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Alex McElroy
Alex McElroy is a non-binary author best known for his debut novel, The Atmospherics. The Brooklyn-based author has also written several short stories, some published under his Daddy Issues book and others in reputable publications like The Atlantic, Vice, and Tin House. McElroy has received several fellowships and recognition thanks to his outstanding works.

Some organizations that have recognized his works include The National Parks Service, The Imprint Foundation, The Tin House Summer Workshop, and The Elizabeth George Foundation.

The Atmospherics
The Atmospherics tells the story of Sasha Marcus, a woman with enough problems to deal with thanks to one small unfortunate event. Sasha was once the picture of modern success with her high-profile women’s wellness brand.

She was a darling on social media and an internet sensation. However, an encounter with an abusive troll changes it all and makes all that Shasha has done to create a name for herself irrelevant. Now, Shasha is not only doxed online, but she is also without a job.
It doesn’t help that the men’s rights protestors are always outside her apartment, so she literally has no escape. What is a girl to do when stuck and faced with so many difficulties?

Sasha’s ray of light comes in the form of her childhood friend, Dayson.

This young man had not been so successful as an actor, and he has been dealing with body issues for years, but he still keeps pushing. Dayson plans to restore Sasha’s reputation by making her the face of his business venture.

The Atmosphere, which is a rehabilitation community for men, seems like the perfect platform for Sasha to make a comeback. Unfortunately, she doesn’t anticipate the horror that will come with dealing with desperate men fighting their toxic masculinity and a childhood friend who doesn’t seem like he knows what he is doing. How long will Sasha last at her new job dealing with Atmospherians?

This book is a perfect example of satire done right.
The author delves deep into the dark side of what we currently consider self-awareness and woke-ness but still manages to make the content light and funny. Sasha agrees to a job out of desperation without knowing what a tight line she would be walking in as the only female in a cult that grows more bizarre by the day. This book comes with many laugh-out-loud moments.

The sad bit is that it wouldn’t be so funny if so many of the things highlighted in it weren’t true. Throughout this story, the author examines the whole of society, and you cannot help but wonder how you have contributed to some of these situations.
The Atmospherics is an odd little book, but you can bet that you will get a kick out of it.

This book is well-written, hilarious, and clever. Sasha is a great character, and some of her thoughts will make you chuckle.
Whether you are an influencer used to a mad following on social media or you like staying in the background, there is a lot that you will identify within this book. It is impressive how expertly the author has handled serious issues without being offensive. As long as you fully grasp the meaning of this book, you will find it uplifting.

Daddy Issues
Daddy Issues is a collection of short stories all touching on the role of boys and men in society. The author pays attention to the relationship between sons and fathers and what happens when it goes against the norm.

Imagine what effect technology and our modern lifestyles will have on the next generation, especially the boys. Is it true that we are slowly molding future robot-like individuals who will be desperate to find meaning in a mechanized world they barely understand?

In all the short stories in the novel, you will encounter individuals looking for workable solutions to their 20th-century problems in a world that is already an entire century ahead.

This novel opens with a flowchart on the possibilities that come with fiction. In The Death of Your Son, the author tells a heartbreaking yet funny story riddled with unexpected twists and turns. Where you expect the standard yes and no answer, the character will surprise you with a rebuke or any other unexpected response. All these answers add to form a captivating story.
In another outstanding piece, My First Memory, we get to hear a young boy’s perception of the people around him. While this is a micro piece with less than 300 words, it is quite impactful, and it comes in just the right pitch and narration.

In the third story, titled Lineage, you get to see how being in close proximity to relatives affects our childhoods. You meet a boy reminiscing the days spent with his father, grandfather, and other members of his extended family.

Another captivating story that will haunt you for days after reading it is Popi to Life. The title story closes this collection and remains as captivating as the other stories.

From his language and writing, it is clear that the author pays attention to each word so that every line comes out beautifully. The stories are filled with sentences that capture your attention, and you can feel the emotional weight as each piece unfolds.
What if some of the things the characters are going through were to be true?

In Daddy Issues, the titles of the stories crystalize their overall meaning. The author uses different narration formats, so it is impossible to get tired while reading the stories.

In the end, the author includes a list of questions on the relationship between a son and his father. These questions do a great job of wrapping the novel up. Through these stories, the author manages to bring some new insights into the father-son relationship. He also points out some possible outcomes if family loyalty was to be pushed beyond its limits.

This little book, which reads like a lucid dream, will take you on quite an adventure, and you will enjoy it to the last word.

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