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About Alexandra Joel
The Australian author Alexandra Joel is well known as both an editor and as an author, making a name for herself writing for a number of different publications. Building a profile prior to writing fiction full-time, she would go on to become an internationally renowned author, and a household name for many. Writing both fiction and non-fiction, she writes in a succinct manner that immediately grabs her readers and doesn’t let go. With elements of romance in her stories, she draws in the audience through her intricately woven narratives and finely tuned characters.

Whether she’s telling real-life stories, or creating her own works of fiction, Alexandra Joel remains one of the most engaging storytellers at the forefront of her field. Drawing inspiration from her own life, such as the history and roots of her own family, she uses inspiration from a variety of different places. It’s her own personal approach to writing where she really makes it her own, though, giving the story an entirely unique and interesting slant. This has even led to her being optioned for television adaptations of her work, with a mini-series being put into development.

Making a strong name for herself over the years, she’s also well regarded for her distinctive characters as well. Clearly resonating with readers around the world, they speak on a personal level that’s direct, leaving a long lasting impression. Knowing her audience, Alexandra Joel makes her novels accessible in a manner quite unlike any other currently out there. This is something that she will definitely carry on for a long time to come, with a lot more titles planned for the future.

Early and Personal Life:
Born Susan Lea Joel in 1953, she was born in St. Margaret’s Hospital, Darlinghurst, Sydney, and raised in Australia. Growing up, her father was the well known Australian legislator Sir Asher Alexandra Joel, who was himself a highly regarded public figure. Attending Abbotsleigh School for Girls between the years of 1962 and 1971, she would later go on to graduate from the University of Sydney in 1976.

Gaining an arts degree with honours, she’d receive it for studies in Government, which helped pave the way for some time spent working in politics, before going on to work in journalism. Working at a regional television station based in Queensland, she’d spend time as both a reporter and a newsreader while there. Now working full time as an writer, she lives in Sydney with her husband, and they have two children, as she continues to bring out work regularly.

Writing Career:
Bringing out her first full novel in 2016, Alexandra Joel would make her literary debut with the title ‘Rosetta,’ which would be a historical piece based on a true story. Later she’d bring out the romance novel ‘The Paris Model,’ which would be a stand-alone title released in 2020. She would follow this up the following year in 2021 with ‘The Royal Correspondent,’ and this would also move along in a similar fashion.

Prior to this she was an editor at Harper’s Bazaar, making a name for herself throughout the industry, producing numerous features and articles. Working as a reporter and as a newsreader, she would apply herself to a variety of different mediums, developing both her craft and her style. She’s also worked on biographies in the past, creating a number of different historical works, and she’s got plenty more to come yet.

The Paris Model
First released through the Harper Perennial publishing label, this was initially published on the 20th of January in 2020. Not being a part of any overall series, it would be one of the first books that Alexandra Joel would publish, setting up her literary career to follow. With strong characters and an engaging story, it would be a historical piece based on true events, using real-life to help inspire it.

Maintaining a sophisticated tone of both elegance and intrigue throughout, this manages to really pull the reader in. Keeping them hooked every step of the way, it’s not only the story that Joel manages to pace extremely well, but the characters as well. Balancing character and plot with expert precision, this is one book that readers will find themselves having trouble putting down.

Leaving her isolated sheep station out in Australia, Grace Woods heads off to Paris in the post-war era, hoping to discover her true identity. It is here that she mixes with an assortment of counts, diplomats, royalty, and other members of high-society, as she becomes a fashion model for none other than Christian Dior. Here she also meets Philippe Boyer, a handsome individual who she finds herself falling for, but soon she’s drawn into a world of espionage through him, as she finds her life in peril. Can she save herself, and find out what’s really going on? Who can she trust, and how will her future with Philippe fare? What will become of the Paris model?

The Royal Correspondent
Coming out through the Harper Collins publishing house this time, this book would be published on the 3rd of February in 2021. Providing another historical novel, it would also once again be based on real events, using history to help inspire its plot. The characters would also follow on in a similar vein too, with it being largely set in sixties London, following life around the Royal Family there at the time. Again using history as its backdrop, this really manages to set an interesting tone and ambiance, with strong characters and a compelling story.

Heading over from Sydney, Australia, Blaise Hill is a lively young journalist looking to make her name in London, after being dispatched there in order to cover the controversial marriage of Princess Margaret. Dealing with her own past, she must also navigate the world of high-society, as a series of scandals threaten to really shake things up from the top down. As secrets come to light she finds herself embroiled within a conspiracy, as well as between two men, while seeking to make sense of it all. Will she be able to learn the truth behind everything? Can she find her way out? What will become of the Royal correspondent?

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