire. In the end, the plot of the this action thriller book appears to be full of a number of terrorist acts, international intrigue, patriotism, nuclear war threats, and romance. Besides the central plot of adventure and action, author Lukeman has also very well described the complex relationship that develops between the main characters as the plot progresses further.

The next installment of The Project series written by author Alex Lukeman is titled as ‘The Lance’. It was released by the CreateSpace publishers in the year 2011. The story depicted in this book continues to depict the lives of Nick Carter and Selena Conner, which revolve around the web of international intrigue and murder. At the beginning of the plot of the book, it is shown that there is an ancient weapon of huge power named Lance. It was believed to once legendary and lost somewhere. But now, it has been found in the frozen lands of Antartica. On the other hand, an international peace conference is being carried out in Jerusalem when devastation is unleashed in the form of terror on the streets. Also, a desperate plot which was set in motion during the time of the Second World War in the power house of Washington, D.C., has now begun to unfold. In such desperate times, Nick Carter and his black ops team of operatives are required to race against time in order to stop the events that might cause the outbreak of another World War. However, in order to do so, they need to first stop the ones who are already shielding the Lance. Similar to the initial book of the series, this book too went on to become a huge hit all over the world. It received a lot of praises from the critics, who also appreciated the dedication with which author Lukeman has written the book. The immense success of the book helped author Lukeman to get a lot of motivation and encouragement for writing the next books in the series.

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