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Alex Stiles is a young adult fantasy fiction author that is best known for the “Book of Legends” series of novels.

The author was born in 1979 Bromley, England and growing up, Alex was always daydreaming and making up her own worlds. This used to drive their parents and teachers crazy.

Since Stiles was little, theyloved getting lost in adventure, science fiction and fantasy fiction or anything that would transport themto another place, time or world. The escape is what they loved not because Alex did not like life, but because they loved getting transported into other magical realms.
As an adult, they are still a fan of novels that provide escapism and hence thought why not write their own. But they had the challenge of squeezing in writing, even as she had to deal with a busy home life and a full time job.

Alex published “Legends Awake,” their debut novel in 2020.

Stiles always felt that they had a novel in them and for many years yearned to write one.

Alex still does not know what called her into action but when they decided to go to Kefalonia for a week they bought a pen and notebook. During the several weeks they werethere, Alex jotted down several ideas and upon return to the UK, started thinking of writing a story.

However, Alex had no idea about how to write a book. Alex then embarked on a learning journey reading books and a ton of online articles on publishing and writing.

Alex Stiles also started watching hours of YouTube lectures and reading all manner of articles and blogs while on commute. This got them started and gradually improved the writing skills over time.

All said, Stiles has said that the journey towards becoming a bestselling author has been a fun one that they would not mind repeating.

When it came to the time for writing the debut novel “Legends Awake,” Alex Stiles was all about the creation of a whole new world for readers and characters to explore.

All the creatures and plants in the world were very new to readers as she came up with very imaginative settings, perspectives and characters. Stiles has asserted that she was reluctant to pen another novel using the classic fantasy tropes even though she loves dragons.

Alex finds well written fantasy stories to be great but these are tropes that have been beaten to death. All Stiles wanted to do was pen some new creative things with awe inspiring and exciting creatures and settings. She was surprised when her novel went on to become a blockbuster.

alex loves to go mountain climbing in the English Lake District, which she says is an amazing location that influences and inspires much of her writing.

Having lived in Bromley for years, Stiles finally decided to move to Somerset, where Alex now lives and works on her novels. Apart from climbing the mountains, Alex likes to lounge at home with her feline friends and her husband.

Stiles will also interact with many of her fans on her newsletter. Alex will usually send her subscribers the first chapters of her novels and insights into the writing of her novels. So subscribe if you want to get those.

Alex also likes to keep her fans updated on the progress of her upcoming books. Subscribers will usually get exclusive access to the creatures to expect from her upcoming novels, their favorite characters and immersive world building processes every few months.

Alex Stiles’ novel “Legends Awake” is the story of a teenage boy that arrives at a survival academy afflicted with amnesia. However, he has some extraordinary abilities that he intends to use to save his friends.

Peran is a fourteen year old boy who finds himself in a very unfamiliar world. He is living in a society that has been grappling with the fact of ancient sorcery practiced by Stoneborn warriors and a decades old war.

Peran finds refuge in an academy set up to teach survival and combat. He is struggling to fit in and his fellow students suspect he may have paranormal abilities when he defeats opponents nobody ever imagined he could. Even his friends are wondering just what kind of student he could be.

When they are out being tested, one of his room mates is bitten by a coffin mouth vipe and to save him Peran needs to find the Elin Shard. He goes on a quest to find the magical shard and has to beat legendary predators on the way and also confront his true identity.

It is an excellent character driven young adult fantasy with a rich history and a whole new world full of fantastic creatures.

“Legends Collide,” the second novel by Alex Stiles is another very interesting thriller novel.

Peran and his friends need to find the secret to stop the war or if not thousands are going to lose their lives. The Opposers are fearing that Peran could trigger another conflict and intend to banish him.

Even though he is living at the Amicas Academy he knows he is in very real danger of losing his life. After he is targeted in an incident in which his friend almost dies Peran decides enough is enough and heads out to Rifton looking for the secret that will stop the next war.

With several close friends for company he embarks on the dangerous journey to Rifton. Upon arriving there, he finds that he still needs to risk his life in more dangerous circumstances if he is to uncover the truth.

Together they find the enemy Stoneborn named Vahuka who is raising an army that he intends to use to invade their lands. They will have to find a way to stop her before it is too late.

It is a great character driven story that follows on from the first novel of the series.

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