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Alexandra Andrews

Alexandra Andrews is a Brooklyn-based author whose birth name is Alexandra Drury Andrews. She was born in 1985 to mother Lynn Ducommun and father Henry Piper Andrews Jr., the then Citicorp vice president who succumbed to cancer on March 20, 1991. She has a sister called Lindsey Andrews. Her mother would later remarry her stepfather who is called Robert C. Ducommum.

Alexandra Andrews wedded her husband Christopher Beha—they are parents of two—on January 4, 2014. Beha works for Harper’s Magazine as an executive editor. For her early childhood education and up to grade 7, Alexandra studied at the Manhattan-based Chapin School. For her upper school education, she went to the Groton School. She is a graduate of the Georgetown University, where she pursued comparative literature; moreover, Alexandra briefly studied therapy before pursuing a Masters of Fine Arts in Communications Design from the Pratt Institute.

Alexandra Andrews has had a long stint as an investigative journalist for the Chicago-based ProPublica. A former Tribeca-based intern for the Paris Review, she has written opinion pieces for the New York Magazine and Barney once employed her as a Paris-based copywriter.

Following his father’s death, the then six-year-old Alexandra Andrews started binge-reading; authors who influenced her range from English novelist Agatha Christie to American author Joan Didion. Alexandra’s book-writing journey began in 2017, during her time in Paris, and it coincided with her husband Beha’s novel-writing process.

The representative (in the North American market) of Alexandra Andrews, whose genre is literary fiction (mystery and suspense sub-genres), is American agent Jennifer Joel of ICM Partners. English Jake Smith-Bosanquet of C & W literary agency handles her translation rights. Her communications representative, who also covers the UK book market, is English agent Felicity Blunt of Curtis Brown agency.

Alexandra Andrews’ Literary Work

Alexandra Andrews’ first book is titled Who Is Maud Dixon? Its earliest format is a 336-page hardcover edition dated March 2, 2021, from the Little, Brown And Company publisher whose other English editions—also dated the same day—are a 304-page Kindle edition, an audiobook, and an audio CD. Headline Publishing Group released the UK version.

The novel has other formats, including: a 336-page Kindle Edition from Tinder Press, and a 327-page Arabic paperback version titled “؟من هي صاحبة الإسم السري” that Arab House of Science Publishers released in February 2021.

When writing Who Is Maud Dixon?, Alexandra drew inspiration from: the American author Patricia Highsmith’s 1955 book The Talented Mr. Ripley; and the mystery associated with Italian ghostwriter(s) Elena Ferrante. Unfortunately, she had a setback while drafting her book; a house break-in resulted in the theft of the Alexandra and Beha’s computers, including therein loss of her sole novel manuscript that she did not recover because there was no data backup.

The possible real-life identity theft that would result, especially if the thieves logged into Alexandra’s email address, prompted her to imagine a similar scenario that she then combined with both Elena Ferrante-like anonymity and an impersonation modeled on The Talented Mr. Ripley.

Plot: the main character is prospective novelist Florence Darrow whom Maud Dixon—the penname of a less known but famed author, thus the title—employs as a right-hand woman. The two travel to Morocco, Africa, as part of their field study for Dixon’s upcoming novel; it results in a memory loss-causing accident and mixed-up identities, where Florence is erroneously assigned—and tempted to live up to—Dixon’s author profile.

Film Adaptation of Alexandra Andrew’s Work

The film adaptation, by Universal Pictures, of Alexandra Andrews’ book Who Is Maud Dixon? is a work in progress. Film producer Elizabeth Hannah has teamed up with other personalities—including film producers Amy Beth Pascal and Chris Morgan, and executive producers Sarah Scott and Christine Sun—in the film called Under Another Name.

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