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L.J. Ross is a British published author of fiction. Her full name is Louise J. Ross. She is the author of the Alexander Gregory series.

L.J., or Louise, was born in Northumberland, England. She attended King’s College, University of London where she studied undergraduate and postgraduate law. She then took some time to study abroad in cities like Paris and Florence.

All of her studies paid off and she became a lawyer. She spent much of her time being a lawyer in the city of London, working there for several years. It was not until she decided to do something different and change up her career that things shifted. She had always wanted to be a writer. Taking the initiative to pursue her dream, she successfully made the transition from being a lawyer to being a full-time writer.

Louise is married and has a son with her husband. They live in Northumberland and Edinburgh. Besides writing and spending time with her family, L.J. likes to read all types of books, travel, paint. and hang out with friends.

Since making the transition to being a full-time writer, Louise has done very well. She has published a variety of books and has done well on an international basis, becoming an internationally best-selling author. She has sold over seven million copies of her books all over the world and counting!

Her first book to be published was Holy Island, the first novel in the DCI Ryan Mysteries series. It did extremely well as it became an instant best seller all around the globe. The novel hit number one on the Amazon Kindle UK Best Seller’s Chart. She followed that up with several more novels in the series, reaching number twenty with Lady’s Well.

L.J. Ross has had much more success with her novels. Eighteen of her books since then have gone on to be published and hit number one. This includes novels that were even for sale before general release and available to readers through the pre-order option. Along the way, she has gotten herself a devoted readership following for fans that love the way that she tells stories.

Bookseller Magazine notes that L.J. Ross has topped the fiction charts for most read and most sold.

Ross also wrote a novel called The Infirmary that was a prequel story for the DCI Ryan Mysteries series. It was also made into an Audible Originals audio-drama that features talent such as Kevin Whately, Tom Bateman, Bertie Carvel, Alun Armstrong, and Hermione Norris.

Some of her novels have even been up for awards. Impostor was the first novel in her series Alexander Gregory thrillers, and it made the shortlist for the British Book Awards 2020: Crime & Thriller Book of the Year. There was also an audiobook made of the book that was narrated by Hugh Dancy. It was picked to be a finalist in the New York Festivals Radio Awards in the category of best fiction audiobook of the year.

She also made the short list for the esteemed Dagger in the Library Award from the Crime Writers’ Association. This recognizes that a writer’s body of work has been enjoyed by readers in the United Kingdom who borrow from the library. Ross is also a supporter of libraries.

L.J. Ross has also done her share to found and support different philanthropic ventures through Dark Skies Publishing, her publishing imprint. She is also the author of the Summer Suspense Mysteries series.

Impostor is the first novel in the Alexander Gregory series by L.J. Ross. If you are looking for an exciting crime novel to read or just want to try something new, give this best-selling book from L.J. Ross a shot!

They say that all of us have the potential to be a killer, but is that really true? Disaster strikes when an elite criminal profiling unit gets shuttered thanks to a maelstrom of mismanagement and scandal. Throughout it all and overstepping all of the damage, only one person is able to make it out without being too damaged.

Doctor Alexander Gregory is a forensic psychologist who is known for his ability to put himself inside dark mindsets in order to get to the bottom of secrets that are hiding there. It is not too much longer before he finds that he has been drawn further into the unique world that is investigating murders.

It’s good that he’s there, because as it turns out, there is a killer that is on the loose. In County Mayo, Ireland, it is known as a place where you can appreciate the gorgeous hills and all of the greenery. But what would be a beautiful place is turned upside down by the knowledge of the townspeople that there is a murderer out there that could be coming for any one of them.

Obviously, there is a level of panic going on in this small rural community. They don’t know when and where the killer will strike next, and it’s causing quite the stir among the people that live there. Meanwhile, the Garda does not have all of the time in the world to solve this case. To say that tensions are high is an understatement.

That’s where Doctor Alexander Gregory comes in. He always thought that he had committed to have a quiet life, but when they call for him to come help, how can he turn down the request? Justice desperately needs to be served. The only question is: can Gregory find the killer? Read this mystery to find out!

Hysteria is the second novel in the Alexander Gregory series by L.J. Ross. If you loved the first novel in this series, check out the exciting sequel!

Doctor Alexander Gregory is back. Having come back from Ireland, the forensic psychologist and criminal profiler knew it would only be a matter of time before his services were once more required. When the French police call him, he immediately listens to what they have to say.

Once he hears them out, he realizes that he can’t ignore this. It is fashion week in Paris, and the biggest problem is that gorgeous women are getting murdered. Their faces are being slashed and it’s just a terrible situation that is getting lots of press. Dr. Gregory is being called in to catch a killer.

There is one woman that has survived an attack, but the trauma is so great that she is not speaking at the moment. Will she speak to Gregory and can he catch a killer before it is too late? Read this novel to find out!

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