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Alexa King is an author of books. Most notably, she is known for writing books about food and recipe laden books– also known as cookbooks! She is a digitally published author.

She started off her cookbook writing career with the release of her first book in 2016. Her book Crock Pot was released on Kindle on January 31, 2016. It is 92 pages long. The book is filled with tons of easy recipes that you can make using your Crock-Pot slow cooker. As most Crock-Pot users know, this appliance is the ultimate in convenience as well as simple set it and forget it style cooking.

Alexa King officially became a published author with the release of Crock Pot. She then followed it up with another guide to making food, this time called Baking. Baking came out on Kindle on February 25, 2016. The book is full of delicious and easy to make baking recipes. The full title of the edition is Baking: The Ultimate Guide to Baking. The book features 62 pages of color photos and recipes..

Alexa wrote one more book focusing on recipes and food. Her book Ketogenic Diet is 82 pages and the Kindle edition was released on February 26, 2016. This complete guide to Ketosis features recipes that can help aid with the weight loss that followers of the keto diet may be wishing to experience.

You too can lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle than ever with the help of the many ketogenic recipes included within that will help readers learn foods that can help you control appetite, balance insulin levels, flatten abdominal fat, lower blood pressure, and more!

Crock Pot is Alexa King’s very first cook book, and readers will not be let down by this exciting guide! The book also comes with a free bonus included at the book’s end, a weight loss guide that gives the readers steps to jump start their journey of weight loss. If you love making food but want it to be ready when you come home or in a few hours, this is the recipe book for you.

When you try out any of these delicious recipes, you’ll quickly discover how amazing the aroma of this already-cooked food can be when you lift the lid and all of the appetizing scent of your meal wafts out! Enticing aromas are the best thing to fill a home with, and you will be able to not only make more interesting meals than you ever have before but have fun doing it. After all, there is nothing better than putting the work in and then reaping the rewards of it after.

Whether you’re someone that loves cooking using slow cookers or just don’t have as much time to cook at home as you would like, you can take a short cut and have great dinners and even breakfasts and lunches with the help of Crock Pot and your appliance! Hot meals are just a simple prep session away. If you love the idea of coming home to a meal that is ready to go, this cookbook is the one for you.

Full of enticing recipes and hearty meals for you to make, fresh ingredient-focused and fun, this Crock Pot book by Alexa King will be the perfect addition to your cookbook revue. This book is full to the brim of family friendly or even single-person friendly meals. If you have some left over, then you get to eat well for a couple of days too!

Hopefully you’ll find that you don’t have to be classically trained to be a great chef or take on something new. Every day is a chance to improve your skill level and also set tasty meals on the table for you, your family, and friends! You can eat well no matter how skilled you are, because Crock Pot and the recipes contained inside are as easy as can be.

Find out just how convenient these recipes can be and try out some of these recipes for yourself when you pick up a copy of Alexa King’s Crock Pot on Kindle! Home cooked meals never tasted so good or were this convenient! Easily searchable and readable in digital form, download this book and find out which of these recipes is your favorite while learning to hopefully use some new food ingredients and make some meals that you’ve never tried before.

How much of a baker are you? Well, when you get a copy of Alexa King’s Baking book, you’re bound to have the opportunity to get a lot better! Everyone knows that practice makes perfect. If you love baked treats, you are going to really enjoy this collections of recipes.

Baking is the ultimate guide to baking– after all, it’s in the title. King has whipped up a number of easy to follow baking recipes that will have you using your oven on a weekly basis in an attempt to try them all! There are so many baked foods and baking techniques out there, and you’ll be sure to pick up something new whether it’s a new recipe of new techniques and ingredients.

Everything from a tangy, sweet strawberry cheesecake to a rich recipe for chocolate fudge cake to instructions on how to make buttery, flaky croissants is included in this baking book. You can also learn about the differences between many cooking techniques, from boiling to baking and frying and more.

Baked goods are so delicious and can be very healthy for you! With their rich flavor and relatively healthful content, start making your recipes not only tasty but beneficial to your well-being. With recipes for every flavor and type of baked good in here, from chocolate brownies to bread pudding to peanut butter cup cookies and peach cobbler, if you open this book you are guaranteed to find yourself in a world of flavor.

Savory baked favorites also are featured in Baking: everything from chicken enchiladas to potato skins to Fettuccine Alfredo and pepperoni pizza are included. Foods like quiche, pork sausage pie, lasagna and more are all inside Alexa King’s hunger-inducing digital guide to baking. Check it out for yourself and get access to all of these mouth-watering recipes today!

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