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Publication Order of Alexandra Cooper Books

Alexandra Cooper is Manhattan’s top sex crime prosecutor; she wakes up one morning to the shocking news of a tabloid headline: her own brutal murder. However, the actual victim is Isabella Lascar, a Hollywood star that sought refuge at a vineyard retreat. Could it be that Isabella had been targeted by a stalker or was mistaken for Alex? Was she at the wrong place at the wrong time? These are some of the questions that Alex finds herself tangled in a strange web of intrigue. This is the plot in Final Jeopardy, the first book in the Alex Cooper series that feature sixteen novels.

The murder of Alex’s friend pushes her in an investigation filled with twists. She moves from the back alleys of lower Manhattan to expensive salons within the Upper East. A further investigation makes Alex know that she is in final jeopardy, and time will soon run out. She has to get the killers head or the killer gets her head first.

The Final Jeopardy

This is an exciting novel brought by Linda Fairstein, a longtime chief of Manhattan’s Sex Crimes Prosecutions. As a great writer Linda presents this same insights and passions into the crime-busting minds that mark her memoir.

The series centers on Alexandra Cooper, a middle aged blonde that heads the prosecution of sex offenders. Coopers typical day will deal with counseling different victims of sex crime and working closely with NYPD on sex crime investigations. The latest problem of the shooting and murder of the glamorous movie star Isabella is what will keep readers fascinated. This happens on Martha’s Vineyard,

Cooper is advised and warned severely not to play cop. She listens to none of this advice and with homicide detective Mike Chapman, who is assigned as her bodyguard try to solve the murder of the actress. Cooper and Mike get close in a sort of anti-romance all the time.

As Cooper tries to investigate she is faced with different questions, was the actress murdered by her alienated lover? Why does Alex’s current lover and former Senate candidate try to cover his involvement with the late actress? This is a thriller that will keep readers asking these questions and turning pages quickly.

This first novel in the series will be interesting for thriller enthusiasts. Cooper’s personal and professional lives drive the story with a greater vigor than the murder of this investigation. You could also be disappointed in the end when Cooper, like any other victim has to be rescued by her ingenious and firmly protective friend at the NYPD. But then Alex Coopers, our heroine greatest appeal lies in the warmth of her friendships and the humanness of her mistakes. Her unswerving devotion to protect the next female from is also appealing.

The dead house

The dead house is also one of the earliest Alexandra Cooper series; it features as the fourth book in the series published in the year 2001. Our heroine Alexandra, a smart, sexy Manhattan assistant DA takes her latest murder case personally. Lola Dakota, a brilliant university professor had been an abused wife. However she would not cooperate when Cooper wanted to charge her husband with assault. When Lola Dakota is murdered he could be the logical suspect, however he had been arrested just before the murder. Alex has to find another suspect.

Driven by the guilt of being unable to protect Lola alive, Alex is determined to find this killer and bring justice. Her first clue comes from a scrap of paper in the murdered woman’s pocket with the words “The Deadhouse”, along it are a series of numbers. Interpreting this clue, it leads to an abandoned gothic hospital in New York’s Roosevelt Island, smallpox victims died a century ago. Due to this history, The Deadhouse had a special attraction for Lola and most of her university colleagues. What seems surprising that all these minor characters Cooper meets during the investigation wanted Lola dead.

Terminal City

You cannot discuss of Alex Cooper series without mentioning the latest novel in the series, Terminal City. This is the newest book that was published early 2014. This is simply another break neck thriller; it captures the heart of New York City, the possibility, its glamour and worst of all an endless capacity for its darkness.

If you have closely read Alex Cooper previous series you will notice a change in our heroine. She seems to degrade, at the start of the series Alex was our smart and strong DA and smart for any killer. She was able to take matters to their own hands with success. Today however, she becomes the one person that things are done to. She is always scared, stressed, swigging and shaking. The men with her life lead her around and Alex is the person to be saved. She has information or must get a witness to spill out some details but generally she is the victim.

In this latest novel, Cooper with fellow detectives try to find the killer of a young woman whose body has been found in an unregistered in one of New York’s Hotels. A second body is found nearby and appears to have been committed by the same person; this is due to the unusual markings and marks on both bodies. The investigation leads to Grand Central Terminal in NYC. What complicates the situation is that the president of the USA is due to come to NYC to address the United Nations and plans to arrive through this terminal.

These critically acclaimed, explosive thriller series are books that only prosecutor Linda Fairstein can write. No one else understands the niche of the workings of the DA’s office and how issues with sex crime take place and are handled; this is due to her Linda’s working in these departments. Linda has served for several years as an assistant in New York’s District Attorney in prosecuting sex crimes. According to all accounts, she has been brilliant at her job more so in her career in this genre. Through this series the world is revealed to a life of powerful insight, a shocking realism and searing suspense.

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