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Publication Order of The Marquess House Saga Books

The Catherine Howard Conspiracy (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Elizabeth Tudor Conspiracy (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Arbella Stuart Conspiracy (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Weeping Lady Conspiracy (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Jane Seymour Conspiracy (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Timeshift Victorian Mysteries Books

The Wind Chime (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Music Makers (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The Forgotten Palace (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Secrets of Crestwell Hall (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Alexandra Walsh is a bestselling historical mystery and general historical fiction author best known for the “Marquess House Trilogy.”
Before she became an author, she worked for more than 25 years as a journalist, as she wrote and edited for many national magazines and newspapers. Walsh has also worked as an associate director and producer in television, had a brief stint in radio, and also wrote film and television scripts.
In 2019, she combined her twin passions of fiction and history when she published “The Catherine Howard Conspiracy,” which was the debut of the “Marquess House Saga” conspiracy thrillers, with a setting in Tudor England.
Alexandra also pens dual timeline novels which are all about Victorian women and their lives, which she connects to 21st-century characters. She now has at least half a dozen works of fiction and some of her works have been translated into Slovak.

When Alexandra Walsh was a kid, she used to tell all manner of talkies to her teddies, mostly about mermaids before she graduated to writing, film scripts and novels. As such, it was not surprising that she would end up a journalist, where she spent more than twenty-five years.
She would then work in the film industry and in radio and TV presenting, advising, and researching but never once did she ever stop writing. As such, books have always and still dominate Alexandra’s life, and she often has at least three books waiting to be read.

Imagery, places, and characters tend to stay with her and even now, she often finds herself checking old wardrobes for doors to Narnia. Alexandra is also passionate about history, and especially has a liking for the untold tales of women whether they were paupers or queens.
She believes that these women’s voices resonate with their lives and their stories too. She particularly likes and has been inspired by the Tudor court women. Walsh combined her love for storytelling, mysteries, and history when she researched and published the “Marquess House” series of novels.

Even though Alexandra Walsh started as a journalist since she loved to sit and write the whole day, she always took much of her weekends and late evenings to write fiction.

She never planned on becoming a historical fiction novelist and when she began writing, she first wrote romances and comedies, even though nothing about that ever felt right. When the idea and plot for the “Marquess House Trilogy” came to her, everything changed practically overnight.

It all happened one November evening while she was watching “The Gunpowder Plot” on TV. She started thinking about what could have happened if Tudor history had been different from what it was.

She grabbed her laptop and began writing as her ideas flowed. Over several months, Alexandra did the research and made the outline of her story and found that it came together with surprising ease.

Now a fast-rising author, she still loves reading. Since she lives by the sea she also loves walking the beaches and used to do so with her Great Danes and greyhounds before they died. She also loves visiting castles, going out for a swim, theater, meeting friends, cinema, and going out for a meal.

“The Catherine Howard Conspiracy” is a work set in 1539 at England’s “Whitehall Palace,” which is a place full of secrets. When Catherine Howard arrives at King Henry VIII’s court to be maid of honor to Anne Cleves the new queen of the household, she does not know what to expect.

She soon catches the eye of the king and finds herself in the middle of her uncle’s desire to get a Howard heir. Terrified by the attentions of the King after what befell Anne Boleyn her cousin, she begins fearing for her life.
Fast forward to 2018 Pembrokeshire Wales and Dr. Perdita Rivers gets news of the death of Mary Fitzroy, the renowned Tudor historian who is her grandmother. She had cut ties with Perdita her grandchild and Piper her twin sister, but has left to them her vast estate in Wales known as “Marquess House.”

With so many questions, Perdita sets out to find out why their grandmother had abandoned them. It is not long before she is in the middle of the mystery of ancient documents found at the house, including diaries and letters, that claim that records of the execution of Catherine Howard were fake.

Just what secrets is “Marquess House” hiding, and how is her grandmother connected to it all?

Alexandra Walsh’s novel “The Elizabeth Tudor Conspiracy” asks if Elizabeth Tudor was the last princess of the dynasty.

The work begins in 1586 in England’s “Nonsuch Palace” at a time when Elizabeth I had been queen for nearly thirty years. She has survived numerous plots but will she survive the revelation of a secret she believed would remain hidden forever?

It happens that Elizabeth is not the last of the Tudor dynasty as there could be two more heirs who are more legitimate. Philip II her sworn enemy is the Spanish king and has come to know of her secret and now believes he can control and make her his puppet queen.

Fast forward to 2018 to Andorra’s Castle Jerusalem where Dr. Perdita Rivers and Piper her twin sister are safely hidden. Even though they had narrowly escaped their enemies, Pedita will do anything to continue the legacy of her grandmother, as she conducts new research into the royal bloodline of England.

However, she soon comes to realize that there was a lot from the Tudor era that is nothing like it seemed. But now their enemies are back on their trail and are putting both them and their loved ones at risk. They will need to expose the dark secrets of history fast if they are to survive.

“The Arbella Stuart Conspiracy” is a work that will challenge everything you believe you know about the royal history of England.

The novel opens in 1603 in Derbyshire, England. The Tudor reign is over following the death of Elizabeth I and the men in power decide that the throne needs to go to King James the Scottish sovereign, even as one woman disagrees.

Two heirs of the Tudors have been hidden for years and with England under the threat from a foreign king, it might be time to bring the truth to bear. However, the Tudor kids had been put into hiding for a reason, and they would be in danger if they were exposed now.
Fast forward to Pembrokeshire 2019 and Dr. Perdita River and Piper her sister are back living in their ancestral home in Marquess House. They still have to deal with all manner of riddles that the ancient walls have been hiding.

They have come upon some dark secrets that will forever change English history, even though one vital piece of the puzzle is missing. They have found two Tudor rings that lead them to some secrets at the Tudor court, and now need to find a missing silver locket to finally put the entire mystery together.

But just when it seems they have found a breakthrough, old enemies reappear.

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