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A direct descendant of a legendary English privateer, Lord Alexander Hawke is one of England’s most decorated naval heroes. He has now been sent to the Caribbean to conduct a secret mission for the US government. There is a bomb that is ticking, which is a stealth submarine carrying nuclear warheads and it has been hijacked by a rogue government 90 miles from USA. Hawke is now faced with two missions because the waters to which he has returned is the scene of the brutal murder of his parents by pirates during his childhood. After a lifetime filled with nightmares, he’s now plotting his revenge.

The first book in this series is simply called “Hawke”. It appears like the author was trying to depict a character in the mould of James Bond when he was writing this novel. Alexander Hawke is an ex-military man with good looks and he is also a pilot. He is a scion of a prominent family and has a loyal sidekick. Beautiful women fall at his feet and this is a trait that makes him closely resemble James Bond. The author has done a good job in slapping together a modern day threat and mix it with a very old mystery.

Alexander Hawke attends a naval academy where he acquires his skills. He becomes an aviator and starts by flying Harrier jets before graduating to fighter jets. During the Gulf War, he flew Tomcats and it’s a rare thing for a pilot to change aircrafts like Hawke did. He also toured with the Special Boat Squadron, which is the UK version of the Navy SEALs from the US navy. This shows you just how talented he is because navy SEALs are the crème de la crème of the navy, and not many people can qualify to join this elite group.

That was in the past and now when we catch up with Alexander Hawke, he is a billionaire businessman who also does the occasional wet work, commando-style antiterrorism, and spy missions for both the UK and the US. He is 37 years old and the amazing thing is that he managed to acquire his immense fortune in just five years. He has an ex but we are not told her age and she is quite a ravishing beauty who is now the US secretary of state.

If you are a fan of fast-paced and action-packed novels, this book will not disappoint. Alexander Hawke is an all-action former military man who will not hesitate to break your bones if you cross his path. In fact, the novel is filled with such action scenes. However, if you’re a keen observer, you might notice some factual errors in the book but that does nothing to diminish the quality of the writing. Not every reader is an expert on military aircraft and so you will not notice the factual errors regarding the aircraft that Hawke flew. We also have the timeline from when he retired from the military to when he made his first billion. Even though he made his billions in such a short amount of time, this is believable because not everyone can be Alexander Hawke.

The second book in the series is called “Assassin” and Hawke returns to avert another disaster. Now, there’s a desperate race to avert an assault on America that has the brilliant intelligence agent battling terrorists on a breathtaking worldwide scale. American diplomats are being systematically killed by a shadowy terrorist mastermind. The death tolls keeps rising and so Hawke is recruited to stop the senseless killings. From Florida to Washington, from London to Indonesia, Assassin is an all-action novel that is yet another thriller.

Hawke delivers yet another thrilling performance and saves the day. The unique plot is refreshing and the whole story revolves around a mad maniac who holds a long-standing grudge against the Western society. His plot is to bomb Los Angeles using a football-shaped device. He also wants to use attractive women to kill American diplomats and also use an aircraft to sneak in a bomb or an incurable virus into the US.

A navy SEAL called Stokey assists Alexander Hawke to foil the terrorists’ plot. There are fascinating characters in the book. On the one hand, we have good guys who are heroic and colorful. On the other hand, we have bad guys who are nothing short of ruthless. Hawke is a smart and resourceful person who is good at thinking on his feet. In fact, he has everything that you need if you’re an action figure. The villains are eccentric and they are hell-bent on ruling the world. You hate them right off the bat and you just can’t wait until they get their comeuppance.

Another character that you will find in the book is detective Ambrose Conreve who is a close associate of Alexander Hawke. He first met Alexander Hawke while he was still a teenager. He came to investigate the theft of jewelry from the family home. In the end, the person who was responsible for the theft was the butler. Congreve rose through the ranks at the Scotland Yard and he retired after forty years of service. Upon retirement, Hawke hired him in his multi-billion dollar company and their relationship has continued to flourish. In fact, the two of them even hang out during their downtime and Congreve is one of the most trusted people in Hawke’s life.

The setting of the novel is exotic and you find gourmet eating, haute couture and beautiful people all around. Cutting edge technology and fancy cars also make the whole story incredible. There are twists and turns at every corner, and the author has done a good job of keeping the reader in suspense. The storyline is also very intriguing and Assassin is unlike any book that you might find in the action genre. The book is also well structured and it looks like the author has learnt from the minor mistakes in the first installment of the Alexander Hawke series. If the first two books area anything to go by, I can’t wait to read the third installment of this series.

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    The Alex Hawk stories are just the tonic while the pandemic still is upon us.

    Tremendously entertaining.


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