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Publication Order of The Pact Books

Sailor Ray and the Darkest Night (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sailor Ray and the Dark Descent (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sailor Ray and the Beautiful Lie (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sailor Ray and the Beginning of the End (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of The Last Light Books

The Dreamer and the Deceiver (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
All Things Eternal (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ode to the King (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Blaze Monroe: Supernatural Slayer Books

Blaze Monroe and the Broken Heart (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blaze Monroe and the Shattered Heart (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blaze Monroe and the Tattered Heart (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blaze Monroe and the Tainted Heart (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blaze Monroe and the Corrupted Heart (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Aiden Cross: Academy Outcast Books

Alex Villavasso is a well known writer from the United States, who is popular for writing paranormal, fantasy, supernatural suspense, and horror novels. He has written two successful book series in his career, The Last Light and The Pact, each of which contain 3 novels. All of author Villavasso’s books are well known for their unique content and colorful characters. They are widely famous and are liked by a large number of readers from across the globe. Author Villavasso was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States. He is spent his earlier years growing up in his hometown in New Orleans. Villavasso found his interest in fiction at a very young age and fell in love with it. He used to spent his summer holidays reading all kinds of fiction novels. This increased his love for the genre to a greater extent and eventually led him to discover the writer withing himself. As the years passed by, author Villavasso contributed with exciting books and became well known as a noteworthy novelist. Whenever he is not busy with his writing works, he likes to spend time with his family and friends.

Villavasso enjoys sleeping a lot and catching up with the latest things happening around. He also loves to spend time on social media platforms in order to get ideas that he can later develop in the form of novels. Author Villavasso also enjoys running. He likes to keep himself fit by adopting the exercise of running. He feels that running keeps his mind fresh and his body healthy. He even encourages others to take up some interesting activities in life and keep themselves busy with them. Many readers throughout the world have become fans of author Villavasso. They have praised his works with rave reviews in various literary journals and magazines. Even some prominent critics and writers have noticed his superior skills in writing fiction stories and appreciated him for his efforts. All the motivating reviews, comments, and appreciations have helped author Villavasso to grow as a writer and become much more self-confident. He hopes that he can keep getting the support and love of his fans with each of his upcoming works and continues to climb the ladders of success. Currently, author Villavasso is working towards the development of his next novel and he is expected to publish it in the days to come. He is happily married and resides in New Orleans along with his lovely family.

An interesting book series written by author Alex Villavasso is called ‘The Last Light’ series. This fantasy series is comprised of 3 novels and 1 novella, which were released between the years 2014 and 2018. Each and every book of this series features the chief protagonist in the role of Emil. Author Villavasso has described the a type of beings called Abnormals. They are shown as having superhuman abilities as gifts. When Emil knows he is one of them, he tries his best to hide his identity. The Abnormals are seen as monsters and demons. They are considered earth’s scourge. The mortal humans see them as their enemy and always look to kill them. Also, when humans discover Abnormals, they try to coerce them for enlisting in the secret task force of the king, called Legion. Emil wishes to live his life peacefully without getting discovered for what he really is. In addition to Emil, the other important characters mentioned in the series include Omari, Skye, Marona, Arius, Luna, Grim, Sage, etc. Author Villavasso has done the settings of the plots in the fictional worlds of Coren and Evermore. One of series’ popular books is entitled ‘All Things Eternal’. It was released in the year 2014 as kindle edition.

At the beginning of the book’s story, it is depicted that Emil swears to fight his brother for revenge and bring an end to the oppressive rule of the king. He comes to know that there are others who also have the same mission at hand. So, he finds them forms a team to succeed in the common mission. The Abnormals that join Emil’s team include Marona, Omari, and Skye. Omari possesses the special skill of teleportation and Skye, his sister, has the ability of perception and restoration. Marona is depicted as a quirky inventor, who had once saved the life of Emil in Nerai forest. This team embarks on the journey of undermine the hold of king on Evermore’s people. The mission is an important one for Skye and Omari because Evermore is their home and they wish to overthrow the evil king’s rule over it at any cost. Initially, the mission looked simple. They had to just rescue the man who was falsely accused and was set for public execution by the Vanguard. Once this is achieved, they were to reveal the king’s true nature in front of the people. However, as soon as begin the mission, another Abnormal appears who opposes. Subsequently, Evermore gets filled with chaos all over.

Another mind blowing book of the series is known as ‘Ode to the King’. It was published in 2015 and consists of the primary characters as Arius, Emil, Luna, Sage, and Grim. At the start of the story of the book, it is shown that Coren’s King Arius comes out in the public after a few days of the Evermore attack. He addresses the people and lends his support to them. Also, Arius asks Omari and his group of Black Rebellions to surrender or face consequences. Omari seems worried about his people’s safety. He looks demoralized & weary and thinks of considering the request of Arius.

Emil could not see his comrade get into his evil brother’s hands. He decides to take action on the oath of revenge and strike before the resignation of Omari. Emil puts everything at risk and enters the battles against Arius and the Legion, the elite combat fores of Arius. The three rogue Abnormals, Grim, Luna, and Sage join the crusade of Emil and move ahead to fulfill his oath. But, Emil does not look sure where the loyalties of the trio lie. After a while, the strength of rogue Abnormals seems well received, but nothing turns out as it looks. Everyone in the group wishes to see Arius dead, but they also know that the throne can be inherited by only one of them. Emil get very close to completing his goal. He seems worried about what will happen after Arius’s demise, wondering whether there will actually be peace in the world or much more darkness will spread?

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