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Publication Order of Written in the Stars Books

Written in the Stars (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hang the Moon (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Count Your Lucky Stars (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The Fiancée Farce (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Truly, Madly, Deeply (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Alexandria Bellefleur
Bellefleur is a romance writer known for her dashing characters and loveable grumps who bring their partners on their knees. She considers herself a Pacific Northwesterner, and her love for coffee and Doughnuts is unrivaled. Bellefleur also finds herself quickly discovering the best Thai place in all the cities she visits. Her other superpowers include remembering people by their faces, not their names, reading smutty books and remaining composed when in public, and falling asleep often when she goes to the movies. In 2018, Bellefleur was a finalist in the Romance Writers of America Golden Heart.

Written in the Stars
Written in the stars tells the story of Darcy Lowell and Elle Jones. When Darcy’s overbearing yet well-meaning little brother, Brendon, sends her on yet another blind date, she knows it is time for this madness to stop. Darcy knows that saying that the date didn’t work would lead to another matchmaking event. Even though her first meeting with Elle was disastrous, Darcy says that her date with Elle went really well. However, she is almost sure that there is no way she and Elle would get along. Everything is going great until Elle finds out and demands something from Darcy if she is to play along with her silly lie.
Elle is an astrologer with a mad following on Twitter. She is keen to find her soulmate, but after that blind date, she is convinced that it cannot be Darcy. There is no way her free-spirited self would cope with Darcy’s analytical, skeptical, and no-nonsense attitude. She soon discovers that Darcy not only lied about their blind date, but she also wants her to play along. Elle agrees to do so, but Darcy has to help her with her overbearing family throughout the holidays. If Darcy can be there for Elle until Christmas Eve, she free to do whatever she wants after that.

The shocking thing is that nothing goes as these two planned. Their fake relationship is threatened when Darcy and Elle start developing feelings for each other. Darcy is a wonderful protagonist, and Elle is just the right partner for her. Despite their differences, their lives intertwine in such a perfect way, and their story will simply blow you away. Once the feelings start developing, this story will have you hooked, and all you will want to do is keep reading to the last page. Darcy and Elle’s romance story is littered with many great quotes and cute moments that will leave you feeling all warm inside. It is amazing that the author doesn’t focus on homophobia and simply tells about two girls who fall madly in lo over time.

Written in the Stars is a cute and steamy intense rom-com that will have you cheering the main characters on from the start. While Darcy and Elle are quite different, there is something about the way they interact that makes you hope their relationship works out. It is also amazing that both girls have each other’s back even though their first date was nothing but disastrous. Aside from the charming characters, you will love the witty banter, the great flow, and the cute moments in this story. This story ends on Christmas eve making this a perfect choice if you want to read a holiday-themed F/F romance story.

Frostbite is a Novella that introduces Rainor, a sweet and smart kid, and a mysterious Dragon. Rainor’s sister touches a Frost Flower that causes Frozen Sickness. Determined to do everything possible to save his sister, Rainor goes out to seek the mysterious Dragon, who is the only one known to have the cure for this disease. Fortunately, he finds him, and Rainor’s sister makes a full recovery. As a way of showing his gratitude, Rainor volunteers to bring the dragon bread twice every week. Despite the Dragon’s resistance, Rainor keeps his promise, and these two become good friends the more they continue interacting with each other.

In the Dragon, Rainor finds everything that had been lacking in his life. He begins to look forward to his trips from his little village to the Dragon’s place. However, something goes wrong during his latest delivery, and Rainor is not sure how the Dragon will react when he asks for a cure for the disease that is sure to kill him. What action will Rainor take? Can the Dragon understand the unfortunate event considering the hurt he has endured? Read this short novella to the end to find out. Everything about this short book is captivating. The characters will cast a spell on you from the start, the story reads like a fairy tale, and the storytelling is so evocative.

It is amazing how timeless this story is. There is no present, past, or future. Rainor is sweet, and it is admirable how deeply he cares for those who cross his path. He is also an optimist who sees the good in everyone. Dranchen is the opposite. His experiences had turned him into a pessimist who is not willing to leave his comfort zone. However, while he is viewed as a monster, Drachen still cared about people, and he tried to do what is right even when uncomfortable. Together, Rainor and Dranchen make quite a team. They form a perfect couple, and their romance is so pure it will warm your heart.

Frostbite is those fantasy stories that you will happily read time and time again. At the heart of this story is a beautiful couple that shares their experiences, secrets, and love. The romance is just right, and while the story is short, it develops gradually, making it all believable. While your heart will break when Dranchen’s past is revealed, the warmth that Ranor brings will take care of any sadness. The pacing will keep you on edge all the way to the end. This is more of a bedtime story for adults. The novella is just 60 pages, the content is enjoyable, and the story will leave you with a smile.

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