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Alex Wells is an author, a geologist and the host of the extremely popular podcast, Skiffy, and Panty. In the Skiffy and Panty podcast, Alex Wells talks about films, fantasy, and other nerdy things. Wells is a lover of cats, movies, and writing.

Alex Wells Best Books
Hunger Makes the Wolf
Hunger Makes the Wolf is the first installment in the Hob book series. Hunger Makes the Wolf is a grittier, anti-corporate and cynical version of the Crystal Singer book series by the author of Anne McCaffrey. Hunger Makes the Wolf has been set in a company town of Tenegewa’s World. Transrift is responsible for operating the mines. Due to the fact that the interstellar government is miles away, the TransRift is in charge of government operations in the company town, and it operates without oversight. From the look of things, the situation is not expected to change anytime soon mainly because interstellar travel is dependent on the TransRift. The locals of Tenegewa see very little of the profits made by the TransRift. Many of the Tenegewas who try to revolt or raise their voice against the imperial TransRift government eventually turn up dead.

However, the move of the TransRift government to silence those who dare raise their voice does not stop everyone. Hob, the protagonist, is such one person, who is willing to put her life on the line to ensure that the exploitation of the locals stops. Hob is expected to become the leader of a group of mercenaries who reside on the fringes, where they do job of pay. The group of mercenaries is also responsible for protecting the locals from extremely vicious groups of outlaws. Unknown to many, a precarious balance will be upset. An eccentric discovery is made within the mines, and it is believed it is somehow related to the “witchcraft” that the miners do not want to talk about. Hob knows that she is somehow witchy. However, Hob did not expect that Mag, her ill-mannered best friend to be arrested because of her witchy ways.

To assist Mag and also to get the answers that she needs, Hob goes to the renowned bone collector, a man who apart from having an unknown origin is also a man of extremely strange talent and lives alone in the desert. The abilities of the Bone Collector are somewhat similar to that of the Weatherman. The Weatherman is one of the few individuals in Tenegewa’s world who has the ability of piloting spaceships. However, unlike the bone collector who resides in the desert, the Weatherman is on-planet. He is expected to be used as an instrument in the new witch-hunt, which may be somewhat dangerous than what was previously suggested by the colonialists. With that said, there is so much that is happening in the Hunger Makes Wolf. Apart from witches, the book is filled with potential naïve aliens, corporate secrets, bioengineering, and spies as well.

Furthermore, the dysfunctional socials dynamics, which is inherent to company towns, has also been highlighted as well. Some of the dysfunctional social dynamics highlighted include no workforce regulations, single primary employment and a single supplier of all the life necessities. By making use of flashbacks author, Alex Wells gives the readers foretastes of how the authoritarian Transrift was controlling the land. The employees were forced to work for long hours with very little concern for their safety. Furthermore, the readers also get to see that there are workers who were blacklisted and placed in a world where they did not have any other alternative source of income. As the main character, Hob acts as the glue between numerous storylines, which eventually lead back to the authoritarian Transrift. Overall, Hunger Makes the Wolf is an extremely fast-paced book, which has a surprising amount of depth. Despite the fact that Hunger Makes the Wolf has two main characters, it is the world that author Alex Wells has created, Tenegewa’s world, which takes center stage. Though the readers learn very little about the surrounding universe, the author Alex Wells has ensured that he has over-emphasized its importance.

Furthermore, he has also included numerous cool aspects that have been included in the Hunger Makes the Wolf. Being an adventure novel, Hunger Makes the Wolf, has extremely cool mysterious beings like the Weatherman and the bone collector.

Angel of the Blockade
Angel of the Blockade is a book that is centered on a smuggler, who has the reputation of being the best. The smuggler is quite good, such that he has never been captured by the ruling Imperial regime. In Angels of the Blockade, the smuggler is contracted to transport a mysterious cargo to a different stations. However, along the way things do not go as planned, especially after she discovers the content of the cargo. Angel of the Blockade is a fun read, about a smuggler. Despite the fact that there are stories with a similar protagonist, Nata is quite different because she cannot see. Furthermore, Nata has assistance from the traveler, an implant that is placed in her jawbone to help her detect objects in her surroundings. Furthermore, Nata has also revamped her extremely old and ugly ship with a unique control system, that is ideal for someone like her.

Readers are going to be amazed at Nata’s superb controlling skills and Nata’s attitude to get out of extremely tight situations. As the smuggling business, got tight and tighter, both of her unique traits came out openly. With that said, an Angel of the Blockade is a great read that features a main character who is extremely feisty and does not care about anything.

Blood Binds the Pack
Blood Binds the Pack is the third installment in the Hob book series. Just like Hunger Makes the Wolf, Blood Binds the Pack is an absolute riot of a fantasy/science fiction Western novel that is set on an extremely remote desert world. A corporation that is against the power of unionizing and magic as well rules the desert. As expected the protagonist is Hob, who also happens to be the best thing in the book. Hob’s witchy powers and her badass attitude is what makes Hob fun to read. Hob’s ability to disclose her faults and also know when she’s out of her way. Readers are also going to fall in love with the genuine friendship between Mags and Hob.

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