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Publication Order of Alex Rutledge Mystery Books

The Mango Opera (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon
Gumbo Limbo (1999)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bone Island Mambo (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
Octopus Alibi (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
Air Dance Iguana (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hawk Channel Chase (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Quick Adios (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Guava Moon Revenge (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Cayo Hueso Maze (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Step Beyond Chaos (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Tom Corcoran is amongst one of the few authors who have earned a name by creating the benchmark in the field through his mysterious novels. His novels are so good that they make the reader feel like they are live with Alex Rutledge, the lead character as he proceeds to resolve the cases accidently in Key West.

With the aim of unveiling the untold stories of the Island of Key West, Corcoran has been so detailed and specific with the geography that the readers could actually live and wander in the street roads as they go through the books. He wanted the character to be a photographer but with a role in law enforcement department, and so Alex was born.

Alex is a passionate photographer who somehow becomes a detective while capturing the crime sites in his camera. He is a guy who is full of positivity that makes him get out of the traps faster than he got in and this liberty from pretensions is what makes this character an interesting one.

With no intention of being a detective, this freelance photographer somehow gets into a series of troubles and coming out of these through natural intelligence is what makes him no less than an organic James Bond.

Rutledge took birth with the first series of mystery novels by Corcoran, The Mango Opera and since then the likable character is earning praise and love from leaders through the series that follow. It is since then, that his fans and followers are adding up, highlighting the perfectionism of the author.

Alex Rutledge stories

The Mango Opera (1st book of the series)

The fascinating journey of an inadvertent gumshoe, Rutledge begins with The Mango Opera which unfolds the chapters of his life as a man with curiosity to contribute to solving criminal cases beyond being an occasional crime scene shooter for the Key West Police Department. His restless soul with inner temptation of finding justice in the sinful world, he lives in is the key to all of the efforts he puts throughout his journey.

Alex leads a mellow life in the Island with an outdoor shower, stylish motorcycle and his cherished possession Shelby Mustang until he comes across a strange series of murders that shatters away his playful life. The enigmatic killing of ladies familiar to Alex, one after another was something that he could not figure out. Was it mere coincidence or just a well thought conspiracy? The intimate connection with the victims raised questions on Rutledge’ personality and to prove his innocence and clear the stains of doubt that were imposed on him by the FBI and the other investigatory departments, the freelance photographer transforms into a one-man army and dives into the search of a source that enlightens the sinful world.

The strings of events that follow the quest is the essence of the first series of the novel, that makes Alex Rutledge create a unique place amongst the other fictional detectives. The one question that remains elusive among the minds of readers is – ‘’was he born with a natural instinct for escaping traps or is he often training behind the scenes to become a real, professional detective?’’

The Gumbo Limbo (2nd book of the series)

The well-plotted mystery in this book is known to surpass the superior one too. The inclusion of multiple subplots and offbeat characters, yet a fine balance between what’s weird and what’s reality! The Gumbo Limbo is a cocktail of everything.

Alex Rutledge’s roller coaster ride like journey is what keeps the spirit of the novel on! And this time, the part-time freelance photographer’s life takes another cryptic turn while he wakes up with the relaxed mood on his first day off in the month.

Everything sounds calm and stable until a call from one of the old navy buddies, Zack Cahill rings up. Zack is back in town after being a successful banker in Chicago and to celebrate the moment, he invites Alex to a beer party in a bar.

Eight minutes following the arrival of Alex in the bar is when an unexpected murder takes place. Yes! Cahill is gone. Alex is dismayed by the happening but quickly collects himself and looks forward to resolving the mystery. In the event, he learns that disordered apartment of the bartender and the chance encounter of Cahill’s ex-mistress, Abby Womack is connected to the sudden disappearance of Zack and can bring him some considerable clues. Further, the situation intensifies with strange overnight fire breakout and drive-by shooting that follows the next morning.

Rutledge eventually falls into a trap that involves several other associated characters from Key West in an attempt to find answers t the perplexing demise of his friend. A peep into the interesting stories behind the Tom Corcoran’s series featuring Alex Rutledge

Be it the first series of the book or the latest one, Tom Corcoran has been consistent in storing the interests of the readers from beginning to end as they turn the pages of the fiction based novel.

The scenes and the events that follow the pace of the reader are one of their kinds and based on practicality so as to keep the reader’s brains tingling with curiosity all throughout. Through these books, the author makes successful attempts of unfolding the less explored beauty and dynamicity of Key West Islands.

To those familiar with the place, the pages would make them feel that they are actually wandering about the streets and turns, participating in the mystery and to others, the chapters provided are a window to peep into prodigious life at the beachside location.

The interests and talents of Tom have been aptly incorporated into the lead character Alex Rutledge who has knowledge on photography and a detective eye that makes him be a part of the private law enforcement department. Through the ups and downs that Alex deals with smartly throughout his journey, the magic of fiction mystery gets redefined.

In each of the series, Alex encounters all new enigmas that in event of resolution ends up defining the Island so faithfully that the readers are left impatient about the upcoming one. And this is the heart of the Tom Corcoran’s novel series that has earned him countless applauds and fan following worldwide.

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