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Take the Lead (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dance All Night (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

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You Had Me at Hola (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Lot Like Adios (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Alexis Daria
Alexis Daria is an American award-winning romance and artist. The New York-born author holds a BFA in Computer Arts and is a cohost for #RWChat, a Twitter chat designed for romance writers. Daria is also involved in women empowerment and coaching those who want to follow their creative dreams. To interact with Daria, catch her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram as well as her blog.

Take the Lead
Take the Lead is the first book in the Dance Off series. The story features Gina Morales, a woman who wants to win. Gina has already participated in The Dance Off four times. Even though the talented dancer has never gone to the finals, she is hoping that this time around, she will emerge the top in the celebrity dance competition. So, what has changed? Gina has a new partner, a handsome and muscular star of the Living Wild reality show. Gina is sure that her sexy partner will push her to the finals. This is before she finds out that the two are being set up.
Stone Nielson is not a fan of Los Angeles or the reality TV that is now a part of his life. He hates that family obligations have now forced him to participate in a dance-off he cares little about. Stone cannot wait to go home in Alaska, but he cannot deny that he has started to develop feelings for his bubbly dance partner. While neither of these two is looking for a romantic relationship, it will not be long before Stone’s emotions get the better of him.
Things take an interesting twist when the tabloids catch on the duo’s relationship. The spotlight does not work in their favor as a couple, not to mention the fact that it threatens to thwart their hopes of bagging the Dance-off trophy. How will Stone react now that he has attracted more attention more than he ever wanted? How about Gina? Will rumors that she is dating a celebrity be received well by family and friends?

Gina is a fabulous lead character, Vivacious and bright, Gina’s charisma is contagious. Stone, on the other, is contemplative, and he would rather be home than in the limelight. The two personalities complement each other, and while they refuse to be boxed in a relationship for ratings, their chemistry is evident. The tension until their tango develops into full-blown romance will keep you turning the pages. It is admirable that Gina wants to remain professional throughout the competition. Will she be able to ignore her feeling for her hot dance partner?

This is a sexy and fun story of conflict and fight. Take the Lead comes with a relentless pace, and the author is successful in building tension throughout the story. The storyline is strong, the narration is flawless, and the ending will leave you searching for the next book in this series. What will happen when Natasha and Dimitri, the judge, get close to each other? How about the power couple? Will Gina and Stone win and grow to know each other better? Find out all this and so much more in this intriguing book.

Dance with Me
Dance with Me is the second book in the Dance Off series. Here, Natasha is working to prove that she can succeed as a professional dancer. However, many things are weighing her down. For one, Natasha is overworked. She is strapped off cash, and her roommate recently moved out, meaning that she will have to cough more for her bills. The day Natasha comes home to a hole in the ceiling and a flooded bedroom, she knows that she has no choice but to find a decent place to stay. Natasha agrees to crash at her friend’s house on condition that the two do not sleep together.

Dimitri Kovalenko offers Natasha a place to stay until she gets her finances in order. This is despite the fact that he has no experience living with a woman. Dimitri accepts Natasha’s condition, but he secretly hopes that she will not stick to it. This is because he has had deep feelings for Natasha from the time they had their First Dance. Dimitri believes he and Natasha are great for each other both in the ballroom and in the bedroom. Natasha likes Dimitri too, but it is hard to forget the three years he took her for granted. It is later revealed that the only reason why Dimitri acted this way was since he was afraid that Natasha would reject him.

Having Natasha so close reveals things about her that Dimitri loves, and this deepens the feelings that the dance judge has for Natasha. To him, Natasha is the whole package, and Dimitri is interested in starting a serious relationship with her. Dimitri hopes that things will get serious between them, but how does that even happen when Natasha is working too hard to keep him at arm’s length? Even the good times the two enjoyed before now seem an impossibility. Dimitri sees an opportunity to win Natasha’s heart when an injury threatens to ruin the young woman’s career.

The two main characters in this book are well developed, and it is easy to fall in love and hope that they end up together. The fact that the two start as friends mean that they care about each other and would go to great lengths for each other. There is also the dance element and the blending of two cultures. Get to read about the slow-burning romance between Natasha and Dimitri. Incredibly, these two who started as friends with benefits create something magical that goes beyond the physical.

Dance with Me is a beautiful story that will warm your heart. The story comes with a seamless flow, and the pace is just right for a romance novel. Take a romantic journey with Natasha and Dimitri and see how their love grows with time. The book also offers an opportunity to meet their friends and some of the participants in the celebrity dance-off.

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