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The Whisper Man (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Shadows / The Shadow Friend (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Angel Maker / The Half Burnt House (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

Afraid of the Light(2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Alex North is a British author that is best known for writing The Whisper Man and The Shadows. His book, The Whisper Man, was an instant New York Times Bestseller and earned many high ratings and great reviews upon its release.

North was born in Leeds, England where he still lives to this day with his wife and son. The idea for The Whisper Man actually came from a conversation with his son who told him that he was playing with “the boy in the floor” which sparked something in his creativity to write this popular novel.

In his life before writing, North studied philosophy at Leeds University. He would stick around after graduation to work at Leeds University in the sociology department.

Alex North is actually a pseudonym and his real name is unknown. North has actually published books under a different name prior to this, but has not released that name publicly. North keep his identity secret has added to the mystique surrounding him and the intrigue surrounding his stories.

The idea for The Whisper Man also came from his fascination with threads online that list creepy things that people’s kids have said. For instance, stories like a kid saying something about the man with the long neck in their closet only for the parents to later found out someone hung themselves in the house.

The production company AGBO, founded by Emmy award-winning directors Anthony and Joe Russo, of various Marvel superhero films and “Arrested Development” has optioned the rights to The Whisper Man to make it into a film. North was quite pleased with the deal as he was a big fan of the Russo brothers film making and they are a great choice to bring this film to life. The book was optioned to be made into a film before the book was even released publicly.

The Whisper Man: A Novel is a gripping and page-turning novel. The book is a suspenseful thriller that earned a ton of praise upon its release and was an instant New York Times Bestseller. The book earned a Publisher’s Weekly and Booklist starred review and was a editor’s pick by the New York Times.

The story features a man named Tom Kennedy and his son Jake who have recently lost their wife and mother. Jake is a quiet and deep child who prefers to spend time with his imaginary friend than other people. While Tom is doing his best to get by and is still struggling in the aftermath of his wife’s death.

The relationship between Tom and his son is difficult. Tom is trying his best, but there is a distance between them and lack of closeness that keeps them apart. Tom is hoping to change that and looking for a fresh start for his family so he decides to move to a new house in a new town. The town is called Featherbank and it is Tom’s hometown, and it is there that he hopes to find a fresh start.

The town of Featherbank is nice, but it has a seriously dark past. Twenty years ago, there was a serial killer in these parts known as the Whisper Man. He was called that because he would lure his victims out of their homes by whispering in their windows at night. He was successful in his killing as he abducted and murdered five residents before being caught. The Whispering Man was named Frank Carter, but there were always rumors that he may have worked with an accomplice.

Just as Tom and Jake are settling into their new home, a young boy in the town goes missing who is the same age as Jake. The story is very similar to that of the Whispering Man’s crimes and the town is on edge. The police put detectives Amanda Beck and Pete Willis on the case to find the young boy. Pete was the man on the original case and he is still haunted by the things that he saw back then. The investigation will bring Pete to prison where he’ll question Frank Carter in person. Meanwhile, Tom notices that his son Jake has started acting strangely. The reason: Jake’s hearing whispering at his window.

North followed that book up with The Shadows: A Novel. The book is as gripping and scary as the first book that he wrote that is especially creepy as it deals with how dreaming influences reality. The book makes it hard to tell the difference from reality and dreams, specifically nightmares. The story has drawn comparisons to the work of Stephen King as North is a master of misdirection and weaves a terrifying story.

The story follows a teenager named Charlie Crabtree, a true outsider. He was the kid with the dark imagination and a sinister smile, the kind of person that you would suspect is capable of doing something awful. He proves everyone who thought that right when he commits a shocking murder. That was twenty five years ago and since Charlie has attracted a strange infamy on the darkest corners of the internet and even inspired a copycat killer.

In the present day, Paul Adams remembers the case well as Crabtree and his victim were two of his friends. He has put his life back together over the years with a big part of that being simply staying away from home. He has not choice but to do so now as his mother has grown old and is taking a turn for the worse.

Shortly after Paul gets back to town, things start to go wrong again. Detective Amanda Beck is investigating a copycat killer in the town of Featherbank while his mother is insistent that there is something in the house. Now Paul thinks that someone is following him which reminds him of something truly unsettling that happened on that fateful day twenty five years ago. Not the murder, but the fact that Charlie Crabtree was never seen again.

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