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You Never Forget Your First: A Biography of George Washington (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Alexis Coe
Alexis Coe is a history and non-fiction author best known for her You Never Forget Your First biography of George Washington. Other outstanding works in her name include NO MAN’S LAND, and PRESIDENTS ARE PEOPLE TOO. Coe is also a producer in an upcoming series and a consultant helping in her first book’s adaptation. The talented author has appeared on numerous shows on the History Channel and CNN. She has also written for reputable publications like the New Yorker and New York Times, to mention but a few.

You Never Forget Your First
You Never Forget Your First is a biography that details the life of George Washington. The author starts by giving an account of young George Washington. George was raised by a single mother who was struggling to feed, clothe, and house her family. This did not deter him from excelling in everything he set his mind to do. Washington was a determined man, and he did everything from demanding promotions in the military to taking up arms against the enemy. He is said to have been so driven that he refused to take time off when he had dysentery, and he had to fix a cushion on his saddle. However, things changed when Washington married Martha.

Washington becomes somewhat softer as he started a family. He only went against the British because there was no other way, and he lost more than he won in battle. Despite his shortcomings, he still remained an outstanding man. The author also focuses on Washington’s life beyond the battlefield. She expertly tackles everything from propaganda to espionage revealing details about Washington that only a few knew about. We get to read about his unlikely victory during the Revolutionary war and how he shocked the world when he gave up power. The founders could hear none of this, and they forced him to take up the presidency.

Even though it seemed like everyone wanted Washington to be the president, he left office with heartbreak thanks to his backstabbing cabinet. He retired back to his plantation when he had to confront his hypocrisy. The man who fought so hard for liberty had hundreds of slaves working on his farm. Thankfully, he dealt with all this before he met his brutal death. Coe combines her detailed research and exemplary story-telling skills to tell George Washington’s story. She has done an excellent job of separating fact from fiction. The book also includes trivia, and some of the myths on Washington are dispelled. Do you think that the man had wooden teeth? This book will answer this and more.

You Never Forget Your First is a fascinating account of George Washington’s life. While a lot of biographies on this man are out there, this is the first one done by a woman, and everything about it is different. From the start, it is clear that Coe did her homework. Her narration is also flawless, and it is incredible how she is able to piece all the details to create such an excellent piece. The story is also interesting, and you will wish that every history class could be this fun. Coe has included trivia in list form so you can quickly go through them. It is amazing how the author has included both the good and evil, which makes Washington more human and relatable.

Alice + Freda Forever
Alice + Freda Forever tells the story of two women, Alice Mitchell and Freda Ward, who fell in love with each other at a time when lesbian relationships were frowned upon. In 1982, the news was awash with details about a crime that involved a teenage murderess. However, what made the news so sensational wasn’t the crime but the motivation behind the killing. At nineteen, Alice Mitchell had her love life figured out. She had found love in Freda Ward, and all she had to do is pass as a man so that she could marry the girl she loved. However, when Freda’s father chanced upon their love letters, he forbade her from ever speaking to Alice Again.

Freda didn’t fight her father much about his decision, and as an incurable flirt, she moved on fast. Alice, on the other hand, did not take their separation well. She was heartbroken that Freda could give up so easily on their relationship. After a series of unanswered letters, Alice’s desperation was at its peak, and armed with her father’s razor, she set to confront Freda. It is documented that on the 5th of January 1892, Alice slit Freda’s throat with a razor. Her father thought that she was insane, and most of the country couldn’t understand why she wanted to marry a woman in the first place.

This case was so sensational that space had to be created in court for the public. Civil rights activists and journalists were involved, and the court-appointed Memphis finest as the jury. After spending months in jail, Alice was declared insane and sent to an asylum. A few years later, she died in the asylum, even though not much was said about the circumstances leading to her death. This book recounts this tragic love story. Interwoven in the text are love letters between the two lovers, extracts from the news articles discussing the case, and lovely illustrations.

Alice + Freda Forever is a moving story that shows how far we have come where issues of homosexuality are concerned. When this murder happened, the courts and press could only talk around the issue, and girls like Alice felt lost in a society that did not understand them. The author has illustrated how life might have felt for these girls and shown how much society has evolved over time. Coe has clearly done her research and created a detailed accounted of this little talked about the case that happened centuries ago. The story is so engrossing you will be transported back in time and sympathize with Alice and anyone else that did not conform to social norms. Sadly, Alice and her lover had to endure all the hardship, but it is refreshing that we have become a more tolerant and understanding society.

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