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Publication Order of War of the Twelve Books

The Broken Heart of Arelium (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Ashen Hand of Kessrin (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Burning Tears of Morlak (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Obsidian Eyes of Klief (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Alex Robins is an English author of historical fiction, military fiction and fantasy books. He was born and raised in Norwich when lycra tracksuits and pink headbands were fashionable. Alex discovered his passion for reading in Norwich School Library, where he would read fantasy series such as Lord of the Rings, The Dragonlance Chronicles, and The Belgariad series.

His parents relocated to Nantes, France, when he was only 12 years old. The first few years in France were a nightmare for him as he spoke very little French and struggled to understand French grammar and vocabulary better. While in France, Alex Robins’s taste in books quickly changed from epic fantasy to mysteries, science fiction, historical fiction, and thrillers. He would always branch out to his favorite fantasy authors from time to time.

After graduating with computer sciences, agronomy, and project management degrees, Alex started his own company focusing on online voting. He met the love of his life during a badminton game and spent several years attending regional sports tournaments before they were finally married. Alex is now a resident of Loire Valley, France, where he enjoys his writing career surrounded by sprawling vineyards, imposing castles, and his kids. The Broken Heart of Arelium is his debut novel.

The first book in the War of the Twelve series, The Broken Heart of Arelium, takes us over 400 years when twelve elite warriors united and gathered an army that helped fight and push the enemy from their lands to the underground pits from where they came from. To ensure this legacy is passed on through generations, each of the twelve warriors created fortress monasteries to share their knowledge of politics and war with the chosen few, the Knights of the Twelve. Fast forward, the last of the twelve has since become a legend, and the number of the Knights, with their numbers, slowly fading, keeps a dark and deadly secret which must be protected at any cost.

Meet Merad Reed; he has spent almost his entire life guarding a crater called the Pit. He is yearning for an escape from this monotonous job. But then, the arrival of Aldarin, one of the remaining knights, sparks a series of cataclysmic events that will transform Reed’s life forever. Far to the north, Jelaia de Arelium must learn to adapt to the changing political waves of her father’s court if she genuinely wishes to one day take his father’s place. But the flames of ambition hide the shadow of a bigger imminent threat, a threat stirring deep within the earth.

The first in the War of the Twelve series is an excellent read, with most of its strength coming from world-building. Alex Robins creates a vivid picture of the world, making it easy for the reader to imagine every location of the Arelium world. Additionally, he does a fantastic characterization, allowing us to follow through the lives of Jelaia, Merad, and Aldarin. The story features two main characters: an old veteran guarding the pit almost his entire life and the mysterious knight who travels with Reed from the pit to the barony. The lead characters are the most well-established; they are all three-dimensional and fully developed. On the other hand, we have supporting characters who significantly contribute to the 3D aspects of the main characters. The Baron is the most engaging and interesting of the minor characters, as his arc contributes significantly to the depth of the story.

The minor characters show a plausible blend of virtues, vices, and points of view, allowing them to be relatable rather than viewed as a tool of narrative advancement. You will appreciate the nurturing friendship between Aldarin and Merad, which plays quite well against the dark setting of the story. Alex Robins has crafted neatly done and exciting action scenes and flowing cinematic scenes to the story.

Panacea is the debut book in an epic fantasy series, The Ruined Gods. The novel blends two elements every epic fantasy reader will appreciate: twisted mythology and heavy historical inspiration.

The book introduces us to Dexios, a man who’s been the head of the Thena’s phalanx for two decades. His service as the strategos is almost coming to an end when Dexios is called for a last service. There is a big wave of tauros, the biggest ever seen in history, heading straight to the mountain pass, and an envoy from Ruxia has just arrived at Thena requesting help. It’s the last service for Dexios, but he knows it will be tough, as his son is among the recruits joining the phalanx in this mission.
Dexios’s son, Keres, wants to achieve the same glory he has seen in his father and inspire a legacy. But the problem is that he is not the only one in Ephebe who wants to make his parents feel proud.

Dexios begins a desperate journey, one that will put the fate of Thena and himself at risk and one that might resurrect forces that he can’t control or comprehend. Alex Robins creatively opens a second arc, which follows Helena, one of the kingdom’s sophists, investigating the strange deaths of five guards. She soon discovers that the marks that appeared on the guard bodies have her embarking on a journey to the Ruined Gods.

Once again, Alex Robins does a fantastic job in world-building and characterization. The world in which Dexios lives is vividly described allowing the reader to imagine each and every scenery in the story. Additionally, Dexios evolution is well presented. He begins as a respected strategic in what he calls a last mission, suffers the outcome of treason, and embarks on a journey that will make him make questionable decisions; he mingles with quirky characters like Piraeus, but his main priority changes when he suffers a huge loss.
The supporting characters are brilliantly portrayed, and while they get minor roles in the story, they have their moments when given the spotlight. Panacea is a fantastic debut to an epic fantasy series, a perfect recommendation for anyone who loves Greek mythology and mythical creatures.

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