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Alex Shaw
Alex Shaw is a thriller and mystery author known for his action-filled and thrilling stories. The author is also widely traveled and spent considerable time teaching and running a Ukraine consultancy business. This explains why his descriptions and details on this region are so accurate. He has also lived in the Middle East, the former USSR, and Africa. His most outstanding works include Aidan Snow, Death Toll, and the Delta Force Vampire series. Currently, Shaw and his family live between their homes in Ukraine, Worthing, England, and Kyiv. In between writing and business, Shaw enjoys spending time with his wife and children.

Cold Blood
Cold Blood is the first book in the Aidan Snow series. The book stars Aidan Snow, a teacher enjoying a quiet life in Ukraine. It has been a decade since the accident that left Aiden fighting for his life happened. At the time, he used to work as a SAS officer, training newly recruited officers. When he is requested to lead his team into an operation during a bank robbery, Aiden is happy to obey even though his men are still inexperienced. No one would have anticipated that the criminals would blow his convey, killing everyone on Aidan’s team. The trained officer survives by a miracle, and he remembers the green-eyed soldier who stood over him as life ebbed from his body. The soldier would have pulled the trigger, but Aiden was as good as dead in his condition.

After his miraculous recovery, Aiden purposes to start his life afresh. This is the reason why he takes up the teaching job far away from home and lives a simple life. However, when the man with green eyes reenters his life, Aiden knows that he has to take action. Taurus Pashinski, otherwise known as the Bull, works with old military contacts. His job involves smuggling drugs and arms through the Ukraine border. Aiden knows that this is the only chance he has to him out. He enlists a young ex-soldier’s help by convincing him that this man is somehow connected to his older brother’s death. What follows is an intense ride as Aiden and his new partner work to catch the man who destroyed his life in a bid to ensure that he pays for his actions.

This is the story of bloodthirsty ex-military, crooked intelligence officers, and ambitious businessmen. Soon after Aiden meets Taurus again, he turns into the calculative fighter he used to be, and Ukraine is quickly turned into a killing zone. While he would have preferred to put the past behind him, Aiden finds himself back in the lawless world when Taurus kidnaps his roommate and his girlfriend. Is he good enough to tackle the Bull after all years of inactivity? Can he defeat him before he destroys everything Aiden has built over the past decade? Will he get answers to the questions that have been haunted him since that fateful day?

Cold Blood is an exciting read characterized by a diverse cast, a fast pace, and a lot of action. This story exposes the lawlessness that characterized the Trans-Dniester and Moldavian regions after the Soviet Union ended. The likes of Taurus are able to survive and get away with anything in this region. Are you looking for a thriller that will take you on a wild ride through different countries? This book is perfect. The writing is flawless, and you cannot help but root for Aiden and hope that things will work in his favor this time around.

Insurgency is the first book in the Delta Force Vampire series. The book stars Brad Black, also known as Peter Pan. Brad is a Delta Force member, an American elite unit charged with manning a tunnel network used by the Taliban. The Delta Force team is at work when something attacks them. Everyone assumes that Brad was killed in action. However, the seasoned soldier finds himself in the hands of a shadowy figure. While he finds a way to escape, Brad is forced to cross the Afghan wilderness with all its hostility in the hope that he can reunite with whatever is left of his team.

Before Brad gets back to his station, a Russian Military Intelligence general appears in the Firebase Python, claiming that a Cold War weapon that has been kept secret is about to be revealed. A group of vampires has been hibernating in the mountains in Afghanistan since the late 1980s. When these vampires have released from their tomb thanks to a US strike, Russians quickly sire them with the local vampire and later force them to attack the Firebase Python. It doesn’t take long for Brad to figure out that a lot has changed in him since that attack and his abduction. Things become clearer over time, and he will have to fight his vampire urges to lead his small team.

This story is a roller-coaster ride characterized by unending action. From the time the bloodthirsty vampires attack Firebase Python, the pace doesn’t slow down until the last page. Once the vampires start attacking, no one is safe. Both Americans and Afghans turn on each other as they frantically look for blood to quest their thirst. The author introduces twists when you least expect them, and the action on every page will keep you glued to the end. Shaw describes all scenes in detail, and it is amazing how much he knows about Afghanistan and its history.

If you are a military thrillers fan, you will love Insurgency. The same applies if you love stories with vampires. Set in Afghanistan, this book will introduce you to an experienced military man who turns into a vampire after an expected attack leaves most of his colleagues dead. In the end, he will be the saving grace for all humanity. Brad is such a likable character. Despite his weaknesses, this man’s dedication to his team is admirable. The author draws his character well, and the rest of the cast is just as rounded. Who would have thought that a blend between vampire and special forces would result in such an intriguing read?

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