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Alexis Anne is an American author of contemporary romance books and an award-winning archeologist. She resides in Central Florida with her tall, dark, sexy husband and their two kids. Their lives can only be described in two words, amazing adventures as their careers have seen them travel across the world doing archeology digs to television news. When not writing or reading, you will find Alexis relaxing at the beach or taking a dive in the waters with her family. The Storm Inside is her debut novel, an erotic romance book featuring a handsome hero (like her husband) and a feisty heroine. Alexis is also popularly known for FILTERS, a short story collection about love and life when skeletons in the closets are revealed to the world.

Just like the title, The Storm Inside is a story of broken hearts and lots of personal demons. Alexis Anne introduces us to Jake, who left a decade ago after breaking Eve’s heart. Eve tried as much as she could to move on with her life and never sought love for seven years.
After 7 years, she tries to find a man but finds it impossible to love him the way she loves Jake, breaking the relationship before he proposes. No man ever connected with her as Jake did. The two were best friends. Jake had personal demons due to an abusive father who made his childhood a living hell. He just vanished from Eve’s life, and after 10 years, he reappeared. He tries to explain the events that led him to leave and informs her that his love for her never faded. Eve both loves and hates him for what he did, and before long, Jake leaves and promises her they will see each other again. This breaks Eve’s heart once more as she has not gotten over him. Jake was the man doing plans for a project for a baseball team that Eve worked for, and she discovered that he was polished and more focused on his life.

Jake was winning and dining with both Eve and her boss. But then the boss discovered he was responsible for breaking Eve’s heart. Eve’s roommate, Jennie, tries to convince her to give Jake a second chance because she knows she has been heartbroken and loves him. In addition, Jennie’s new boyfriend tries to talk to Eve and informs her that it’s true that Jake loves her and won’t leave again.

Eve’s parents decide to throw a BBQ party on their private island in Florida, and she invites all her gang to attend. Jeannie informs Jake to accompany them, too, as she desperately tries to come up with ways to get the two former love buds together. Her new boyfriend accompanies Jeanie to the island as Eve rides with Jake from Tampa to the Island of Sanibel. After their boat ride to Sanibel, Eve and Jake take another boat ride to another island, and fortunately or unfortunately, the two get stuck on the island as a big storm comes rolling in. They end up spending the night in a fishing shed, and because of her strong feelings toward Jake, Eve finally gives up on her body’s desire to have Jake. The next day after the storm, they leave Cayo Costa Island and head back to Sanibel, with Eve feeling much happier this time. The readers can easily guess that things have already changed for Eve and Jake as they happily converse with each other and they venture back to their dating ways. They get to reconnect with each other, have some wild sex, and the two go back and forth, fighting their personal demons. For example, Eve finds out about a woman Jake knew for 5 years while in Iraq, and she is sort of swept to the deep end. But then Jake also discovers about the man Eve was dating while he was away even though she says she never loved him, this sends Jake too to the deep end. This temporarily separates them, although they end up making up as their love for each other is so strong to overcome any challenges that come their way.

The storm inside Jake and Eve is so strong despite their being madly in love. They are so jealous of each other and what happened to their partner in their absence that they could never let the past stay in the past. Will the two love buds overcome their love challenges and have a happily ever after?

The Storm Inside is the debut novel in a promising book series that will have you wanting more of Jake and Eve. Alexis Anne does a fantastic job of creating a story that will have you hooked from the first page to the last. After the first page of the prologue, the reader is sucked into the strong romance between Eve and Jake. The romance is strong, and when you think you’ve had enough, you’ll need more. The story opens up with a juicy encounter between the two main characters. Alexis Anne describes this encounter so vividly that you are transported to the scene to watch them. But just like magnets, the strong connection between the main characters is challenged, leaving them broken and pushed apart.

The author is so descriptive in her writing, keeping the pace steady and allowing the reader to tag along with the lead characters. She creates a sense of realism regarding reactions and emotions from the characters and the places mentioned. Jake and Eve’s scenes are so intense, and the sex scenes are so hot. It’s easy to see how much these two love each other. But because there are strong sex scenes in the book doesn’t mean that Eve will easily forget that Jake vanished without saying his goodbyes or giving her a chance to help, which constantly makes her feel like she was never good enough.

Above all, The Storm Inside delves into some real human issues that most people experience or have experienced, such as abandonment, exhibitionism, abusive parents, love, and sex.

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