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Publication Order of Alex Verus Books

Benedict Jacka is a renowned author of fiction and real time books. Alex Verus series of books has been the latest and is proceeding to the future. The storyline is unique with very dramatic and interesting happenings. Jacka adopted the modern real happenings in the story, which makes it a favorite for many. The books have a modern base covering all circles of a society.

Urban life has many weird and extra ordinary lifestyles. Alexis Verus ventures in the business of extra ordinary in the busy town of London. He runs a shop where he trades magic for a few bucks. Of course we all love magic and that is why the shop is quite popular. Since he describes his work as not dark magic, many people believe in his powers.

Verus specialization is divinity of the future happenings. He seems very talented in predictions that always come true. He unveils most of the later occasions in the storyline. Although he uses the principle of possibilities, his magical powers have no one else in the town. The legacy of true future probabilities is entirely to him and that makes him the centre of all other characters.

However, we are not talented in everything and the story proves so. Regardless of the inbuilt magical powers, he has a force weakness. With this limitation, he creates a lot of drama as mages try to overthrow him and take his magical powers. On his side, he fights for the good of the people since the mages have no good intention on access of the powers.

The storyline

Fated is the first episode of Alex Verus that was publishes in 2012. His super powers are intact right from the beginning where he takes the fate of the society. One time, he has a tough decision to make on a relic that would cost the whole society. He foresees the curses carried by the package but on the other hand, the mages are at his neck. It is a life decision that will determine his future.

Alex’s problems do not end there as the foes follow him to the Cursed episode. Deleo and Cinder are after some woman’s secret and Verus has the task of rescuing her. This time, his life is in danger as the Belthas (mages Council), wants him dead. Again, he has to decide on whom to defend between his life and that of the woman. Victory for the woman would mean victory against his foes.

Predicting someone’s future is not always easy, especially when his or her future is not that good. In his endeavor to search for an apprentice, he trusts no one. Anyone who gets too close and learns some skill from him disappears mysteriously. This creates worry in the magician as he feels that he might be the next to disappear. If only he had evidence that the mages are tracing him, he would feel safer.

If you can see what is going to happen in the future, you are sure to escape evil. This is the case with Alex Verus and he is protecting the good too. However, his spirit of helping turns against him and he finds himself answering dark magic accusations. His past is not very straight and his master is coming. What kind of reputation will he get and is he worth the people’s wrath?

Not everyone wants Alex Verus’s help, in as much as he or she requires it. With this kind of situation, Verus has a tough time convincing Anne, his friend, about some trouble that will befall her. The dark power image on him makes him loose some trust form the people he has served for so long. The good is mostly returned with evil,…

The rumored master is in town now and Alex requires support from his friends. His predictions of the future will not help him detect the most trusted friends. He finds himself working with Caldera who leads him in a death row for possession of property of the Council. This makes his need for reliable friends mandatory, before it is too late. How will he determine when everyone seems a foe?

The death mission against Alex strengthens by day given the law enforcement powers from the council. With an execution already on him, he has the guts to stop his friends from protecting. Him being the centre of everything, he has to fight his life and that of anyone at risk. However, he will have to convince his master why he needs to save his life. He is at risk of losing his magical soul.

With this dramatic story, the future edition will define what happens to his execution case. Will his master be kind enough to allow him save his life? What if he has to undergo execution, what will be the future of magic and what will the Council gain in return? All this will be in the next episode of Alexis Verus series.

The basis in Faded and Cursed

Alex Verus is a diviner whose aim is helping the society through foreseeing the future. He shop is very successful and the London people love him. However, being too good makes people create doubts against him. His past life was not very straight and he has a master who rules his soul and magical powers. He is entitled to his orders and wrath if need be.

Not everything goes as planned since the curse from Faded gets access to the same people he fights to protect. This is the source of future encounters deals with. Later in the episodes, he has to pay the price with his own friends and his own life. They add up to the reason why the master will not adhere to his mission to defend self in the execution case.

Alex Verus series scope

The author, Benedict Jacka, creates scope of how the urban society behaves. The main character, Alex Verus magic is meant to protect people from future evil. His weakness of brute forces ends up making him a victim of the same society. Some people focus on his past mistakes to execute him, forgetting the wrath he saved them.

The eighth episode is necessary read to see the rolling out of Alex Verus events. We might have a new star in the series.

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