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Publication Order of Ali Reynolds Books

The Ali Reynolds series of books is a series of novels based on the mystery and horror genres.

The series is written by noteworthy and New York Times Bestselling American author named J. A. Jance.

All the novels of the series are full of suspense and intense plots. The entire series revolves around the life of Alison Reynolds or Ali Reynolds, as she is commonly referred as, who works as a television newscaster based in L.A. Ali faces a lot of social issues in her life. She is aged forty-plus and is forced to go off air under the pressure of powers from above. Her bosses force her to leave the job at once as they think that she is not efficient enough to carry out the job and want a younger face to take her place. Ali simultaneously discovers that her husband, who also works as a media person, is nothing but a philandering rat.

He cheats on her and later gives divorce. And on top of that, she is shocked to hear the news of the death of her childhood friend from high school. Reynolds’ friend was suffering from illness, yet performed her duties of being a mother with full devotion. All of a sudden, Reynolds is made to bear the burden of all these sorrows. But she does not care about the sorrows in her life. She gets inspiration from her college going son and decides to work from home as a blogger.

Despite all the ups and downs in her life, Ali Reynolds firmly keeps her feet on the ground and goes to work again. She leaves her old media and moves into new media to work as a freelance blogger from home, although she realizes that it could be a dangerous endeavor.

She moves to the small town of Sedona, Arizona to her parents’ place. Her parents work as operators of a local dining hall. They are also the longtime owners of that place as well. Reynolds gets inspiration from her father, who is extremely kind to one all. This proves to be a blessing for her. Even her mother is quite firm and takes care of everything that happens around her. All these positive things appear to be a bane for Ali Reynolds.

The first novel of the Ali Reynolds series was titled, ‘Edge of Evil’ and was published in the year 2006. The book reveals the miserable life of the forty year old Alison Reynolds, who is often called as Ali Reynolds. She used to work as a television broadcaster in L.A., but gets fired by her bosses who are in search of fresh faces.

Even her husband cheats on her and ends their marriage of ten years with an untimely divorce. She gets devastated and helpless by realizing that she has nothing much to do in L.A. Also, her childhood friend, who is suffering from illness, dies leaving her alone.

So she decides to head back to her parents’ home in Sedona, Arizona. There, she finds solace and peace away from all sorts of tensions and sorrows. She stays at the Sugarloaf Cafe, a local diner run by her parents, and writes online blogs as a therapy for the people who are facing social issues like her.

But, soon she realizes that running a blog is far more disturbing as threatening posts keep coming every now and then. Suddenly, something even more dangerous is about to happen in her life. She might be on the hunt by a killer.

The writing style of J. A. Jance was very much appreciated by the readers. The different lifestyles of Los Angeles and Arizona are very well depicted in the novel. Her description of Ali Reynolds as an anchor woman is really encouraging to read. The plot is described as a tidy murder mystery. The novel shows the difference of relationships at different points in life.

At one point, when Reynolds required the support of her husband, he divorced her. On the other hand, when she was totally devastated, her son and parents supported her through all her sorrows. The readers have appreciated the interesting turn of events in the life of Ali Reynolds.

The next installment of the series was titled, ‘ Web of Evil’, and was published in the year 2007. This novel continues to depict the miserable life of Ali Reynolds. She is unaware of the path she is taking, which is full of evils. The situations take such a turn that a web of evil is created around her. The plot opens with a deadly highway from Los Angeles to Palm Springs desert. The highway is very frightening and full of evil practices. A man is seen suffocating in car trunk on the highway. The mouth and hands of the man are tied with tape and he left on his own fate in the scorching heat of the highway.

Ali Reynolds is also travelling on the same highway. She moves past the lonely highway by putting her past behind. She is ready to face the television channel, who fired her in search of a young face and her husband, who cheated on her and is in a hurry to get the divorce, in court. As she is on her way back to Los Angeles, Reynolds witnesses a horrifying accident on the highway. She thanks the Almighty that she is no longer a television reporter and does not need to report the accident.

After reaching Los Angeles, Reynolds comes to know that the victim of the accident was her cheating husband. Again, she fears to land in great trouble as there are chances that she will be held the prime suspect in the killing of her husband. Even though she is innocent, Ali gets stuck in the terrifying web of evil. The writer is of the opinion that sometimes the secrets that come out after a divorce are even more devastating than the ones that emerge before the divorce.

This belief made the writer to pen down this beautiful novel, which was later appreciated by the readers as well. The success of the second novel of the series motivated J. A. Jance to complete few more novels in the series. She was praised for her efforts in bringing out the difficulties faced by a middle-aged woman by the ruthless society.

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