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Life As She Knows It (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Life as They Know it (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Hidden in Darkness, Book One (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hidden in Darkness, Book Two (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hidden in Darkness, Book Three (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Billionaires And Babes Edition(2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Ali D Jensen is a romance novelist who woke up one day and decided that she would love to share her love for writing and reading with the world. The author has always loved everything from dark romance and light hearted romantic comedies and she aims to create novels that reflect her favorite genres.

Jensen has said that the best thing about being an author is that she gets to visit different interesting parts of the globe and have unique experiences. She finds that writing is the best way to express herself and this is one of the reasons why she decided to become an author.

Since dark romance novels are usually her favorite, this is the genre in which most of her novels are written in. Still, she has been known to branch out into other genres whenever she is writing.

She still cannot remember the exact time when she developed her love of dark romance, but once she started reading and writing she just could not stop as she fell down the rabbit hole.

Since she published her debut novel, she has gone on to become a bestselling author with more than nine novels spread across more than two series to her name.

“Hidden in Darkness” by Ali D Jensen is the story of Queen, a woman whose life has been a constant struggle as she tries to banish the demons from her past. In this regard, she has spent much of her life living in the shadows until she suddenly finds herself having to get out into the light if she is to have any kind of life.

While she has had a hard life it has prepared her for what is to come. All her grandfather wants is for her to become a queen of the mafia. Up until this moment, he was fighting to survive but now it seems she may have allies in the fight.

Things got complicated when three sex gods any woman would drool over enter into her life. They condemn and hate her even though their steady gaze shows that they want her. Eventually none of them can deny their chemistry even as they destroy her, fuck her, fight her and love her.
But then everything comes apart and it is not clear if any of them have the strength to stitch it all back together.

Ali D Jensen’s novel “Hidden in Darkness” continues from where the first novel of the series left off. Jensen had gotten a brief taste of being in the light before being sucked back into the darkness. In a dream, she finally has the future she always wanted and she was no longer lurking in the shadows all alone.
Cohen, Noah and Matteo have finally earned her love and she finally understood what true love was. But then everything changes when she is kidnapped by a mysterious stranger. She now has to find a way to survive when she wakes up in a cold and dank cellar, completely separated from the real world.

All she has is a vicious looking masked man who wants to keep her for himself. He tells her that she is his one true love, says she will destroy him, wants to fuck her and is willing to fight for her. Surprisingly, she finds truth, understanding and loyalty from the man who is a total stranger.

But her world comes to pieces when she learns about the half truths and lies she believed were her life. She finally puts the pieces of the puzzle together when her four guys finally come for her. They are just what she needs to rise to the top in a tough world. But first she will have to learn to survive in a man’s world.

“Hidden in Darkness” the third novel of the series by Ali D. Jensen opens to Queen taking a last look at the men she loves before she slips into the darkness and dies. She leaves them trying to decide if she was worth saving or not. In the end they decide that her secrets were too much to handle and that she is not worth saving.

Their love was not enough and everything crumbled to dust even though she remained alive by pure determination, the power of the gods, voodoo magic and pure luck. She is broken but alive with only Ren, her mother and her husband by her side.

When she comes to and learns that her boys had abandoned her she demands vengeance and she intends to go for them and watch them bleed just like they did to her. Neither of them had any idea that they were coming back for revenge with only two outcomes; take them out or take back their hearts.
She will never allow anyone, not even her kings, to mess with her heart and life.

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