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About Ali Wong
The American comedian, writer, and actress Alexandra Dawn Wong, or Ali Wong, is well known for her witty and incisive looks at contemporary life. Performing on-stage as well as in film, she would make her name as a stand-up comedian, becoming a well known performer and writer in the process. This has led to her being viewed as one of the foremost comedians within her field, making a strong impression on both readers and critics alike. A well known name, she’s fast excelled as an internationally recognized artist, as she’s now a household name for many across the world. Coming a long way in a relatively short amount of time, she maintains a strong presence both online as well as off.

Not afraid to speak her mind, she’s an outspoken artist on many different issues, all articulated through her own idiosyncratic lens. Often writing about her own life, she writes in an intimate style that resonates with the reader in a funny and relatable manner. Whether it’s material that she’s written for the stage, or relating stories from her own past in her writing, she always manages to deliver it in a clear and accessible style. This has seen her become hugely popular across the world, as her work has a universal appeal, with more and more discovering her every day. There’s a lot in her work to comprehend and take in, but she makes it easy, delivering it in a compelling and interesting manner.

Knowing her audience well now, she continues to develop as an artist, finding herself as an actress and comedian as well as a writer. Telling stories that are direct and to the point, she perfectly understands how to make her writing so compelling. Showing a lot of empathy and compassion through her writing too, she continues to attract the attention of critics the world over. Becoming a recognizable talent, she keeps her work grounded, continually evolving it and who she comes across. This is expected to continue for a long time yet, as there’s plenty more planned on the horizon, as her career grows upwards and onwards.

Early and Personal Life
Born in the Pacific Heights area of San Francisco, in California, Ali Wong was born on the 19th of April in 1982. Attending San Francisco University High School, she would graduate in 2000 after being the student body class president there. Following this she would go on to enrol at the UCLA whereby she would major in Asian American, during which time she would go on to perform as part of the LCC Theatre Company there. During the summer she went on to work at ‘The Lair of the Golden Bear’ summer camp, along with spending time in Hanoi, Vietnam, in her junior year. In 2005 she would graduate with a BA based in Asian American studies, graduating summa cum laude.

After college Wong would then go on to become a Fulbright Scholar, studying Vietnam as her primary subject. It was at the age of twenty-three, though, that she would attempt stand-up comedy for the first time in the Brainwash Cafe. Then she would move to New York City in order to pursue her career, performing around nine times a night in total. This would soon see her become a huge name, as she now continues to write and perform, marrying in 2014 and living in Los Angeles with her husband Justin Hakuta and their daughter Mari.

Writing Career
In 2019 Ali Wong would bring out her first debut title ‘Dear Girls,’ which would be an autobiography on her life up until that point. Collating her ideas and observations, it would find her a whole new audience, much of whom would come to appreciate her candid look at life. Prior to this she was well known for her work as both a comedian and performer, featuring in a number of shows and films.

Often working as a voice-over artist too, she’s become a well known personality with many of interesting insights. From her Netflix comedy specials, to her various other stage shows, she writes and performs all of her own material. Winning many awards, along with gaining critical acclaim, she’s set to continue on into the foreseeable future for some time to come.

Dear Girls
Published through the ‘Random House’ publishing label, this would come out on the 15th of October in 2019 to much acclaim. Working as a stand-alone piece of non-fiction, it would be an autobiography of Ali Wong up until that point, collecting her many ideas and thoughts. Not being a part of any series as such, it was well received by her fans, while also finding her a larger audience in the process.

There’s also an audiobook of it too, with Ali Wong narrating it herself, along with her husband Justin Hakuta. Extremely candid, it provides some interesting and entertaining insights that the reader can easily relate to. Not holding back at any one point, she really manages to capture a sense of immediacy, as it’s direct and straight to the point.

During her previous stand-up comedy special Ali Wong would perform during her pregnancy, a performance which would clearly resonate with audiences. Here she brings everything that she’s learned from the stage onto the page, delivering her many insights in both a witty and informative manner. Looking back at her own life, she charts her relationships, her own roots, her family, and growing up in San Francisco. She then addresses much of this to her own child, delivering it all in a funny, moving, and touching manner that resonates deeply.

Stand-Up Comedy
Producing a number of comedy specials over the years, Ali Wong has created several performances, many of which are also based on her own life. Performances such as her 2016 special ‘Baby Cobra’ have also been put on to audiobook, as well as featuring on Netflix. This would come out as an audiobook in 2018, marking an important shift in her career, as Wong would become a big name on the stage and screen. There have been other shows, such as ‘Hard Knock Wife,’ which also came out in 2018 on Netflix too, making her one of the most sought after comedians to date.

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