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Publication Order of Alexandra Barnaby Books

The Alexandra Barnaby book series is a popular series of romance, mystery, fiction, chick lit, and humor genres. It is comprised of a total of 4 books, which were released between the years 2004 and 2010. This series is written by a renowned American novelist named Janet Evanovich. Janet has penned the first two books of this series as prose novels and the next two in the form of graphic novels. All the novels of this women’s fiction series feature the chief protagonist in the role of Alexandra Barnaby. Her friends and close relatives call her by the name of Barney or Alex. She comes from Baltimore and has a very funny side to her character. Alex’s endearing and humorous nature makes it look like she hails from New Jersey. Alex Barnaby has a younger brother named Bill Barnaby, who goes by the pet name of Wild Bill. The two siblings work in the garage of their father during the summers and this leads them to fall in love with cars and develop a hardcore interest in them. Alex Barnaby never intends to indulge in any kind of relationship with any man, who comes to her garage for getting his car’s oil changed. She wishes to have a quiet life with all the little pleasures to cherish and enjoy. But, her expectation gets shattered quickly with the disappearance of her brother. With the determination of finding out her brother, Alex Barnaby visits Miami. As she doesn’t have any idea about where to start looking for her missing brother, she does not know what to do. Alex’s desperate search makes her come in contact with Sam Hooker, a famous race driver of NASCAR. It is revealed to her later that the last time Bill was seen on a boat called Happy Hooker, which is owned by Sam Hooker. As the series progresses, the readers see that Alex Barnaby’s life keeps getting complicated because of numerous issues. Somehow, she manages to come out of one problem and another one seems waiting for her in advance. Alex and Sam get some time alone to know each other better, but Alex’s complicated life doesn’t give her any chance of having the slightest chance of romance. The series became highly famous with its very first novel. Many readers from across the world appreciated the efforts of author Janet in coming with the unique stories and creating interesting characters. Even the fellow authors of author Janet and some prominent critics praised her work and motivated her to keep writing such exciting books in the future. The tremendous success of the first couple of books enabled author Janet to write a few more as parts of this successful series. She has not penned any new story in the series so far, but is hopeful of coming up with something interesting in the days to come.

Janet Evanovich is regarded as a hardworking and dedicated author of mystery and women’s fiction stories. She has established herself as a bestselling novelist by reaching the number one spot in the NY Times bestsellers’ list. Author Janet is particularly well known for writing the Stephanie Plum book series, the Lizzy & Diesel series. Her list of successful publishings include 12 romance books. Janet Evanovich has also written the Fox & O’Hare series, for which she had collaborated with popular novelist Lee Goldberg. Janet is pretty much satisfied with the way her writing career has shaped up so far. She is grateful to have found the support of her motivating fans, who have always provided genuine reviews for all her books and have given important suggestions about the changes that she needs to make in her writing style to make her stories look even more exciting and interesting. Author Janet hopes that she continues to keep up her good work and entertain the readers for many more years to come. She is now preparing to come up with some new novels in the near future and expects that the readers will shower their love and support on them as well.

The debut book of the Alexandra Barnaby series written by author Janet Evanovich is entitled ‘Metro Girl’. It was released by the HarperTorch publishing in the year 2005. The story is set in Miami, Florida, United States, and features the main characters as Samm Hooker, Alexandra Barnaby, Bill Barnaby, and several others. At the start of the book’s story, it is depicted that Bill Barnaby vanishes from the face of earth mysteriously. Following his disappearance, his elder sister Alexandra Barnaby sets off for Miami in search of him. Knowing that Bill was last seen in Miami, Alex tries everything she can as a final attempt to save her little brother, and also the world along with it. Alexandra has always been bailing out Bill from their childhood days. She knows her brother tends to act first and think later, which lands him in trouble very often. But, this time he has crossed all the limits of making mistakes and if Alexadra doesn’t save him in time, he could end up dead. Alexandra searches for Bill throughout South Beach, Key West, Cuba, and finally comes in contact with Sam Hooker. He tells her that Bill took his 65 foot Hatteras without his knowledge and sailed off, and no one knows where did he head to. When Sam Hooker learns that Alex is looking for Bill, he attaches himself to her with the intention of running into Bill. He expects that the remaining days of his vacation will go smoothly in the company of Alex, and maybe he will get lucky in romance. The search takes Hooker and Alexandra into the international waters, where they are exposed to a sinister plot of gold smuggling, illegal missile testing, etc., with the shocking revelation of Bill’s involvement. Now, the two begin to think of getting Bill out of this situation at any cost.

Another popular installment of the series is called ‘Motor Mouth’. This book was published by HarperCollins in 2006 and takes place in Concord, North Carolina; and Miami, Florida. Once again, the lead characters are described as Alexandra Barnaby and Sam Hooker. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is shown that Alex is a woman having an interest in speed and a talent in breaking rules. She knows a lot about cheating. She goes on to land in another misadventure that involves multiple murders, breaking & entering, grand theft auto, kidnapping, and numerous felonies. Alex starts working as the race day spotter of Hooker and assists him in the season’s last race. After finishing second, Sam & Alex come to a friend’s aid and discover a high tech traction-control device fitted inside the hauler of a competitor. Also, the come across the dead body of the owner of that team. The two hijack the hauler and try to solve the mystery of the owner’s death. But, before that could happen, the police becomes aware of their hijacking and label them as fugitives. Now, they run for saving their lives in the race of life and death.

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