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Publication Order of Alex Rider: The Graphic Novel Books

By: Anthony Horowitz, Antony Johnston

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The Gadget (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Alex Rider, Mission Files (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Alex Rider: Secret Weapon (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Anthony Horowitz is among the most successful and prolific writers working in the United Kingdom. He is unique for working across many media. Anthony Horowitz is a born polymath; juggling writing TV series, films, books, plays and journalism.

Anthony has written more than 40 books including his bestselling teens spy series Alex Rider, that he adapted to a movie which was later released worldwide back in 2006. Alex Rider series has been estimated to have sold more than 19 million copies across the world. His highly awaited novel, Oblivion, that was meant to be the epic conclusion to Power of 5 series, was published in 2012 October. Anthony is also a much-admired writer for the adults and he was commissioned by Orion Books and Conan Doyle Estate to write 2 new Sherlock Holmes books. The House of Silk was later published in 2011 November and it was internationally praised as a top title during autumn. The Moriarty sequel was published in 2014 October with similar success. Recently, Anthony was commissioned by Ian Fleming Estate so as to write James Bond’s novel Trigger Mortis. The novel was published on September 8 2015.

Anthony is also responsible for writing and creating some of the most successful and beloved television series in UK. He produced the first 7 episodes (as well as the title) of The Midsomer Murders. He’s the creator and writer of the Foyle’s War, an award-winning drama series that turned out to be the Winner of Lew Grade Audience awards. DCS Foyle was then voted as the nation’s favorite detective back in 2011. Anthony Horowitz has also written several other original complex dramas series for ITV, especially thrillers. The collision, a major 5-part “state of the nation” piece was later transmitted on the ITV1 in 2009 November to 7 million viewers in a single night. He followed this piece with the equally successful thriller Injustice, also for the ITV 1 which transmitted back in June 2011. Foyle’s War later returned in 2013 March as a Cold War thriller. It was greeted with demands and a critical acclaim for more that he decided to write one final series. He later brought the show to an epic end in January 2015.

Anthony Horowitz is on the Old Vic Theatre’s board. He frequently contributes to a wide range of national magazines and newspapers on subjects that range from education to politics and currently he has one travel column in The Telegraph. Anthony has been the patron to the East Anglia Children Hospices and Kidscape, an anti-bullying charity since 2008.

Anthony Horowitz was awarded with an OBE for his literature services in January 2014.


This action-adventure book is the first book in Alex Rider series. The book was published by the Speak Books which is an imprint of Penguin Group. Stormbreaker was written for children aged 12 years and above. The age group reflects readability and it doesn’t necessarily reflect content appropriateness.

Ian Rider was a very cautious man. As a result, when he passes away in a crash without having worn his seatbelt, Alex, his nephew, suspects foul play in his death. Alex wonders why somebody would choose murder a banker. He then discovers clues that later convince him to believe that his long-time guardian wasn’t the man that he actually claimed to be.

When Ian Rider’s “bank” calls Alex so as to discuss about the will, the 14-year-old boy sneaks into his late uncle’s old office where finds suspicious files. The security guards then shoot him using a tranquilizer gun. Alex wakes up to find himself in a classy house where he is escorted to dinner by Mrs. Jones and Mr. Blunt, Ian’s former employers. They tell him that they are executives for a British intelligence agency called the MI6. They tell him that Ian was among their agents. Ian had been investigating a certain billionaire inventor called Herod Sayle. They request Alex to aid them finish their mission. They also threaten to send Alex to one institution in case he refuses. He reluctantly agrees to work for the executives and receives a 2-week crash course in the MI6 operations training.

Alex decides to pose as a genius boy. In the process, Sayle invites Alex to test out his latest state-of-the-art computer’s system, Stormbreaker. Herod Sayle’s seemingly altruistic plans to give the Stormbreakers to each and every secondary school in UK have stirred the suspicion of MI6. Just before the crash, Ian Rider had sent a very urgent message to Mr. Blunt insisting that Stormbreakers should not leave the plant.

Sayle later orders his people eliminate Alex as part of his plan to head the ceremony. Alex Rider is released to an enormous tank with killer jellyfish and he uses specialized MI6 tools so as to break the tank within the nick of time. Alex hides out on the plane and manages to get to the ceremony moments before the virus is actually released. Sayle attempts to escape by using Alex Rider as a human shield. However, Yassen Gregorovich (Herod Sayle’s Russian business man who killed Ian) decides to save Alex’s life before he escaped by helicopter.

Point Blanc

This thriller/action is Anthony’s second book in Alex Rider series. It is also published by the Penguins Group. Point Blank was written for kids aged between 12 and 16. The age range also reflects readability and it doesn’t necessarily reflect content appropriateness.

14-year-old Alex is an orphan. Around 3 weeks prior to the start of the first book in the series, Alex’s uncle, Ian Rider, who had been raising him, dies in a car crash. Alex later finds out that his uncle used to be a secret agent who was working for M16, a premier spy agency in Britain. M16 later forces Alex to take up his uncle’s place in the spy operation. The adventure constitutes the opening book in the series.

Alex nearly lost his life during his first spy mission. As a result, he is now reluctant to work again for M16 yet again. Instead, he wants to enjoy life as a teenager. M16 later convinces Alex to join their operations. However, the young spy is directly enrolled into an international, elite all-boy school known as Point Blanc in France. Mr. Blunt, the M16 director, believes that the school proprietors, Mrs. Stellenbosch and Dr. Grief, are somehow involved in the mysterious deaths of 2 well-known multi-millionaires.

Alex arrives at a boarding school within the Swiss Alps and he realizes a small group of students was already there. Fourteen-year-old boys, the sons of wealthy and famous men across the world acting just like robots. They walk, act and talk exactly the same. Alex discovers the real boys who were locked in the jail cells on one hidden floor in the school. The students who were roaming Point Blanc School had been cloned from the Dr. Grief’s DNA almost 14 years earlier. They have been transformed to look-alikes of real teenagers through various plastic surgery processes. The clones are just part of a very complex plot that aims at making Dr. Grief to be the world’s ruler. Alex Rider has all the information that he needs and he contacts M16 so as to come and get him out of the jail. At the last moment, M16 rescues Alex Rider and helps him to free the prisoners.

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