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Alex Pavesi is an accomplished English author.

He resides in London, and writes in the city on a full time basis. Before devoting his time to being an author, he was employed as a software engineer. He also got his PhD in the field of mathematics previous to working as a software engineer and worked as a bookseller during that time.

Some of his favorite mystery books include And Then There Were None and The Hound of the Baskervilles. Two of the author’s favorite books include The Sea, The Sea and The French Lieutenant’s Woman. The author professes a proclivity for epic stories that combine unreality with realism.

Alex also likes to read books that are set by the sea, although he still is not certain as to the exact reason why. Another favorite novel of his is One Hundred Years of Solitude. This is another book that Pavesi says has a bit of ‘explicit’ unreality.

Alex knew that he wanted to be an author since he was about fifteen years old. He liked watching detective shows on t.v. but at the same time, there really weren’t that many of them that were on then. It was for this reason that Alex started reading more mystery fiction. G.K. Chesterton made him want to write more, as Alex liked his prose. To this day it’s what he looks for in a book.

He got the idea to write his first book as he result of thinking about mystery fiction classics that he loves and how they could be made over into a new tale for a new audience in the modern age. He liked the concept of a murder mystery with two innocent subjects. Alex also liked that it’s a situation that many people have been in, where the characters are lying and they both know that they are but it just continues. It also contains everything from humor to tragedy.

When it comes to a novel, the author prefers a strong sense of location. He thinks that this is one of the things that goes along with mystery fiction. It’s a great way to get the reader to visualize it as well as set the mood a little more. Alex says that he likes to think of very dramatic locations and then building the descriptions of them.

Alex likes to go on long walks, to do puzzles, and to lock pick on a recreational basis. The first book to come out from this author is titled The Eighth Detective and was released in 2020.

The Eighth Detective is the first novel to come out from Alex Pavesi. It also is published under the alternate title of Eight Detectives. This is a book that the Sunday Times has called one of the most ‘entertaining crime novels’ of the year. It’s been described as best-selling author A.J. Finn as a ‘genuinely original thriller’. Pick up a copy for yourself and find out why this book made the short list in the best first novel category for a Barry Award!

When it comes to murder mysteries, they often come with their own set of rules. There have to be certain things in place in order to work. There has to be a victim, and a suspect, and a detective. When it comes to the other things, it’s all about looking into what happens and expanding on the possibilities to detect what happened.

Main character Grant McAllister teaches mathematics. He once was able to sit down and work all of them out, figuring out the different orders and how a mystery could be possible into seven different detective stories that were published. That all happened over thirty years ago. Today Grant lives in isolation, keeping to himself and living out his days on a remote Mediterranean island.

Then a woman named Julia Hart knocks on his door. The ambitious editor wants to get his book republished. Together they have to go back and look at some of those older stories. This is the case of an author that wants to hide from the past and an editor that is looking to understand it.

As Julia looks at the stories, she finds that there are things that just don’t make sense. Grant has left behind various inconsistencies that an editor with an applied eye might think are more than mistakes but are clues instead. Julia is starting to understand that she might have a mystery on her hands. Can the editor solve it? Read this book to find out!

Ink Ribbon Red is an exciting mystery novel from Alex Pavesi. If you loved his debut book or want to read a fun mystery story, give this tale a try!

Telling stories means that you run the risk of being found out. That’s always the problem, of course. This is supposed to be an innocent gathering of people with no big events, but deciding to do a new activity just might change all of that. This literary thriller spins a tale that readers are going to have to turn the page for themselves to believe.

A group gathers together in a country house to celebrate a birthday. The friends are all ready to gather for the party. The host requests that they each write down a brief mystery. In each of them, one person of the group is a murder victim and another a killer.

The group’s going to use whatever they know about the others to put into the stories and add a little spice to what is being told. This is about to be more than just a story that concludes with murder. Find out just what exactly is going on in this thriller by getting a copy of this 2024 release and seeing what is inside! Will the group find out than someone among them is a very real danger in real life? Read this book to find out what happens in the end and catch all of the action in this mystery for yourself!

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