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The Wicked Girls (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Killer Next Door (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Darkest Secret (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Poison Garden (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Island of Lost Girls (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Let us get started by understanding that Alex Marwood is not the actual name of the author whose books are so very famous and so much sought after. The actual name is Serena Macksey. She has given up her actual name and now writes in the pseudonym of Alex Marwood. However, this has not stopped her from writing some of the best novels which have stood the test of time. Alex was brought up in Gloucestershire/Oxfordshire. Both these counties are being mentioned because she lived in the border of these counties. Schooling was done in Oxford. Her father was Piers Macksey who was a famous historian of his times. She got a degree in English Literature from the Manchester College which is now referred to as Harris Manchester and is a part of Oxford. It was also a part of London University at that point of time. This certainly helped her a lot.

Her Personal Life

She grew up to be a good writer and is successful in her writing career because of a few obvious reasons. First and foremost she had a liking and passion for writing at an early age. Secondly, she was a person who was open to taking advice from her teachers and elders. She still remembers a teacher saying that watching TV does not take a person anywhere in life. She believed that and followed it to the hilt which has paid her rich dividends in her life. In fact this helped her to write reviews of TV shows. Her tryst with writing did not happen overnight and she did quite a few things in her life before writing her first book The Temp. She worked as a temporary secretary which helped her to get the required material useful for writing the first novel. She also worked as a lexicographer, taught English, was also a crossword editor and even sold products door to door for almost a decade before authoring the first book The Temp. It would be pertinent to mention her both her grandmothers were very powerful and popular writers. While her paternal grandmother used to pen a number of housemaids novels, her maternal grandmother was a prolific writer having won many awards. She has the habit of working out of her bed and feels comfortable that way. In fact she has done away with her writing desk in her study room and converted it into a bed which she feels makes her more comfortable.

A Look At A Few Of Her Works

Apart from The Temp she also has penned quite a few other books including the likes of The Darkest Secret, The Wicked Girls, The Killer Next Door just to name a few. It would be pertinent to mention that all her books are known for their uniqueness and different styles of writing. They are extremely fast passed, scary at times and it certainly will keep the readers on their edges as the storylines weaves is way through. There are hardly any books of the author which are monotonous or boring. We will have a look at a few of her books and try to have a brief look at storyline. It certainly will help a lot in understand her special style of writing apart from giving readers a brief idea about the books.

The Killer Next Door

This book is about a dilapidated house no. 23. The house is owned by a landlord who is horrible to say the least. The house has six tenants and the entire property is eerie and frightening to say the least. As one probes deeper it is quite obvious that all the six tenants have something serious to hide. There are tenants who are on the run. Then there is a tenant who prefers to stay a loner. The Iranian asylum seeker is also not the most normal of persons. Finally there is a character called Vesta who believes that she is monitoring the movements of each of these five tenants. Whether she does it or not is another question. One night there is a terrible accident and this brings together the tenants for their own safety and well being.

However, little do they realize that one out of the six is a killer who is cleverly trying to hide his past. He is just not a onetime killer but is planning to make the next move. There is fear lurking as to who would be the next victim. As the murder mystery deepens, so does the impact of the heat wave that is running across the city. It certainly is scary, dangerous and the reason for this is because of the uncertainty that surrounds each and every page. This makes it a very exciting novel and any reader would find it extremely difficult to put it down without completing the entire book.

The Wicked Girls

This book is set in the year 1986. It is about two young girls both aged 11 who meet together for the first time. However, at the end of the day the two juveniles are charged with murder. Time passes by and 25 years later, Kirsty Lindsay a journalist is bringing to light a number of dastardly and furious attacks of women tourists in a seaside town. As she investigates these attacks, it leads her to one Amber Gordon who is a funfair cleaner. For both Gordon and Kirsty this is their first meeting after many decades when they were small children. However, they are now at the crossroads. They have their own families and lives to live but at the same time they have a secret which needs to be kept hidden. What will they do? How will things pan out? These are some of the questions which come to the mind of the readers. The answers are available but only after the story weaves it way through a number of turns and twists. It is highly exciting, fast paced and amazing to say the least.

Apart from the above, Alex Manwood has written many other such books and the style of writing and the larger message which it leaves behind certainly something which has always been lapped up by readers across age and gender.

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3 Responses to “Alex Marwood”

  1. Mike Speake: 1 year ago

    ‘The Wicked Girls’ – What a book, just couldn’t put it down and so fed up when the book came to an end, I just wanted the story to go on and and on. Off down the Library soon to see if there are any more Alex Marwood books available.

  2. Heather Cooke: 1 year ago

    “ The Wicked Girls” was truly the most heartbreaking, disturbing book I have ever read. A real exposure of how family and the system can let children down, and how real the situations of both main characters were. Also how terrible things can happen to vulnerable people as a chain of events.
    And what a great writer!

  3. Eileen Howard: 2 years ago

    Hi ive really enjoyed reading the Poison Garden, I felt it ended where another story could start will there be a sequel,
    regards Eileen Howard


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